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How I Cured Morgellons

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12:06:07 PM

Thanks so much for your replies.

I’m going to take silver and mms, and add other parts of the protocol as and when.
I am a vegetarian for over forty years, and there are components of the protocol I can’t take.

Having said that, I am getting so desperate I might do the whole protocol.

The room my daughter stayed in i put the ozone generator on and steam cleaned it before she came.
Hopefully they are ok


3:29:27 PM

Hi Debbie,

That's good you are going to get a bed bug cover so you can sleep in your bed again. Protect - a-bed is a good make and will last for years, it's well worth it.

But I do have to say Debbie that if you have Morgellons you will need to take internal medicine to build up your immunity and bioterrain. People do not recover without internal medicine. Can you tell us, are you taking anything internally? Are you thinking of taking the silver and the protocol?.

Unfortunately, we cannot really help you properly if you are not taking internal medicine. External things do help , but its like putting a plaster on the wound, but not treating the wound! We would not be helping you at all, if we did not stress this also. The focus has to be on building you up and not on your environment.

I have to say also that I am concerned that you are having family stay. Because at early stages of this disease I do not think it is a good idea for you to have other people in your house, until you get things under control. You do not want other family members to be affected by this! Again I would urge you to meet people outside in a neutral place, until you get this under control. I really cannot stress this enough either.

I am also concerned that your husbands immunity is low at present due to the chemotherapy. Could you talk to John B from Logos? Maybe he could suggest a few things like Thymus formula that your husband could take to protect him at this time? Or maybe Mel can suggest a few things? I am sorry he is sick too and I hope he doesnt get Morgellons too. It would be wise for you to be careful around him at this time, due to his impaired immunity. I do feel for you I know that is difficult since you share the same living environment!

You say, 'they,' are coming in the windows. What are you referring to I'm not sure what you mean? What are 'they,?' . You also say, 'they,' are affected by the full moon. Morgellons (inside your body) is affected by the full moon because it has a parasitic component, but it also is comprised of bacterial, viral, fungal, lyme and Co infections.

But Morgellons is a multi systemic infectious disease process (it can be infectious at certain stages to individuals with a compromised immunity). It's in your body if you have it, though you can shed it into your environment (via fibres etc that do exit via your skin). But the disease becomes full blown within the body, not in the environment.

I dearly hope you can start building up your bioterrain ASAP as that is your best weapon in your fight against this. Let me know what you think ,

Best wishes,

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