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Laura (aunt)

10:48:30 AM

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for the valuable information on making and using healthy essential oils for our skin. Also thank you for the wonderful information you shared on the conference call.

You have a delightful voice and are such a blessing for sharing your journey. I pray you continue to totally regain your health for many years to come.

In Christ Love,

4:18:44 PM

Thank you Ruth!!

I am an addict when it come to Essential Oils! I've used them for so much in the past 20 years, but just about everything in the last five.

Like you, I have always "eye-balled" it when mixing oils and baking.

I use a lot of eucalyptus in my laundry, but I can't say I've tried it on my skin, so I'll try adding it. I currently use clove (love!), tea tree, purification, lavender and just added some lemongrass this morning as you recommended, which is actually perfect because I've been thinking of adding that one.

So you recommending it was confirmation to a "must try". I'm also going to make some lotion today and I'll start with organic raw coconut oil. I'll have to add the shea butter later when I can get some. I'm so very excited to make the lotion, and I'll also want to add some lemon. Thanks again for sharing!

The itching of my skin comes & goes in phases and I've found that clove will help, as well as sovereign silver in a cream. I've found it on Amazon.

I greatly appreciate your quick response and please don't be surprised if I have more to ask! I'm always wanting to talk oils, so if you have any questions regarding Essential Oils I'm happy to help. There are also great apps for Essential Oils too and can recommend some if you like.

Take care Ruth!


6:16:51 PM

Hi Tara,

Thank you for the question on the call today and sorry because I feel I should have asked what you had already tried to help your skin feel less dry. So you may have already tried what I suggested today.

But I'll share here what I tried and what helped me in the hope that its a help.

If my skin felt itchy I would spray with Kleen Green or WPS and remove any purging with a tissue. If I was having a bad day I'd have a salt, epsom salt or WPS bath. Most days I had a shower and used Bonners Peppermint liquid soap. Every few days or week I would exfoliate the skin using salt crystals and shower off. On any lumps/bumps/rashes/pimples/cuts/scratches I used tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil and rubbed into the skin. I used these without dilution on the skin twice a day. However people should be careful when starting with essential oils and could start with a small amount or start off by diluting in an oil like coconut, almond or olive. More recently I have made a blend of these two essential oils and added clove, oregano and lemon to them in a little bottle and use this blend every night on the soles of my feet and have used it on any skin issues. These oils cannot be used without dilution on delicate skin tissue, near the eyes, mouth or inside the nose as it will cause painful burning sensation. It would be best to test the skin with a very small amount at first to check the skin's reaction before using a larger amount. Be careful not to use clove or oregano on their own directly onto sensitive skin - it will burn. After a bath or shower I used the body cream that I make myself.

The way I make the body cream is to melt unrefined shea butter and raw coconut oil, equal parts. I sat them on top of a radiator but they could be melted over a pan of hot water. Then take away from the heat and mix these together and add aloe vera gel, about the same amount as the shea butter and lastly add essential oils. I always use tea tree and eucalyptus and peppermint and lavender and then add whatever else I have, more recently lemongrass. If I was filling up a 500ml pot of the body cream I would be adding about 20 drops of each essential oil so it is quite strong compared to amounts sometimes advised. Some people might want to start with less essential oil to see how their skin reacts to it. Sorry I have never measured out quantities and amounts. Its the way I cook as well, by adding a bit of something and then a bit more if I think it needs it. I don't think the amounts of shea/coconut/aloe are crucial. Whatever ratio of each is added it will be great.

Oh I wish I knew more about essential oils, but I'm reading up on it - my daughter gave me a wonderful book for Christmas- 500 plus pages of information on essential oils to read and a great reference book.

So the body cream is definitely worth a try Tara if you've not tried it before.

I've just remembered the other product I have used: Dr. Singha's Mustard Rub. I used it in rotation with the other oils.

Something I used in the early days was Vicks VapoRub, especially round the nostrils (very very small amount) if my face/nose was itchy. I think I also added some to my body cream or put on itchy areas in the early days.

Sulfur ointment/Sudocrem was something I rotated for rashes.

Also I sometimes used 100% pure castor oil which is organic cold pressed. There is a post on the forum somewhere where castor oil is recommended and I think it may have mentioned using this around the eyes to help.

A shout out to Van who asked about eyes today on the call. Thinking about castor oil reminded me that there is a thread called Gritty Eyes currently on page 7. Margo recommended castor oil and also other things and other people made suggestions. It might be worth a look to see if there is anything that could help.

Well I have been searching through cupboards and drawers to check bottles and jars that I have used and think that is everything.

Hope it helps. Bless you Tara for putting up the post.

1:42:37 PM

Hi Ruth!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful news!
It's such a great story and give us all hope!!

I have question for my dry skin. Currently I use oils & lotions, but continue to have a lot of dry itchy skin.

I'd like to know what you've used topically to treat & help your skin?

Thank you Ruth!!
Laura (aunt)

6:17:02 PM

Dear Ruth,

Such wonderful news. You are positive proof that this can absolutely be accomplished. It does take perseverance and time; but it can be done! Thank you so much for sharing this great news with the community.

You are such a blessing for all the information you have brought forth. I pray that you continue down the successful path and begin living your life to the fullest.

God Bless you Ruth.
In Christ Love,

12:13:10 PM

Wow Ruth!

So exciting to read that you're doing so well.

I'd say no symptoms = recovered health.

What a great Christmas gift!

Congratulations and Happy New Year :)



1:40:32 PM

Hello all,

and hello John. Lovely to hear from you. I've been meaning to write an update and reading your post has urged me on. Look for Nairns gluten free oatcakes. I think they only have gluten free oats, salt and water. I've sometimes eaten four eggs a day (free range) when hungry. Avocados are expensive but I get them from Aldi or Lidl when they are hard and green then keep them in the fridge and take out and ripen on a window sill to have them. I used to eat at least one a day. Sorry to hear nuts are difficult for you to eat. Are you eating the raw, unprocessed nuts? I wonder if you can eat almond butter. There is a very simple almond fudge recipe that you can eat straight out of the freezer which tastes great. Also I make an almond (ground almonds) and flaxseed bread which is quite straightforward and lovely with butter. Do you cook much? I wonder if you would be ok with ground almonds. If not there is always coconut flour to make bread with. I was always ok with chick peas and chick pea flour although I was careful at first with small amounts. You can get mini popadoms from Sainsburys that I again was careful with at first and would still only eat a few. I had lentils in homemade soup though which helped with weight.Soup is easy - lots of any veg cooked together with red lentils - cook for 20 mins then whizz up in liquidiser or with hand held masher. Coconut cream packets also helped keep my weight on and I would add a packet to my soup and have garlic, ginger and spices in the soup which are all great for us. Boiling up a chicken carcass in water for a 2-3 hours makes a good stock to cook the soup veg in. Bone broth is good for us. I also boil up lamb bones if we have a lamb joint.

Its always tough eating in other peoples' homes and truly I haven't done much and it was awkward at times but people cope with me eating protein and salad or veg. They find it hard to believe I won't eat a fruit salad even though I've warned them I don't eat dessert. This was my third Christmas cooking all the Christmas food and not eating most of it! Once I've got my mind set, although I find it hard at times its not been impossible. Also I tell myself that I know what things taste like so I can just remember and don't need to eat it now. I can find it harder if it was some amazing creation that I had no idea what it tasted like. But even then I can get someone to describe it in detail and that's interesting. I am someone that LOVES food and cooking and baking and trying recipes and I have had to let that go a bit. But I am having fun trying all sorts of new ingredients and different ways of cooking.

I thought yesterday, would I ever let myself try a tiny slice of millionaires shortbread, which I make for the family at Christmas. When I think of the sugar content I'm not sure I would ever eat it. I think I would like to try and make a healthier version in the future.

I've got to go and cook tea in a minute so will speed up but keep letting us know how things are going John. It took me about a month to get over the visit to the dermatologist. Its traumatic and there's grief and anger attached and I was never offered anti psychotics so I think its been tough for you. I hope the doctor is a help and support to you.

A quick update for me is that with Mel's agreement I have stopped the WPS. I'm still on the olive leaf as I pack up a month's supply of pill boxes at a time but after a few days that will stop as well. The reason? well I think my symptoms have gone! I got to the stage that I was looking at teeny tiny specks with a magnifying glass and not sure if they were from me or dust in the air. I don't have any crawling, stings or bites or rashes. So I will stop the WPS and olive leaf for a few months and see what happens and keep you posted!

I've been on the protocol for two years and four months. I wanted to be finished in twelve months but its taken a bit longer. Keep going every one!
Laura (aunt)

12:15:23 PM


You sound as if you will successfully accomplish this journey! I say this because you have already accepted the disease and now you can take the necessary steps to reject the disease! Looking forward to hearing about your progress as you begin the protocol.

The diet can be a challenge but you must take sugar out of it. Once you begin researching some of the ingredients in the foods you eat; the diet change becomes easier.

For example; Disodium Inosinate is a food additive and is often used as a flavor enhancer in packaged foods (potato chips) and in fast foods such as hamburgers and tacos. This flavor-enhancing additive has a chemical effect on our brain cells. Hmmmmm, not sure I want to alter my brain cells. Anyway the more research you do, the more you learn, the easier it becomes to make good food choices.

It is great news that you have decided to stay away from unnecessary prescription medication. It is also wonderful to know you have made progress with your family doctor and mother. I had a wonderful internal medicine doctor that recognized the symptoms and knew I was not delusional but also said he did not have the answers. He offered to write a referral to Mayo Clinic or where ever I felt I might get some answers. He is a great, honest man and I still see him for yearly check-ups.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and pray you continue to heal from this disease inside out and outside in. Keep God in your thoughts for he is also part of your recovery.

