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1:23:21 PM

Hi Everybody,

It is the first of the month and I want to remind everybody to stop for a few minutes and think about how much Mel has helped us all in the past month.

Think about the conference and prayer calls, the forum, and coaching.

Do you think that it takes a lot of time to read all of the posts on the forum? All of those posts go through Mel first. He reads each post.

Mel has even started putting notes in the posts when he has something to add that might be helpful to the poster.

Make sure that you always go back and read your posts once they have posted. If Mel has any tips or directions for you, he will put those in your post.

One reason I always go back and read my posts is because I want to see the pictures Mel has added to them as well.

Mel always tries to brighten things up, add joy, give hope, or give direction through the pictures he adds to posts. I hope you don't take those pictures for granted, but you go back and look to see the pictures Mel has added to your posts. I hope you look at the pictures on all of the posts as you read them.

Mel is responsible for bringing interesting, encouraging, and informative people to speak at the Saturday conference calls. He is also responsible for arranging for them to be there at that time. He always considers what information might be helpful to us when he decides who to bring on the calls.

There are also the BYOQ calls. Those allow us to ask questions on a number of topics and get a reply from Mel and others.

Mel records all of the Saturday calls so that they can be posted and benefit the many people who listen to them later. People who come to the forum 5 years from now looking for help will benefit from those calls, just as we can all benefit from calls recorded years ago.

Mel also does coaching 6 days a week during certain hours. That means that even on Saturday and Sunday when we have the conference and prayer calls, Mel is coaching in the morning before those calls start.

I don't know if you realize that Mel works on things to help all of us that he might barely mention or not mention at all. If he does mention them, he rarely does in relation to them taking up his time. Only that he is working on something.

He talks to the manufacturers, always trying to get the best price he can on the products we take. He is doing that for our benefit.

I have been working on helping to get the Testimonials updated. Every single testimonial that I find is emailed to Mel. He takes the responsibility of looking at each one and forwarding it on to Glenn.

I am sure that there are other things that Mel is working on, but he doesn't talk about them or the amount of time he spends working on them.

So, I hope everybody will stop and think of what a blessing Mel and this website have been to them in the past month, and since they joined this forum.

I hope that all who can will give to Mel's Go Fund Me Account. or purchase "One-on-One Coaching", so that he can help us without having to be concerned about how he will make ends meet this month.

God bless.


6:57:12 PM
Please read your emails, one of them may save your life

Hi all,

This is such a wonderful website, such a huge resource on Morgellons, Lyme and toxic disease. The wealth of knowledge that has been put together here by Mel over the years is staggering. It contains everything people need to know about the, 'sum of the parts,' in order to recover health, well being and vitality.

I truly think its the best Morgellons website and community. Mel has put his heart and soul into making it a fantastic resource. And he has worked tirelessly to attain a community, where people support and nurture each other, whilst dealing with this illness.

Often on the Web we see horror story after horror story regards Morgellons. Misinformation spreads like wildfire and vulnerable minds get scared further.
No horror stories are allowed here, no incessant focusing on the bizarre aspects of this disease (which only serves to make people feel worse). I see this website and community as a much needed voice of reason in a sea of insanity!!.

The focus here is on regaining health and working towards that goal with strength, hope and determination. The focus is always looking forward, past all hurdles. Along the way, being part of this community, we have support, we have knowledge, sometimes we have laughter, sometimes we have tears, but we never give up hope.

So, where would we be without this website, without this community, without this resource, without this help and support and without the knowledge, insight and medicines we need to get well? Where indeed?!?!

Mel only has a Wednesday off (and only recently did he implement that). He hears from people all over the world daily and tries to help as many as he can. It was only recently that he implemented the five dollar monthly fee for subscribing to the website. This is such a tiny price to pay for such a fantastic resource.

He also offers "One-on-One Coaching", the first session is always free and for a small fee afterwards he will coach when people need it. Many have found the one on one support really helpful, especially at times when they are losing focus. People can apply for free coaching if they can not afford it through the HCAF(He Cures All Foundation).

The HCAF is a wonderful organization that Mel started up to help people who cannot afford the protocol to be able to get it. Or to help those in need of coaching who have no resources to purchase it.

I myself am a very grateful recipient of the HCAF (He Cures All Foundation). All recipients are utterly grateful to Mel for this amazing foundation that he set up to help us to regain our health. We are very blessed to have this organization helping us. And we are so thankful that many thoughtful and caring people donate to it also.

Mel works every weekend hosting the free conference call on a Saturday. And the free prayer call on a Sunday. The Saturday call is recorded as an excellent source of information and support for people. Thousands of people listen to each call every month throughout the world. The calls are accessed abroad via Skype and this is very easy to do, or landlines in USA.

It helps tremendously to be part of this community, to join in on calls, to learn from Mel and other members. Many folk have brain fog with Lyme and Morgellons (so may not absorb much through reading) and are extremely isolated, so listening to this resource is just what they need.

Mel also often has manufacturers on his Saturday conference call, like Cathee from Natural Ginesis and John B from Logos (who also impart a wealth of knowledge) as does Mel.
Members of the community past and present all join in as well as sources of knowledge and encouragement. There is nothing quite like listening to someone who has been healed, talking about their journey. This is exactly what people who are struggling need to hear, in order for them to hold onto hope and achieve their goals.

The prayer calls on a Sunday are a wonderful resource for people who are not well enough often to attend church. We come together to pray and have fellowship. We get to know each other and support each other more through these calls. We have a real communion with each other. People often say they feel so much better afterwards, uplifted, less alone, heard, cared about, supported. And of course it is a little oasis of peace for us to turn to, especially when the journey with this disease is not easy. We all need a calm harbor to rest in for a little while.

Mel has achieved so much with this website and this community. His tenacity and willpower to help as many as he could has indeed been a blessing for so many around the globe. However sustainability is hugely important. And without Mel none of this would be possible. Please join the website if you have not already done so, it is a paltry sum for such information at your fingertips. If you need help, enquirer about purchasing coaching, one on one support will help keep you on track.

If you want to help Mel to continue his work through the community and website, you could donate to him through his
Mel's Go Fund Me Account.

God bless,


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