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8:33:48 PM

Hi Karen,

Thank you for all the great information.
Explaining the net carbs is very helpful.

When I was first sick and trying to change my diet, I craved cookies and chocolate like crazy.

It's absolutely amazing to me that now the thought of sugary foods turns my stomach. I also love liquid Stevia, and it makes me feel like I'm having a real treat when I use it.

Thanks again,

5:28:40 PM

Hi Donna,

That is SO true...cutting out sugar will greatly increase our chances to avoid so many other health issues. This, along with a the Logos supplements and other things in the "sum of the parts" is the silver cloud in having this disease. It forces us to change our lifestyles and health practices, and that can only pay off in big dividends in years to come for all of us.

Sugar is just so addictive send up a prayer of thanks every time I open a bottle of Sweet Drops stevia. This stuff is a lifesaver!

I promise I don't own stock in the company...but if you haven't tried it, check it out. You can make so many great recipes with it, and there are all kinds of flavors too!



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