In Christ Love,

9:40:15 PM

Hi Ruth, Happy Christmas to you!

Sorry for the lateness of my reply, it's nice to hear from you.

Thank you,
Yes it is a very unpleasant experience and aftermath too. After the desperation of being badly advised like that, to then be snapped at for not being happy to follow their advice, just makes it feel as if, on top of letting you down, that person has now turned the people in the best position to potentially offer moral support, against you, and/or worthwhile ways of now proceeding.
It feels very unjust and I really don't like to be patronized or spoken to condescendingly, especially with the pretense that they aren't being. He actually said the sentence, "I'm not a charlatan", last time, which I thought further suggested a weighted obsession with psychology. 'What is he thinking??' Well yeah, you read my mind, doc, so more credit due on that side of things...

I'm really relieved at how welcome my questions have been and I will continue to read, also.

Yeah, I understand the importance of working on the inside out too, and not getting to carried away with any seeming improvement/lessening of surface symptoms.

When you said about colon cleanse, is that related to what I said about senna? I'm guessing that it is, sometimes I'm not 100% sure if things are slightly different, or are the same.
Maybe I could try the cleanse that you did, if you would highly recommend it.

Thank you, yes the diet changes have been/are proving very difficult at the least, but I'm trying my best to persevere and not get discouraged.

I have bad reactions to nuts and they often seem to dry and close my throat, which is an added complication of this diet for me, and being able to continue getting enough nutrition. I will look for the oat cakes also, I did find some gluten free oat biscuits the other week, that were very nice, but had sugar in them.

I will definitely try your way of making scrambled eggs and also your salad dressings. I have been thinking about ways of getting more garlic into my diet. Most of my previous ways were breaded or involved pasta/pizza etc. Thank you that is very helpful.

Yeah I have been using coconut oil but have sometimes been inconsistent with it. I have mostly been spraying kleen green and then putting a hat straight on, but I have rubbed oil in after a bath with kleen green in it. I will start making an effort to use coconut oil after too, as much as possible.

Indeed, I feel very low after the appointments for a while, while I take it all in, and then when I begin to refocus, the copy of the letter to my GP, reiterating the clear fallacies, and compounding the futility of the process. This time, it made me feel more resolute and clear-minded when the dust settled, and the development with our old family doctor was also very timely and encouraging.

Yes, thanks to Mel and others, people are getting better, which is the only real objective.

I've been cleaning my climbing boots...

Hope you are getting on well Ruth, and have had more opportunity to rest and recuperate, over the last few weeks.

Wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful Christmas and end to the year!

God Bless

8:57:11 PM

Hi everyone, Happy Christmas to you all!

I'm really sorry I've not been on here to reply again for longer than I expected. It has been a very hectic couple of weeks leading up to today. I just about managed to make it through it, but as usual it has left me with a cold/flu on Christmas Eve and a very tense neck and back. Just an observation - today is not a day on which I will complain.

Hi Laura,

Happy Christmas to you!

I agree completely about that. I have had to be resolute in my beliefs and maintain confidence in myself to not get pushed around with this - it is the fifth time in the last 2 years that I have been prescribed and recommended that kind of medication, and the fifth time I have point-blank refused to take it. Maybe something positive to come from my experiences as a teenager, is that I can draw from that and to an extent, base my decisions on it. I know that things they say are normal, are not normal and before anything else is even considered, I will always be very reluctant to take advice from a doctor who can't see the problem and refuses to explore further/thoroughly.

I will certainly be staying away from unnecessary medication, which it surely is. I have said before to people, that at every stage of my interaction with doctors in official capacities, I have lived out scenarios more or less exactly as.

I have been forewarned this would happen, and as it was described to me.
I have had severe doubts about doctors for a long time now, and certainly ten-fold since this particular journey started, or was identified as a problem by myself - even before I heard of Morgellons. I would feel very comfortable, also testifying to what you said about their complete incompetence at dealing with this, and complete lack of knowledge.

I could forgive that much, but struggle with the attitude of not being committed to genuine further investigation, and lazy alternative, which leaves patients alienated from their families and disillusioned.

A colleague of a retired family doctor, has now spoken with him and told him that morgellons is definitely real and can be cured. Now that he has told my Mum that, she finally believes that I was right about that all along and I feel might be more on board with the bigger picture and certainly not putting any pressure on me to follow the other doctors' advice.

Learning this, took a huge weight off me spiritually. It was better than anything I could've asked for for Christmas. He says he will come and visit in the new year. I will keep posting and keep reading, and still plan to get on the protocol after Christmas/New Year.

I have slipped up a lot on diet this week. The core of it has still been good, but odd meals and snacks have ended up being less than perfect, especially when out getting things for Christmas and visiting family etc. I am going to eat my Mum's Christmas dinner tomorrow and after that, try to resume as I was. I have lost another 12 pounds though, and clearly cannot continue at that rate of over two stone in a month...

I have continued to use the kleen green, which has helped a lot and also got some more, plus continued using the natural cream and also a soap made from healing natural ingredients, which my friend has started to make himself for his clients. These have also been amazing. I look forward to meeting with our old doctor and I expect he will be very helpful in helping me plan my execution of the protocol and going forward. It's wonderful to hear that you are much healthier now, than you were fifteen years ago, my first gift of the day.

Thank you so much for your advice and reassurance.
Wishing a beautiful Christmas to you and your loved ones, and a good end to the year!

God Bless

7:15:18 AM

Dear John,

Thank you for letting us know how things are going with you. I'm so sorry you had a rotten time at the dermatologist appointment. Its something so many of us have been through and I know how devastating it is to be told that its only in our minds. They just don't know how what morgellons is or how to treat it. It does feel very traumatic though to go through that experience and hard dealing with family when they are involved in the process as well.

You can never ask too many questions here! Keep asking what you need and keep reading as well.

I'm so pleased that you will be starting the protocol in January. Its great that Kleen Green is helping but you need all the supplements to be working from the inside out.

Yes I did a colon cleanse - picked one out that had good reviews and that I could get from the UK.

Well done for your diet changes. Its so difficult in the beginning, especially when we feel hungry. Almonds were a big help to me in the beginning and I would snack on them whenever I needed. Also Nairns gluten free oatcakes are just oats and salt and helped me in the beginning. I still love them and now have a little mature cheddar, at least one year matured, on them occasionally. I think eggs are great for breakfast. Frying is best in butter. I do scrambled eggs in butter and garlic. Raw garlic is great sprinkled over salads and then some squeezed fresh lime and olive oil and pink salt and black pepper. I find my salads taste great with this combination.

Have you thought about coconut oil for your skin after you've used the Kleen Green?

I can remember feeling very low for a while after the dermatology appointment but it reminded me to put my hope in God, not doctors.

Also remember that people are getting better on Mel's protocol and once we start climbing that mountain we're on our way.

Laura (aunt)

7:31:57 PM


All I can say about your doctor visit is; there has not been enough research in the medical field about our disease. In the beginning it was the MOST frustrating part of this whole journey. I can write the appointment....then another... another new crè more person looking at objects under the microscope scope.....another doctor......another is's in your head......on and on....

Please continue to read the journeys on this website and understand the years of research and science that has already taken place regarding this disease. The people in this community are living proof that you can get better. If I could offer any advise; please commit to this protocol 100% for one year. That means doing the "Sum" of all parts NOT "some" of the parts.

Spend less time focusing on the symptoms and frustrating appointments but rather begin to focus on the cure. I completely understand where you are coming from. At one time I prayed to be able to peacefully leave this earth. But God had other plans. I get it now. It is not easy! It does however,require a routine and perseverance. Eventually even the routine gets easier.

The more you read other journeys, the more you realize you go through stages. Many times it is 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Then all of a sudden it is 5 steps forward and only 2 steps back. Eventually it does get better; much better!

My advise and only advise is to stay away from unnecessary medication. That is part of the reason I ended up with MD in the first place. Years of antibiotics which caused havoc on my system. Honestly I am healthier now than I was 15 years ago.

Keep posting John, and please do not give up hope!

"But we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope." Romans 5:4-5

In Christ Love,

11:41:55 PM

(Also - suddenly occurred to me - it was Mel Blanc/Sylvester, not Mel Blanc/Daffy Duck. It's the dual lisps that caught my memory out. It you're going to make a reference joke, best to get the reference right John...)

11:37:51 PM

Hi everyone.
Hope you're all doing well.

So over the last couple of weeks I've been eating mostly fish or chicken with broccoli and cauliflower or cheese or mushroom omelettes with beans and cold salad/mayonnaise. Also lentil and vegetable soup, mostly to bridge the gap when overly hungry between meals. I've had fried eggs and beans for breakfast a couple of times, I was thinking maybe scrambled eggs would be better than fried? I had a curry one night and a small amount of rice with it. The curry was very basic. I've been told that poppadoms are ok as they're made from chick peas, does anyone know if they are ok to eat?
A couple of times I have been out and it been necessary to eat out, I had a chicken wrap as I thought that was the thing on the menu with the least amount of carbs, although that was just a guess based on it being thin and light, and with salad instead of chips. I have had a few gluten-free biscuits over that time and the odd small doses of pineapple juice.
I've been drinking mainly distilled water, and sometimes green tea.

