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How I Cured Morgellons

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2:08:40 PM

Thank you Karen for your kind words. I really mean that.

In looking back on my recent meltdown, I can attribute the setback to diet. It happened to be right before my menstrual period and I definitely cheated with chocolate. It was an overwhelming urge to eat it coupled w/ PMS was a deadly combo.

BUT low and behold YES there was a big spring forward.

It's odd how this disease seems to know how to make you crave the wrong thing, cuz it knows it's losing in all other areas

i.e; the "sum" of the parts.

Anyways back on track and I thank God for this site.
It really is, a true lifesaver in every way.

Gratefully, Tina

10:48:58 PM

Thank you ladies for your inspiration.

I read this over and over and cry every time.

Just knowing that I am not crazy helps so very much.

The hope of this site is beyond believable.

I often will flash on a thought of Mel and John (Logos) and everyone here a few times a day at least and think how very blessed by God that I've committed to this and how lucky I am to have some guidance in this healing and I know for sure this is from GOD!! No other reason.

I'm beginning my 2nd month on the 9th and it seems to be a subtle improvement daily but nevertheless definitely better all the time. I sometimes wonder if it "really" is getting better, but than reflect on alot of the "activity" that is NOT happening and know it's working.

Thank you for your prayers.

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