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2:39:08 PM
See Karen, he won't bite

Hi Everyone,

Looking out of the window, it is a beautiful day outside. I think of Mel, living in his new apartment, able to enjoy the birds and nature, able to enjoy a clean and safe environment, and I am very happy for him.

I am also very thankful for him. I know that he has helped many people. I know that he continues to help many people.

He could be spending his days looking out for only himself, putting himself and his own interests first.

Instead, Mel spends his weekends coaching and leading the conference and prayer calls.

He realizes that the more people hear and have the opportunity to ask questions, the more they will be able to absorb. The more they are able to absorb, the more likely it is that they will regain their health.

Mel wants to give those who are not able to go to church, or those who would just like to participate, the chance to meet with others for prayer and fellowship.

He believes that having a community here, where people feel like they are not alone, is very important to them being able to regain their health and well-being.

Monday through Friday, with the exception of Wednesday, Mel has certain times set aside for coaching.

If we only had this website that Mel started, with all of the great information that has been posted on it through the years, that in itself would be a blessing. But Mel makes himself so readily available to all of us.

The Saturday and Sunday calls are free. The first coaching session is free. If you cannot afford to pay for coaching, it can be gotten free by filling out the paperwork required.

I really hope that we all will think about these things, and if anyone is able to purchase coaching or give a donation to help Mel with his expenses, they will.

Mel has shown such great kindness to me through the conference and prayer calls, HCAF, checking on me after my recent surgeries, giving me some great advice on how to combat a cold when I was getting sick, encouraging and making me laugh. There are probably many people here who have similar stories.

So I hope that everyone will take a few minutes to either purchase "One-on-One Coaching" or give a donation through Mel's Go Fund Me page.

God bless,


10:47:29 AM

Hi Nita,

We welcome you to this community. You have come to the right place for help and healing for both body and soul. I'm sure that you've read enough by now to understand it's going to take a lot of effort and time, but I hope you've also read that people actually get well here...and that is a real miracle.

None of this would be possible without Mel. I'm so glad you appreciate the idea of helping Him. He's always there to support us, and it's so important to keep him going. Our gifts will allow him to continue longer rather than shorter.

To donate you can do it in one of two ways. You can purchase coaching...which is a great idea for everyone...especially if you're new. Mel prefers people purchase coaching, so he feels like he's giving something in return. If you choose to do coaching, just click on the "One-on-One Coaching" tab at the top of the page and follow the simple directions.

With coaching, Mel can focus in on your particular issues and offer specific advice. He's helped me so many times...and every time I went to him I left with peace of mind. That's huge to me because I'm such a worrier...and you'll learn as you read that worry produces cortisol and the pathogens love that almost as much as they do sugar. Also...when I did exactly as he said, it would work every time.

You can also donate by clicking on the tab at the top that says, "Help Me Help Others." You can use your credit card for both...and both ways of offering financial support are easy to navigate.

I will definitely pray for you Nita...and your statement of only relying on Father God is a familiar one you'll read often on this site. This disease is bad enough...but because it's not recognized by the CDC, we all take an emotional beating as well. Family members will typically google Morgellons after you've determined that's what's going on...and of course they'll find a number of things that will lead them to believe it's all in your head.

That just creates so much more stress...and loneliness. I had that happen and it was almost a rite of passage...a soul journey into realizing on a very deep level that at the end of the day, it's you and God...and He will never abandon us. This disease will make you have a closer relationship with God and that is a huge plus in personal / soul growth...which is what we're all here for (our lifetimes), right?

I'd love to correspond with you, but I've recently come to realize that I'm going to have to remove things from my plate rather than add. This is because I work two jobs and am also trying to get my vintage house finished in order to sell it and downsize. I need to downsize for financial reasons which are directly related to getting Morgellons disease. Because of this, I'm going to have to cut down on what I'm doing right now to move things forward.

It's good that you reached out for support though...and there are others who may be able to email you or call you. You'll get a better idea of who may be available when you attend the conference calls and get to know people.

Again...let me say welcome and that you will be in my prayers. You will find much support here, so please continue to post and come to the conference calls and Sunday prayer meeting.


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