I have been spraying kleen green all over my head, face and neck, first thing in the morning, again after showers, then later in the day, and last thing at night, often additionally in between. If I've been going out, I've sprayed it and then put a hat on over it.
When I've got home and taken it off, it has seemed quite eased and flatter/slightly less static, also looking more as if the hair was growing in its natural direction, rather than the bizarre sprouting that has been prevalent over the last half a dozen years. I've also been taking baths with some concentrated kleen green in it, usually alternate days to showers. I've been using apple cider vinegar to wash my face, neck, shoulders and scalp in the shower and using oils or a bentonite clay mix (I'm not certain of the other ingredients) alternate nights and washing off in the morning.
I've been forgetting to the vitamin supplements I have, on top of everything else this week, so I'm going to make a big effort to take them consistently again this week onwards. I have got out and tried to do a bit of exercise as many days as possible, whether walking or sliding. It is very cold and my skin and lips are suffering so I don't always go out for long if I can help it. Rubbing a fresh slice of cucumber on them is the best thing for my lips by the way, vaseline and carmex and all the others only make mine worse, that's the only thing that works.
Some of my skin seems to feel a little smoother (not my lips, wrists or knuckles - which I think is entirely the weather) from the kleen green and sometimes the hair feels bit more like its old texture but it seems to be split between areas/individual hairs or fibers, that feel better and others that are still sprouting up at an angle, digging in, and hay-like. For a few days it seemed as if the skin around my hairline was starting to clear up a bit and felt smoother, but the last couple of days, my symptoms have really flared up and there are lumps with slanted little fibers poking out of them all over my forehead and some just above my hairline. The light, sideways slanting forests of fibers that appear in the corners of my hairline are evident again and causing mayhem with the skin that it's trying to poke out from. All my scalp is extremely static and the hair/fibers are bolt upright as if I've got my hands on one of those things, except the hair/fibers sticking up are closer to straw in texture than hair. My eyebrows are twanging and twisting all over the place, I can feel them doing it but when I look in the mirror it's visually evident, blatantly as well. My nostril hairs are actually hurting, the inside edges of them are poking out like spikes and feel like paper cuts in my nose. If I catch one it stabs my finger and sends a similar paper cut feeling to my brain and around my body. My neck hair is particularly severe as well, fast growing at strange angles, uneven in length, very unsightly and painfully catching on any material that catches them. All these hairs in the different places, it feels as if for every three hairs, there's one that's a toothpick or something. They cause lumps, lesions and broken skin regardless of whether I touch them or not. Sometimes the only way to free a trapped fiber and let a bubble recede, is to open it to let the fiber/s slant out. The ball bearing-sized, aching lump, of six years, under my hairline, is still poking out and throbbing, causing headaches and migraines and affecting my vision, and the sideways/upward sprouting fibers are still there growing out of the very same area. Nothing seems to get rid of this lump at all. I didn't want to get my hopes up too much about how much the kleen green would relieve my symptoms but I can say that it definitely is helping to a degree. I can't expect it to start changing the make up of my hair growth and reverse whatever causes the malfunction in a week, or if it even does that, but if it says it numbs parasites, I can quite believe that from the effects. I've nearly run out of the concentrated stuff to put in the bath etc, so I'll have to get some more, but I still have a couple of spray bottles of the diluted stuff.
On environment and laundry, I've still mostly been trying to read up a bit and organise, nothing worth mentioning on here just yet really.
I was doing quite well last week in terms of spirits, but I am quite down at the moment and have been for the last two or three days as my symptoms have worsened/stopped improving. I try my best to take ups and downs as they come and carry on regardless by now.

I went back to my scheduled dermatology appointment, although the letter said 'psychology appointment'. I asked the doctor why it was typed as a psychology appointment when I'm here for dermatology, and he just said that he was a dermatologist and was very vague and fleeting about my actual question. A dermatologist and a psychologist were present, as were the last two occasions. My blood test results were back from Porton Down and they were negative. My thyroid function was normal, my white blood cell count was normal and everything suggested I was very healthy and that nothing was wrong with my immune system, and the dermatologist said pretty much proved that there could be no parasites in my body or reactions to it would be obvious in things such as my white blood cell count and it was all very definitive in that sense. I asked him to look at my hair in the mirror, in the light, which he very briefly did, and said that there was nothing abnormal about the growth. He looked at one of the hairs on my arm that looks as if a hair is fused onto another hair and feels like a knot, and he just said that it's a long hair and it has knotted, no further explanation and perfectly normal. Eyebrows - normal, ears - normal, nostrils - normal, fibers and lesions all over forehead - normal, knotted follicles and static hay-hair all over scalp - normal. I try to keep an open mind but it all seems a bit much to me obviously, as although I'm not an expert in such things, I have had my hair for over 30 years and also have studied it for longer each day for the last six years than he has in total. He reiterated that cannabis should be 'avoided like the plague' ('plague'...) and that I should rethink starting a course of risperidone. They both told me how they have seen many people like me and have managed to get them better which is all they want to do with me. I asked about case studies for reference, but he said that would involve a lot of work. They told me about a woman that got better from medication over 12-18 months, and now she just wonders what the strange thing was that started happening to her skin and hair, but is now better and so no longer really cares. But that some people just don't want to do it and so they don't get better. I keep reiterating that I don't understand what it is that the risperidone is supposed to do to affect my hair growth and I never quite understand the answer, maybe I'm just thick. They said about there not being a divide between physical and psychological effects and that both are factors in everything, so that putting something right in my head could clear up the physical symptoms. I'm open to all of that, but my fundamental problem remains that although they say they recognise my physical symptoms, he continues to say that my hair growth is normal. The notes sent back to my GP always say that everything is normal and encouraging. No recognition of any physical symptoms is ever stated, only of 'sensations'. And that if I leave it alone, it should get better. 'Even infrequent cannabis use causes these sensations'(most people I know that use cannabis are fine, some of them the most healthy I know, but that's a different argument). Ok but what causes the abnormal hair growth alongside a host of other symptoms? If my problem was just sensations then fine, blame infrequent cannabis use and I'll give you the benefit of the doubt but my complaint is one that as far as I'm concerned is physically evident. Maybe visually it isn't initially obvious, but if you're talking about a top dermatologist then surely not being obvious shouldn't be a major problem? So again, what causes the abnormal hair growth then? But then again, the hair growth is 'normal' so...
It makes me dizzy trying to follow the rationale.
I suspect they think that the symptoms are entirely psychological, but either way if somebody doesn't acknowledge the problem (not other problems - the one I'm there about), then how can you have faith in their recommendations? If I broke my leg and the doctor said it's not broken but that they can sort the sensations out, then would I proceed?
It's difficult when family is sat with you, at doctors that you requested to see, who are now giving you 'an answer', and who don't understand what you tell them about your symptoms and can't see (to enough of an extent) or believe them/it, and are being asked whether you should believe a doctor or the internet.
I told the doctor about the spray and said that it is used to numb/kill parasites and so if I didn't have any then why would it have been having such a positive effect on my hair. I know that it dissolves grease and stuff as well but still.
Does anyone have an opinion/information for me about that question? If there was nothing wrong then would it seem to 'work'? I.e. if there were no parasites would I feel any effect?
I also noted to him that I only found out about this spray, which was proving beneficial, due to research and interaction on the internet, which he had repeatedly urged me not to do. He said to continue using the spray but to 'stop researching on the internet as nothing backs up any of the information, and none of the people are qualified to give it'. I remain of the opinion that the proof is in the pudding (which I ironically can't have).
He said that if I didn't still have the original medicine then he would write to my GP anyway and that if I decided to, then I could make an appointment and get my GP to prescribe the risperidone and repeat the prescription, and that they would see me back in three months.
If there's anything I've forgotten about the appointment or questions I have arising from it, that I later remember, then I might post again with reference to them. Any thoughts on all/any of these things are very welcome and may add perspective.
I always leave the appointments without making any hasty decisions and let it all settle as I travel home, and over the next few days with an open mind.
I got up the next morning and saw the fibers on my forehead shining in the light, and it reminded me that the same thing had happened the last time.
It comes down to the same thing; if they can't see THIS, then how much credence can I give to their advice, with respect? I have my extreme reservations about that kind of medicine and have also been forewarned about what would happen, namely D.O.P. diagnosis and anti-psychotics prescribed. I'm told that it's a different low dose and that it's used for different reasons than just schizophrenia-type treatment. But the thing is, at the point I was/am at, I would've been prepared to try anything. So why was I not prepared to try that? Even though most of the time I'd literally have played Russian Roulette to get rid of it...
It doesn't sit right.
Maybe my symptoms and flare-up wasn't helped by all this and the anticipation of it seeming to some people like I'm hardheadedly snubbing the only lifeline I had. It's all taking it's toll on me.

I plan to continue as I was, and start the protocol in the new year. I have been given some senna 'tea' to mix with water and drink to clear out my system, apparently it gets everything out and nothing can hide. Even though I'm guessing that once again, 'everything' doesn't apply to morgellons, or else it would've been much more easily solved, I still figure that it must do me some good if it clears out my gut. So when I've got a day or two when I can stay at home and close to the facilities, then I think I will prepare that and see what happens..

I think that's about it for now. I'm going to try and do more reading this week if at all possible. I have a couple of words to type into the search and look into, since Laura reminded me/pointed out I could do that. I have a list of jobs to tackle in general life and it seems as if however many I do, I have a bigger list the next day, and I can never get to the end of the list. The immediate things go straight to the top of the list and the things I tend to be the most passionate about stay near the bottom. I think for the sake of my soul, I should maybe rethink the balance of this.

Love to you all
God Bless

7:16:13 PM

Hi Laura

Firstly, apologies that it has taken me so long to get back on here, to see and reply to your post.

