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Tina's Journey

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7:22:46 PM

Morgellons - Many of you  will soon be dancing too this tune
Many of you will soon be dancing too this tune

Hello All fellow Warriors!

Can't believe it's been almost a year since posting. MY BAD!

How easily I forget my promise to myself that if this thing ("website,protocol,etc...) could help me I would always stay on here actively to help the next person. So I apologize for that and will do better.

After renewing coaching with Mel a couple months ago I was definitely "goin thru it". I called Mel and described my symptoms of headaches and horrible mood swings, totally fatigued that seemed to be lasting a good solid month at least. This thing "M" sure is relentless! Especially towards the end.

HOWEVER after speaking to Mel he once again explained the herxing! Especially towards the end. I remember one of Karen's posts saying how totally frustrating it was for her towards her finish line and it just seemed to keep going on without a break.

I am at the 1 year anniversary of the protocol (March 9, 2019) and honestly thought: I should be better now! This is ridiculous! Why am I not 100% yet?(mood swings)

Even though I was light years feeling better than I have since getting "M" I tend to be really hard on myself comparing myself to others who were healed faster than me.

In all fairness though I could have done much better with the diet and exercise part which I have corrected in the past 2 months and then BAM!! I felt like a heavy blanket was lifted off of me! Almost like I could feel it dying! So I talked to Mel again last week about it and updated my progress and was able to honestly say I believe I've reached the 95% club.

This freakin thing is the most bizarre and intelligent "whatever" that really doesn't wanna let ya go. But what I've been so humbly taught; is that we are Warriors with God and Mel on our side! To feel 95% is THE BEST FEELING EVER!

Please, Please do what you're supposed to do to rid this evil thing!

PRAY!! & Protocol!!! NEVER GIVE UP and may God continue to walk WITH you during this and count it a blessing that we're chosen NOT forsaken!

In Jesus' Holy and Precious name!

7:51:16 AM

Morgellons -


I was just thinking of you and hoping that all is going as well as to be expected. I know there are some difficult times so I just wanted to reach out. I have had challenges of my own, and i just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please, don't give up hope.

Warmest Regards,


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