Thank you, that is helpful to me to look at it broken down like that. Usually the less I understand something, the more I rely on simple instructions, which seems pretty logical now as I'm typing it, so it suggests that I am still a long way off understanding this despite the years of researching, learning/mislearning/unlearning/relearning etc.
My pH levels when I check them, seem to consistently be within that range, but then they seem to have remained so regardless of diet and other factors, as I began to monitor it before I made changes to diet, or did detoxes or trialed weeks without smoking etc,
(seemed a scientific approach on the most basic level) so I don't know what to read into it - hopefully it's just as simple as my pH levels being generally ok. I am still preparing to start the protocol in the new year and I have pretty much eliminated sugar from my diet. From what I could gather, I thought I was advised to avoid it completely even sugars from fruits, so I have tried my best. I've had small amounts of pineapple juice and slipped up with the odd gluten free biscuit, but I was seeing them as relapses that I really needed to try to get used to not repeating, rather than even slightly acceptable. The amount of vegetables I eat now, both cooked and cold salad, is incomparable to six months ago, it must have increased in triple-figure percentages.
I'm continuing to take steps towards improving laundry and environment, and reading up alongside advice I've been given here. I continue to take time to pray and listen, and though I'm sure my frustration and weariness make it hard for people around me to tell at times, I am still full of love and not full of hate, which I feel must be more proof of my faith than of my own strength. Maybe they're the same.

Thank you for the pointers on diet and examples of your routine, all very helpful to me. I have been trying to stick to salads when I've been out, as there hasn't been much else on any menus without carbs or that I was confident that I should eat, but I have been having mayonnaise with them, and I have to admit that I have really struggled because salad seems to be more of an afterthought at most places and are bland. Also that I can eat 3 salads and still not feel as if I've eaten, getting very light-headed from hunger. I did wonder about mayonnaise, so maybe I should also think about trying alternatives and maybe try what you suggested. The more substitutes I have/know of, to things I previously ate, the better chance I'd say I have going forward. Are butter and cheese generally ok for me then? What is it about the organic cocoa bars that make them ok in moderation compared to other chocolate/sugars? Is it to do with preservatives or that there is less refined sugar and more pure cocoa?
Wow, that is interesting about stevia, I only got some as a substitute for sugar after seeing Ruth mention it, I had no idea that it had properties to heal skin and related to this disease. How do you use/apply it for treatment of skin is it a mix with water and just apply to skin?

Thank you so much and God Bless you too. Usually people are happy initially, to invite questions from me, until I start asking them, and then they have always seemed to not be the sort of questions they were expecting or ready for, and seem to begin to regret inviting them. It's a relief that my questions are still welcomed and encouraged and that you and others here, are there for me.
I'm going to try and also type a little update on my last week or so, separately above.

Hope this finds you doing well.
God Bless
Laura (aunt)

1:15:31 PM


I completely understand you wanting to read and comprehend the process before just diving in. This disease is hard enough to accept even before we understand the science behind it. Perhaps a simple way to look at it is; 1. Treat your environment (including laundry), 2. Treat your immune system (protocol) 3. Change your diet (more healthy proteins, greens, less sugar) 4. Check and know your PH levels. (Too acidity is not healthy and allows the disease to thrive. A good range is 6.5 to 7.2) 5. Have Faith in God.

The diet is not as difficult as I originally thought. I eat proteins for breakfast which usually consist of eggs or protein shakes. I eat salads and proteins for lunch which could be grass fed beef, fish that is not farm raised, or even organic beans. Sometimes for lunch I eat Scottish organic oats with one scoop of protein, moringa(a super foods green powder),cinnamon, Maca powder, a little Kerrygold butter and stevia. Dinner should be your smallest protein meal.

When you eat out, try to stick to salads and vinegar based salad dressings. As you decide to introduce new foods, give it a few days to see how your body reacts. Everyone is different and I have learned that mayonnaise is not my friend. I try to use Kerrygold butter and cheese which has served me well.

In order to satisfy my cravings for sweets, I eat organic 85% cocoa bars (moderation). Stevia is a great sugar substitute and I have found this to be helpful on skin irritations as well. There has been research done on the many benefits of stevia. It has proven to be most effective for healing skin irritations related to this disease.

God bless you as you navigate your way through this process. Again, please remember you are in the right place for restoring your health. I spent over a year searching for answers and am most grateful that God led me here. The science and experience is all here.

Keep posting and asking questions. We are here for you!

In Christ Love,

4:38:59 PM

Hi Sandra

That's ok don't worry, I've only just had time to get on here myself since then. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, at first I wasn't sure if you meant you'd had loads of washing up left afterwards, hence constantly having rubber gloves on since! No I'd not come across any mention of gloves prior to that, I will have to find out more about it and anything you can tell me also much appreciated obviously. I hope it's not going to be necessary to wear gloves all the time on top of everything, as it would make it very difficult for me to do much and I also used to have allergic reactions to them while washing up and am a bit 'gloves-phobic', even in these Northern winters when my fingers are freezing, I suffer it over putting gloves on for as long as I can manage. What are you using paper towels for? Should I not be drying my hands with towels after washing them etc? If so then what about after showers/baths?

Yeah you're right, it's certainly creating revenue for others, as much as it's devouring our own.

Haha yeah, I realised that you meant you got the bins instead of having bags around everywhere. That is a helpful idea to me, as well as it seeming a bit depressing having bin bags everywhere, I also find with things that similar to pouring water, if I don't have something to contain it then it just spreads everywhere. Thanks for explaining the laundry stuff a bit for me, I read that they can survive on fabrics for months so from what I'm being told, I'm getting that the idea is to be airtight and isolate/suffocate any suckers? (Mel Blanc/Daffy Duck voice...).

Yes they really do suck the life out of you don't they, I wish they'd pick on someone, erm, their own size.

I'm not on the protocol yet, I've just been reading up as much as I've had time to, and trialing out putting a suitable diet into practice and working towards perfecting that, researching diet and recipes etc, as well as slowly working towards making my environment easier to clean and manage (and just trying to tread water in life and daily chores generally - have been very tired this week - struggling to keep my eyes open after 6-7pm).

I posted a bit about my progress below in my reply to Laura. I do now have a bottle of kleen green although it was ordered for me from amazon so I haven't spoken to the people from the company yet, which from what you have told me, would be a good idea to do in future. Still, at least for now I have some and can start using that and see what differences it can make.
Ordering the protocol is the next milestone, when I feel as if I can manage/maintain the dietary aspects, unless it's advisable to just get on the protocol and worry about that bit later. I'm conscious of finance and not knowing how long I will be able to afford to stay on the protocol and fund everything else, so I don't want to waste any of that time not following the dietary needs simultaneously.

Thanks for your reply and your help and advice. Your account of dealing with the kleen green people helped to push me to speed myself up in getting hold of some. At the time of writing, I am experiencing an increase in little electric-like shock/bites on my arms, I'm wondering if it's a dissenting reaction from them to the latest development.

Hope you are doing well as I send this, and all is well up in the hills.

God Bless

3:03:27 PM

Hi Laura

That much is definitely true, it has been very difficult working out where to start, and then every next step. Getting on the protocol is without question an immediate next step from here. Also the laundry suggestions and looking more into that, as you said. Thank you for your pointers on that, they sound like a solid base to work from, and it's also a good idea to search laundry and see from that what might work for me.

I'm very wary that I don't get ahead of myself, akin to the wise words of your late father, that I don't rush through steps trying to run before I can crawl/walk. So even though I intend to gradually put further steps into action day by day, I don't consider myself to have gotten anywhere near mastering the last step yet. I am losing a lot of weight still and hungry a lot, and still don't have enough viable substitutes yet for the foods that I can't eat. It still very much seems as if the list of things that I can eat/drink, is tiny, while the list of things that I can't eat/drink, includes virtually everything. I wanted to try and put into practice a suitable/acceptable diet for recovery/going forward, before I got on the protocol or rushed into too many further steps, as a basic foundation to work from.
Also that I would feel fairly comfortable that I could maintain it short and long term, if it's going to have to change for the rest of my life. I have got some stevia now, that Ruth posted about, but even that says 'carbohydrates (of which sugars)' on the ingredients so I really don't understand the rules.
I had some pasta made from lentils the other day for example, is that ok? The sauce was homemade by my Mum, and had good quality minced chicken in it, and was also tomato puree based. Is any of that any good to me, going forward, or are my attempts misguided? I know that tomato is a fruit, even if not one for a fruit salad, but then acidity-wise is it problematic in that sense too? I've read contradicting things about chicken/fish, eggs/milk/cheese, fruit etc. I've still been mostly eating omelettes (mushroom or cheese?), with salad (and mayonnaise?) and baked beans (from a tin?), or fish in a hollandaise sauce, or chicken with cooked broccoli and cauliflower, sometimes also green beans and carrots. I've slipped up and had pineapple juice a few times this week, a couple of bananas, a few gluten free oat biscuits, and this week I even failed as badly as to have a twix, which I obviously know for myself already is on the list of things that I definitely can't eat again. I really do try and read about diet and have spent hours doing so including hours on this site since finding it, but it always leaves me feeling uncertain if I can have anything beyond tea, distilled water, lemon, lime, lettuce and just spins my head. Maybe with my learning style, my best hope is if somebody who doesn't mind and is patient enough to tell me what I'm doing wrong, can put me right as I go along. I am still looking into diet and recipes as much as I can, and will continue to, but at the present I still don't have enough substitutes and am waking up with belly rumbling. After meals, no alternatives for desert (had previously cut out everything but fruit) and so sometimes giving in to temptation. When out, going for dinner with friends or family, staying away from home - I'm lost about what I can do in practice realistically, that still satisfies my protocol and recovery.

On a different note to that, a 'previous next step' that I was sure about, was to get some kleen green, which I now have. I still need to get a spray bottle, but I diluted some at 1:7 ratio and have been applying it to my face and scalp, neck and upwards really, since yesterday. I also had a bath today with some concentrated in it. I don't want to comment too much, too early, but it has seemed to have some soothing effects so far. My hair is tingling right now but it sort of feels a different kind of tingling. Still itchy but not quite as painful somehow. One big lesion near my temple, that has been there for weeks/months, has gone down quite a bit, and an increased amount of fingernail-like bits, have come out of some of my most badly affected follicles on my hairline. The ringing in my ears has been bad today at times and usually it seems more noticeable in my left ear, but just now I noticed a sudden intense whirring in my right ear. I will keep applying and bathing in it and also try to put into action other uses for it as I go along, like laundry as you mentioned and environment.

Thank you for simplifying the basic steps for me as well, I feel like I understand the process a bit more now, ie use>spray>bag>wash.

Thank you for your help and encouragement, and to borrow from the analogy of your Dad's - helping me to put my car in gear before I try to set off.

I live in hope that indeed what is ultimately revealed, will render all of this suffering insignificant, or worthwhile to the point of it seeming insignificant.

Apologies that my reply wasn't sooner and I hope you're well and that you've had/been having a good week.

God Bless

8:51:15 PM

Hey John,

Sorry I haven`t been back on the forum to send you a post.

I started a post addressing you, before Thanksgiving. I was almost finished with it, when my arrow got away from me, and had a mind of it`s own and took me off the sight, and when I came back to send my response to you it was erase. oops! I guess I need to get a mouse, that arrow is to fast for me, and it`s even harder, wearing these (stupid rubber gloves)!!!!

Speaking of gloves, are you wearing them? I wish I had stock in.... all of these accessories, plastic bags, paper towels, etc!! I would be rich by now! ( what a way to get rich, huh?

On your last post, you were asking about the plastic bags and bins. The reason I bought bins, is I just got sick of looking at the bags, and they took up so much space. At one time, I counted around 30! and besides, the bins go more with my décor. Ha! Ha! Even with the bins you still want to bag them airtight for 72 hrs, that`s to try to smother the suckers!!
And I do mean suckers!!
because they are trying to suck the life out of us! ( Growl)
It`s another part of our nightmare, but it`s the thing to do.

I hope you are on the protocol by now, and catching up with things.

In "CHRIST" Sandra, in the West Virginia Hills
Laura (aunt)

11:09:50 AM


One of the challenges of this disease is knowing where to start. Please keep in mind it is important to restore your bio-terrain which the protocol will provide for you. However, the protocol is only one of the parts. Diet changes and cleaning changes are also needed. Take it one day at a time to prevent becoming overwhelmed.

You already seem to have a good understanding about the importance of proper food choices. So the next step would be to start the protocol and making some adjustments to the laundry. Ask any questions concerning the laundry and you will get a variety of answers. You can also type laundry into the search engine and read about what works for each person. Then you can determine which method will work best for you.

I would definitely bag my dirty laundry in order to begin getting your environment under control. I spray Kleen Green on my clothes after turning them inside out and bag them for a few days before washing. I use the giant size bags as more clothes fit into them. However, as you begin reading, you will notice there are many wonderful ideas that have worked for other people.

I leave you with this quote from a very wise and loving man (my Daddy who is now with our Lord) "You can get in your car and start your engine all you want; but until you put it in gear, you will never go anywhere!" So I encourage you to put your car in gear and begin moving toward that finish line of being free from this disease.

“For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18

In Christ Love,

12:54:15 AM

Hi Ruth

Glad to hear that you don't have as many symptoms to report and your progress is going well.

It's amazing what you're managing to stay on top of as well as concentrating on your recovery.

Hope your Mum is doing well, she is certainly blessed to have a daughter who helps with forms and appointments and everything else.

I admire your determination to ensure she can stay where she is most comfortable.

Hope the course is going well and that both your preparations for the test are also. If I was doing as much as you then I'm certain I would be looking tired to say the least.

Good to hear that you recovered well from your cold and that what you've learned helped you even more to tackle it.

I'm pretty sure I've got some eucalyptus oil, I try to remember what people have said about which oil and when/how to use them.

I will look up Ms V, thank you for the tip, and I look forward to reading more about essential oils from you in the future.

Hope everything's all blessed in the North West!

God Bless

12:22:21 AM

Hi Laura

Thank you, that was the first place I looked and I found it easily. I have begun to read and plan to read again from the start tomorrow when I've had some sleep. It's difficult to know where to begin sometimes, so it's very helpful of you to point me towards it, especially when it something you feel would particularly resonate with me.

I've definitely come across what I would call some warriors when it comes to all this, and Peter surely is a great example. I definitely feel that I will understand the importance of the protocol as I understand the science. I'm already at the stage where I'm not in any doubt that I need to do this, and that the sooner the better, it's just getting my head around how I'm going to make it all work in practice for me and in a way that I will be able to maintain.

My mouth felt very dry the other day with just water and tea, and I felt very fatigued so I ended up buckling and having a swig of pineapple juice. I went to the cinema and I resisted any refreshments but was so hungry when I got home, and lost for what I could make to eat, that I went out and got a small margherita pizza just because I was so drained and had migraine from hunger. I manage to eat fields of vegetables but find it difficult to fill myself with them without sitting and grazing all day. I am already underweight and losing more rapidly. I need to work out what all my best alternatives are.

You don't even know how much your sentiment about writing being therapeutic, and then later looking back at what you've accomplished, it echoes my life in many ways and I couldn't agree with it more.
I will have to read your thread too, if it literally means that you've written poetry about your experience, then I'm sure I will get a lot from that.
I may well start one in the future, I will certainly consider it as I progress and see if a point comes where my instinct tells me that it's time to do so.

Definitely I have to start somewhere, I've been surveying the mountain and preparing to tackle it. I just don't want to set myself up to fail and know that it's me ultimately that has to do it. I'm so eager to start seeing improvements that I wish I could sprint but one thing that has been made clear to me is that it definitely isn't a sprint.

Thanks again, I will definitely keep you up to date with my progress on here. It has occurred to me in the past, that this ordeal would teach anybody a bit of compassion, but strangely, that all the people I come across who suffer from this, give me the strong impression that they already were kind and compassionate. Nothing to dwell on obviously.

I just count my blessings that I've found everyone here. Also apologies to everyone if I don't reply for a few days sometimes, I try my best to make time to spend on here as often as I can.

Hope you are doing well and thank you again!

God Bless

11:26:44 PM

Hi Sandra

Thank you, I'm not great at the moment, symptoms pretty bad this week, but not in the swing of everything or on the protocol yet so I can't expect to be for now.

I've been practicing diet-wise and drinking more distilled water and only slipped up with juice once. I've been very hungry most of the time and lost 12 lbs, so I still need to get my head around all the things I can have and how to make the best of them as well as stock up on them.
I've spent some time looking at recipes on here, but I don't have much culinary skill either, so again I find it hard to take in. If I can get to the point where I've got meals, snacks, drinks and desserts, and enough that the urge to eat carbs and sugars and fruits etc isn't as overwhelming, then I might be on my way.
As I've said before, I don't feel it wise to start (building) the protocol on sand.

Kleen Green on the other hand, I should get without delay - thank you for telling me a bit more about it, wow so that makes sense about the fly and the enzymes, is it like a human-friendly pesticide then, maybe to over-simplify?
Tomorrow I will have to look for the site and read what's there, as well as call to order some. That was really encouraging, what you said before about the people there too.
I should've already done this but I'm finding the basics difficult at the moment like I'm spinning plates.

Just the thought of spraying some on my hair is motivation now. It's good to know that it is versatile and you can spray it on everything.
No, I've not been bagging my clothes, I've come across posts about doing it before. What is it you do, after washing put them in separate bags? Sometimes I'm really slow understanding what I need to do and how. The why isn't maybe as vital but does help to understand it better.
I've got a lot of reading to do just to be at an average level of understanding this thing, pretty sure. That sounds like a good idea about the bins, I don't like the idea of bin bags everywhere so do you bag them then put the bags in your bins? What is the theory behind the 72 hours thing?

Thank you so much, it means a lot that I can ask for help, I definitely value the advice of everyone on here and perspectives of people at all stages of learning and progression/recovery.

I feel more armed to fight on after the kindness of people here and knowing I can draw on their wisdom and experience. I will try not to repay your kindness by constantly peppering you with questions, because I do seem to have floodgates when it comes to that.

I'm wary that everyone's time is precious so I could understand if it irritated anyone a bit if I'm asking questions that maybe they feel I should have read for myself.

It's just peoples different learning styles I suppose.

Yes God is a strange word for our creator isn't it, I've read various theories about why we use that word. I never used to use the word, but it just works as shorthand it seems, in conversation with others.

Hope as I type, that you are making good progress and all is well in the hills!

God Bless
Laura (aunt)

11:13:00 AM

Dear Ruth,

You sound like a lovingly caring daughter and mother. This alone makes you beautiful. So feeling tired because you are helping others; God Bless You! Having said that, please make sure to get some rest as it is important to your health.

I would love to hear more about the "Freedom in Christ" you are involved with. I have never heard of it but it sounds like a great group centered on Christ.

I wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Stay strong and may God Bless you abundantly.

In Christ Love,

11:22:55 AM

Its a couple of months since my last update and as the months increase progress is slowing down and there is much less to report on symptoms. This is all good!

Its been a busy two months and I have felt very tired. There has been increased responsibility for mum, lots of form filling and taking to medical appointments and having things altered in her house so that she can stay where she wants to be for as long as possible. She has dementia and is ninety but loves her home and her independence. Also I have been joint leading a Freedom In Christ (Neil Anderson) course. The last two Saturdays were Steps Days at our home with catering for 16 people each time. The course finishes in three weeks time which will allow more down time for me. Also having a singing pupil taking a grade 8 exam next week with myself accompanying her on the piano has required many hours of piano practice on the pieces for me.

Because mum needs more of my time now I will be working on saying 'no' more often, in future, when possible!

Anyway this month I don't look young, I look tired!

I'm on my fourth bottle of Immune Pulse, after checking with John B that it was ok to keep going with it. Just finished the first month so on a week off now. No increase of symptoms on it, just the same amount on hands, maybe a bit less. If I rub WPS into hands, which I do twice daily when I'm drinking it I usually see one, maybe two specks on each hand. Over the weekend there was a tiny pink bit. Its always fascinating when there are different colours! Its all good though and means that something is working its way out of my body.

Two weeks ago I had a cluster of tiny cut marks on one hand. And occasionally I get itchy forearms which I spray with kleen green or wps but don't see anything there.

No changes on the diet, just keeping going with it all. Having more veg soup than salad when its chilly.

Had a cold recently and used eucalyptus oil in my diffuser. What a blessing to have it. I don't use it all the time but its great when I do. I am so grateful to Ms V. for her recommending it. I could get it from the UK easily. Look up Ms. V and essential oils on the search engine if you are interested

More about essential oils another time, I love them!


10:11:41 PM

Hey John,

Hope this post finds you doing better!!

Just want to tell you a little about KLEEN Green that I`ve learned. It has 3 enzymes in it that actually numbs the parasites.
I have problems with any type of bugs!!!!! I had several flies intrude my space this summer, one happened to land on my shower curtain, in defense I grabbed my spray bottle of KLEEN GREEN and bam!!! that fly fail straight to the floor!!!!! So that`s what KLEEN DOES.

I spay everything with it... body. hair, clothes, carpet, linens, my bed and in between the mattress and box springs, and put it in your washing machine, I even spray a little in the clothes dryer, before loading it.

Have you been bagging your clothes and linens? It`s another nightmare, but it`s the thing to do! Bag for 72 hours; I`ve been doing it for over a year and will continue until I reach my freedom from this. I finally got so sick of looking at plastic bags, I bought bins to put them in.. much better!

If you have any questions, I`ll do my best to help, with the little knowledge I`ve gained, or I will help you find the answer.

"GOD" be with you! Sending the FATHER`S LOVE.

Sandra in the West Virgina Hills
Laura (aunt)

6:15:36 PM


I hope the more you understand the Science, the more you realize the importance of starting this protocol. The journey I recommended you read is in the "Follow the Journey" thread title How Lucky Can You Get. I read this one and many others as well. However, I feel you will make connections to some of Peter's journaling in that thread. He is a warrior who continues to post and bring forth great science information about this disease.

Once you start the protocol, you may want to begin your own thread. I actually started one titled "My Journey Through Poetry." It is very therapeutic to write and then look back how much you have accomplished.

You have to start some where John; and then keep on going. You have already been through the difficult part. Once you start rebuilding your bio-terrain and immune system, you will notice positive changes.

Please keep us updated on your journey. We are all in this together and I think by now you can tell this is a caring community.

In Christ Love,

12:16:59 AM

Hi Laura,

I agree that the metaphor/analogy is very profound, and the message with it. I do feel as if already, I have had little alternative but to let go with a lot of things and in a lot of ways, as well as that preparing me for the prospect of getting used to that somewhat. The way I see it, it's not even a choice about seeing a future free of this, because a future with it, doesn't even qualify as a future in my opinion, and I keep waking up every day so...
Something I'm having trouble with at the moment, is seeing a happy future in terms of being happy with what I'm eating and not constantly longing for things I can't. I'm trying to keep faith that gaining knowledge will prove to be invaluable on that front.
Oh thank you, that sounds interesting - do I find Peter's story by going on the 'Follow the Journeys' page? I will have a look. If it is the same Peter who has posted on this page, then I have read only that much. I agree that God and science together has/been/is/will be a good combination to fight this with, and that people with strong connections and passion for both, at the forefront of hopes.
Even if science and - er... 'Not-God', may well be what brought the plague in the first place.
Some things are good, some things are evil, some things aren't necessarily either, but can be used to a great extent for either. So I suppose the danger of any such thing, varies upon the number of people who would use it for one or the other. In this age, it seems to be an increasing challenge to determine what a lot of things are, especially as so much is being used to the wrong ends, and that the people trying to do good are often swimming against the tide.
I am more than considering doing the protocol, I am resolved that I am going to. I am just trying to get my head around it and consider the actual logistics of everything, and give myself the best chance of maximising my efforts if everything is in place when I start in earnest. I need to start yesterday in honesty, and it is important that I'm aware of that, while also staying grounded and putting speed before haste, impatient as I am.
Do you mean by find time to talk to Mel, the 20-30 minute call things? I will have to seriously consider doing that also.

Thank you for your advice and encouragement Laura.
God Bless

11:16:01 PM

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for sharing a bit of your story with me.
I can certainly relate to what you were going through, I'm sorry that things got so bad for you and very glad to read about your journey out of that darkness. I have definitely felt as if I've been fighting a losing battle, increasingly, for the last 5,6 years, to say the least. I have also wanted to just leave and escape from it. I don't regard myself as being morbid or whatever in that sense, as my first wish, has been and has remained, to get better throughout, just that with that seeming and never-ending impossibility - the second wish, in the absence of that, has often been not to be here. At least the psychological impact of feeling in limbo between life and death and/or being just waiting to die. It has also been a concern to me about the way I would 'go out', in forever unexplained weakness, and not being myself, or looking or acting like myself, so I can relate to what you said about that. Hopefully I am at the start of a journey out of that darkness and it has already started by finding here.
God bless your sister for helping you and using her own time and resources to look for leads. I always think that beyond the constructiveness of the help itself, it must be very encouraging and vindicating that somebody believes you and cares enough to do that.
I only heard of Kleen Green around a month ago, and since then it has kept cropping up constantly, so it definitely seems like that is a priority to get hold of in the short term.
Is that how you get hold of it then, phone the company? It's nice to hear that they are good people, who care and took time to help you further.
I have been using coconut oil and tea tree oil in my hair overnight and also to chase apple cider vinegar in the bath or shower. When I leave it in, it makes my hair feel even more like it's got cobwebs in it or moving about/crawling, but sometimes the next day, some aspects of my hair seem slightly improved. I don't always use these that constantly so I will have to get some peroxide and try to make sure I get a stricter regime going with that. Oh wait - so coconut oil overnight and then tea tree oil shampoo with a little 3% peroxide to wash it out? I will have to look for the shampoo as well then and try that.

Thanks again Sandra - all the way in West Virginia!
You're in my thoughts and prayers also.

God Bless

10:29:33 PM

Hi Karen,

Thank you, I am going to take a little time to read things again and take things in as I can before starting to ask too many questions as otherwise they are likely to be scattered. At the moment I am practicing keeping a suitable diet and sticking to tea and water to drink. I'm finding it very difficult and feel very unsure what there is that I can actually eat other than lettuce etc, so I'm hungry a lot. That said, I was thinking maybe I should start by looking at the diet stuff, recipes etc, and now might be a good time to do that.
I don't want to kid myself hastily onto a protocol that I then won't be able to maintain.
Also have been taking steps to declutter space. I like to have a plan on what I'm going to do with things rather than just shift them, so have come up with some ideas for some of it to be better organised and stored, and hopefully also make it easier in future.
That is a good metaphor, I totally see what you mean. Definitely outward clutter will have an effect on inward clutter and vice versa.
I can understand also about things having sentimental values, that was brave of you to be decisive about letting some things go, and a philosophical approach to it.

Thank you, I am trying to take everything I can on board and make sense of it how I can, taking steps along the way. The thing about life never being the same again, is very daunting to me at the moment, and while I know change is constant, it all seems a massive upheaval right now where all the changes are very difficult and unrewarding. Maybe I'm yet to clear enough space to make room for the more positive changes to come in. God willing, I will make some progress and be able to update you as I do.

With thanks and best wishes
Laura (aunt)

11:11:20 AM


The post made by Karen encouraging to "Let Go" is most profound. We do need to let go as this disease has forever changed our lives. In time you will come to realize it will change us for a better future. So I love that you see yourself free of this disease and having great hair once again. This is how we win over the disease! Please never loose sight of the future with you living free of this!

As I continue to read through your posts, I believe you will make great connections to Peter's journey titled "How Lucky Can You get?" He started very similar to you in his journey with the brain fog and many skin challenges. He reminds my of Bill Nye the science guy.....He loves the science and he loves the Lord. This has proven to be a good combination for our disease.

Please consider starting the protocol as this is the foundation for restoring your bio-terrain and ultimately restoring your health. Again I want to remind you to stay with us and try making some time to talk with Mel. Post your journey, ask questions, and remain focused on the cure. We are here for you and as you mentioned; God led your here! we will never go wrong with GOD!

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped... Psalms 28:7

In Christ Love,

4:50:20 PM

Hi John,

So glad to hear you’re feeling comfortable and confident that this site will help you. It sounds like you’re making some positive changes right now...and you’ll probably be happy with the results if you take the time to declutter your small space. That’s what I’ve been doing a little at a time over the last three years...and it’s very freeing.

This disease forces us to make changes...and most people don’t really like change very much ...but it does force us to expand and grow to a better place. It occurs to me that decluttering of our environment and purging our body of pathogens is kind of is a metaphor for the other and lightening the load both internally and externally allows us to focus on the things that are really important...primarily a closer walk with God and an ability to see the beauty and fragility of life and in our fellow travelers on this earthly journey.

It’s hard to let go of “stuff” though...because there’s always some kind of emotional attachment. Case in point...just today I’m gathering things to take to a family member who will sell them for me on eBay. Each item is a memory...and connected to a time in my life that will never come again. There was a bittersweet aspect in choosing these items to sell...but it was replaced by a feeling of letting go...because letting go will allow new things to come in.

That’s kind of like getting well from MD...our lives will never be the same again... but we’ll be lighter and freer and ready for something better.

So...keep on your path and keep up the good work you’ve started.


2:40:00 AM

Hi Ruth, Hi Laura, Hi Karen..

Thank you all for your replies, I'm really grateful that you read my post when it was so long.

Thanks Ruth, I'm so sorry about what you've had to go through too, and delighted that you're doing so much better now. Your story is genuinely heroic in my eyes.

I am genuinely overwhelmed by the smallest things at the moment, very much including the things you mentioned. Just treading water from day to day is an achievement. I can definitely believe that God brought me here also, as I am at the end of my tether. I really feel like I hold it together quite well in most ways, all things considered, but symptoms and morale pretty much rock bottom. I'd say more the prior causing the latter but who knows sometimes. Another positive regarding the concerns you mentioned about doing everything from the UK, which you and others on here have done a lot to alleviate.
I'd noticed my increasing struggle to concentrate on reading, probably even before most other symptoms and particularly taking all the stuff about this in, really does make my head spin, but I'm going to read and re-read, and if I have to make changes one by one, hopefully I will get in a position where I feel like I can do the protocol.

I've been doing well with diet in some ways. I really miss pasta, potatoes and bread. I miss tea with milk and sugar and having chocolate sometimes.
But I've been resisting them. The soup I mostly eat doesn't have potatoes in it but it does have carrots. Getting off pineapple juice as well now is going to be hard but if I know it needs to be done then I will. Smoking is something that worries me on top of everything else, as last time I was on the lemon water, lettuce and cucumber fast, I quit smoking for it, and it was the most demoralising part on top of everything else, even after many weeks I just wanted to be less tense and smoking just centres me sometimes. I do try to meditate and regulate my breathing and other things.
Something else that worries me are some of the variables, for example about some people being ok with carrots and not others. My hair is pretty consistently unbearable, also on my forehead/face, the fibres along with the lesions they cause and pain in all the follicles, and so I worry about whether I would be able to tell or not. I've put coconut oil and some tea tree oil on my hair and face tonight and have the feeling of having walked through spider webs more than usual but I don't seem to ever notice having a reaction to a specific thing, as I've read many others have.
I'm going to get back on the lemon water and stick to distilled water and green tea beyond that, and continue to read on here and keep trying to implement things as I go, and get so that I feel like I know what all the different things are, and how I will get them and take them, and when, especially considering my infrequent insomnia and often affected sleep pattern.
It's also a blessing that you've all replied and so I can also count on well-informed advice, and feel that I can ask specific questions. Hopefully I will talk to Mel at some point and get your email, or in fact, as you say, email him and ask for it. I was unsure about how that worked and whether I could email him or you never know when people are getting bombarded. It's so kind of you to offer your advice via email too. God Bless. Hope you are well and continuing to improve!

Thanks Laura, I definitely agree about one day at a time, that has been the only way I've been able to manage for a while. It's sometimes hard not to fast forward to a time where I'm feeling like my hair is my own and I don't have lesions and scars on my face, but visualising that is only natural I guess, with the understanding that I have to do what I need to do to enable that to happen. I have to admit that with the trauma of it all, I've found that it's left me slightly paranoid about me being the one that can't get better and what if it doesn't work for me etc. Again, all things considered, I don't think that would make a person delusional in the circumstances, and it's nice to communicate with others that won't think I am.
I've definitely been decided for a little while that I need to get on the protocol, I just want to understand it (overstand it?) as much as possible first and be able to approach it wholeheartedly.
I need to think about the environment thing as well, as I have a lot of things in a small space and it gets difficult to clean well. I am working myself towards clearing everything to redecorate so hopefully I can make a fresh start knowing how important it is. Is this Kleen Green easy to get or do I need to order it? Do I need a lot of it?
I will definitely stick to this site. It has taken a long time to find the right place but I felt straight away that I had found it.
Thank you, and you're right, I am trying my best to keep focused and continue to have hope and faith.
Hope you are doing well at present and God Bless.

Thanks Karen, I definitely completely agree with you about the designation of delusion thing.
The way it's dismissed reminds me of if the doctors were all just putting their fingers in their ears and shouting 'la la la'. Just to cover all bases - they either, 1: know what it is but for some reason deny existence of any problem - or, 2: don't know what it is, genuinely can't see any issues or get any leads from them to look into. If you write off the first scenario, then you're left with the question of why they can't admit that they don't know, rather than have to validate their allknowingness by insisting there's no problem and so it having to be delusions. And if a doctor can't see the problem, aren't they supposed to explore different avenues to at least try to get a clue? It really does make me wonder if they've either been prebriefed about these complaints and what to do about it, and they just strictly follow those guidelines without thought, based on lies from pharmaceutical corporations that they've been fed. It's not a secret who butters their bread. And if not that, then it must just be that they know it's maybe something complex and will be easier and quicker to diagnose DOP, job done, tee-off at 4... I wonder if they realise the emotional distress they cause completely rational people who are suffering, by defiantly declaring that nothing is wrong (or latterly, that they believe symptoms are real, but still writing in notes that hair growth completely normal and if insinuating it's self-inflicted by saying it will be resolved if left alone), and sending them away supposedly questioning their sanity on top of that suffering, also with little hope now of getting any help from the people with supposedly the most authority to. If anything beyond my symptoms has distressed me and been psychologically detrimental, then it has been the treatment (or lack of) by, and disillusionment with, the medical establishment. So much for 'First do no harm' but what's an oath in the twenty-first century..
My dermatologist has repeatedly told me not to do any research and let him deal with all that. But he can't see anything wrong when blatantly a lot is.
Yes it would be they that appear to be delusional.
It's enough to send a person mad.
I had kidney stones a couple of months ago, something I'd somehow forgotten to mention, but I'd say the care I got then was fast, efficient, overall a good, competent standard. I know it's a much more cut and dry thing, but my point being that it occurred to me, that my experiences over the past 6-7 years had left me surprised at getting competent care.

I'm so pleased to learn you are doing so much better and can now see light after being in a very dark place and you deserve many congratulations!
Yes it certainly is a minefield at first isn't it, knowing where to look, who/what to pay attension to, where to start with remedies, healing etc.
A fair bit has been spent, but thankfully most of the things I've bought, it turns out are useful and recommended here also. There's just not been much structure to some things, I've just tried different things, different times. The time spent/invested in doctors has been much more expensive in my case, unfortunately, even if not financially. I'm sure I'm only echoing many peoples' stories.
Yeah, the more detailed the info on the protocol, the better, for me, I'm a bit thick and slow when it comes to things like this, so I also think that will prove helpful and I sometimes really do need things spelling out.
It's also nice to not have to go through it alone, as you said, others here being, or having been, in the same boat. I will try to listen to more of the conference calls. Thanks for your encouraging words, it's been hard not to feel a bit like a victim at times, and only feeling as if I'm being seen from the outside as either a victim, or a lout by others who know even less about the situation, so it was nice to read that I came across as resilient in someone else's perspective, and not having a bad attitude. Also to know that things I have described have made sense to you.

Haha, I'm glad you understand about struggling to keep the word (page?) count down as well, that's exactly what it is. I think I might have managed above, to out-digress your digression, so I can hardly be one to ever complain about that.

Thank you for the warm welcome and wishing you continued successes in your recovery!

Apologies for any mistakes there may be in this post, on this occasion I was too tired to read it all back.
As I was typing this, I was sent a news report about facebook launching a promotional campaign encouraging its users to send them naked pictures of themselves, to help tackle cases of 'revenge porn'. The idea being, supposedly, that if anybody uploaded compromising pictures of that person in future, then a database would somehow recognise that person's 'characteristics', and block/remove the content.

A short prayer for those who can't see what times we are living in.

Thanks again everyone, you will all be in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you all a good weekend

8:47:59 PM

Dear John,

The story of your dark journey has touch my heart!

I am rather new in the community, only 3 months, but I fought this darkness by myself for a year; doing exactly what you are doing.

I have used hundreds of products treating the outside of my body. At one point I remember sharing with my nephew that this hideous attack was winning.

I really didn't think I was going to make it! I ask my "FATHER GOD" to please take me home to be with him. I wanted to leave this earth, but I didn't want to die with ugliness.

So I kept on fighting, fighting, and fighting!!! I didn't have a computer at that time, but my sister would look up information for me and she came across the product kleen green, by Natural Ginesis!! great company" with my "Lord" and kleen green I carried on.
My monthly call to order this product, I got the recording, so I left a message for a call back. When Kathy (the owner) also a great person! called me back, I was having a really bad time, and what you might say... very hysterical!!
That's when the door was opened!!!!! She told me about her friend Peter, and had him to call me. Praise GOD!!!!!! And Peter who had been cured here led me to this website and Mel's protocol.
when I started the protocol, it directed me toward, HOPE and I could see light at the end of this dark tunnel !!!
I hope you go through this opened door, it's working!

Now about your hair... try coconut oil, put it on your hair at night, use tea tree oil shampoo and little 3% peroxide, to get the oil out; but always use these products, all the time any way, they are really good.

I will be remember you in my prayers!

In CHRIST LOVE, Sandra in W.Va

11:58:14 PM

Welcome to this site John...we're so glad to have you! Everyone who reads your post will certainly understand what you're going through...and each of us here also know the difference between delusional thinking and the analysis of some very disturbing body changes / occurances.

The whole designation of delusion still mystifies me because the evidence supports the opposite. Insisting nothing is wrong with a big slice of the population presenting with similar symptoms is actually way more like delusional thinking...but I digress.

Bottom line...we know you're not crazy and if you've read much on this site, you'll see other with your same're probably right...what you're going through is most likely morgellons.

Ok...that's kind of the bad news...but there's some good news too...and a lot of it.

People here who have experienced what you're going through have gotten well.

I'm personally so much much different than I was at this time last much so that there's really no comparison.

I'm still not completely well yet...but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...and this time last year, I was lost in a very dark place.

That seems like a long time to be working toward wellness to not be well yet...but it would have been a lot shorter if I'd have stopped wandering off to other sites looking for "fast" cures. That only slowed down my recovery and cost me a LOT of money.

Many have said one of the things they like best about this site is the fact that there's a lot of structure to the recovery plan. The protocol is spelled out in detail...there are multiple new posts daily with great information from others who are experiencing the same thing you are right now.

The conference calls add another layer to understanding the process and it's also very nice to hear the voices of others who are going through the same thing. The Sunday evening prayer meeting conference calls offer spiritual support and fellowship...something all of us who are experiencing this disease need more than ever at this point in our lives.

Mel has often said that those who participate in the conference calls and post on the forum, etc. have the highest chance of recovery. Your very detailed post was amazingly descriptive. I read every word and kept thinking...oh I so know what he's talking about...and also thinking...this is one tough individual...and he's got a lot of grit...if he gets on the protocol with that attitude, he'll make it for sure.

So John...hop on are welcome here and the information you find on this site is extremely helpful. Please continue to post...and don't ever feel like you wrote "too much"'m the queen of the long epistle posts...but sometimes it takes a lot of words to describe a particular situation in order to paint a picture of the context in which we're about to ask a question...and sometimes we just need a chance to express ourselves to a community of those who will understand.

Keep us up to date on your progress too...we'll all cheer you on as you go through this journey. You won't be alone.

So...again...welcome aboard!

Laura (aunt)

7:09:47 PM


Wow. My heart certainly goes out to you. There is so much to this disease and it is most overwhelming. So without overwhelming you, I would encourage you to take this one day at a time. Please understand the only way to freedom is slow and steady. It sounds like you already have a good diet which is a great start.

Since you are young.....this is a definite plus in restoring your health. This disease requires you to work from the inside out and the outside in. Restoring your bio-terrain (inside) is important and can be accomplished with this structured protocol. Treating your environment (outside) with products such Kleen Green will help you to maintain a clean environment.

I would concentrate on making two changes and then slowly learn other important aspects of this disease. You are already eating a healthy diet, so the two changes for now would be starting the protocol, and treating your environment. I would concentrate on this website only and post any question you have.

Please know you have come to the right place and we all understand what you are experiencing. Again I say; one day at a time. That's is all God gives us anyway, one day at time. You have everything to gain by staying focused here.

Do not give up hope or Faith in God's word. Hope is the beginning; and Faith is believing.

May God Bless you as you begin to have hope and faith!

In Christ Love,

5:06:00 PM

Hi John,

Thank you so much for your wonderful post sharing your story with us all. I am so so sorry for the struggles you have had with your health over so many years. In some ways everybody's story is different and yet in other ways there are so many similarities.

The reason I write on this thread is to reach out to people with morgellons, but especially to people in the UK. It was lovely of you to say that you found it helpful. Its made me feel very emotional.

When I came to Mel's site I was initially overwhelmed by what the protocol involved and thought I would never be able to do it all and also not sure it would be possible from the UK. When I became desperate about my worsening symptoms and prayed, God showed me this UK thread that I'd never seen before. So I started to read and read and read through the whole forum and articles. It was during that time reading that I somehow gained the knowledge and courage to believe I could do it.

Its not been easy and the diet was hard for me but we won't get well without sorting the diet out. The diet articles here suggest cutting out fruit in the beginning apart from limes and lemons. Also watch out for soup that it doesn't have potatoes in. Carrots are ok for some people but not others.

If you would like to be in touch by email you can email Mel asking for my email address.

God bless, Ruth


2:43:58 AM

Greetings everyone.

Apologies in advance for my seeming inability to be succinct, especially to those skimming through in a desperate search for helpful information.

I have read this thread from the bottom, over a couple of days, and firstly, would like to say I am full of admiration for everyone and their courage, and full of gratitude for your sharing of advice, encouragement and experiences. I hope everybody is doing well.
I'm sure that I won't be the only person who has never spoken to Ruth, yet almost feels as if they know her. It's impossible to put a value on how much your posts will have helped and encouraged others. Most days I just want to disappear, so I have a great deal of respect for anybody managing to keep up with that on top of fighting this disease and everything that involves, as well as maintaining general life as best they can.
Thank you for that and belated congratulations on the completion your sixtieth trip around the Sun, as well as on all your hard work and progress.
Most of the above could also be said of Mel. Thank you for providing this forum for us and for everything you've done to shed light on this issue and offer help to those suffering. Everybody on here has been in my thoughts and prayers.

I am in (what I'm still calling) my early 30s, I'm about 6'2" and eleven and a half stone in weight and I live in the North of England. I have never posted on any forum before, or ever knowingly interacted with anybody afflicted by Morgellons. I'm always wary about my privacy online (and have never shopped or anything like that on the internet), which has probably contributed further to my desperation and loneliness over the past few years.

At 12-13 I was healthy enough, I used to sleep well and wake full of energy, I used to get my sister up and make her breakfast and get her off to school before going about my own business. Around 13-14, I suddenly could not even get myself out of bed anymore. My fatigue was such, that I could sleep almost 24 hours uninterrupted and my pattern was blown out of the water, determined by my fatigue.
It was seen as laziness by my parents and I was not treated with much patience, more tipped out of bed and pushed out the door. I couldn't keep up with school work and everything began to fall apart.
Soon enough, I dropped out of school completely and eventually my state of health was given a little more credence. The GP said that my blood showed traces of the back end of glandular fever. They said that if untreated, it could leave a person with chronic fatigue and so in view of my symptoms and lack of any other findings from 'extensive blood tests' (I remember some days they would fill half a dozen containers at once) they diagnosed me with ME, which later on I was informed was now called CFS. I was told that I would not get better and given leaflets about how I would never get my life back as it was, and that I would lose touch with all my healthy friends and so should try to concentrate on relationships with people in the same situation.
I totally rejected this, and was also skeptical about my diagnosis and whatever this thing was supposed to be exactly (seemed very vague to say the least), but I did so quietly as all I had known for a year was that there was something very wrong with me, I had lost all my colour and all my energy, and I needed some understanding of my sudden genuine limitations. This was above all else to me, eventual recognition that I was unwell, that I had previously not had from any quarters.
Shortly after that I was coerced/persuaded into taking anti-depressants at 17, the second lot of which were seroxat. They made me shake and very up and down bordering on bipolar, with uncontrollable rage in fight or flight moments. One day I just stopped taking them and began to level off somewhat. The next time is saw the GP, they gave me some different anti depressants, which I fetched from the chemist and then brought home and put in my bin.

I don't know how relevant it is, but around three years after that, I got scabies (which was misdiagnosed as other things multiple times before being diagnosed), possibly at work and it proved very difficult to shift, with different treatments failing before finally seeming to have success and symptoms subsiding. That aside, plus depression and insomnia (constant but up and down in nature) throughout the time between my original ME diagnosis and the present, I'd mostly just had the 'CFS' to contend with but not much else to report. I have done the best I could and worked when I could, tried to socialise when I could etc - but always had severe fatigue issues to deal with, so I think fair to say a lot different to how my life might have been if it wasn't for whatever happened in my early teens to trigger all this. But that's by the by. The only other thing I could say is that my skin wasn't great especially on my forehead, often to the extent that acne seemed too vague an explanation for it.

Fast forward nearly ten years and I'm called in to the GP for routine blood tests. I'm told after that my thyroid is underactive and put on levothyroxine, but later told by endocrinologists that I was out of range by a small margin, only once, leading to my thyroid diagnosis, but 'within range' in all the half a dozen blood test results since, and that it was questionable whether I should be, or have ever been, on medication for it. We agreed to discontinue the levothyroxine for 3 months at a time and monitor blood, and just recently have gone to 12 months, with the notion that my thyroid function is quite normal or at least within range.
Back around the time the bloods were taken for the original thyroid diagnosis, and I can't remember for sure whether it was just before or just after that - I begin to suddenly get horrendous acid reflux and heartburn. I also got something that I think was called something like 'post nasal drip' and had excess mucus clogging my throat and affecting my breathing to the point I couldn't swallow saliva or sleep. Around a year after that I notice changes in my hair texture and that it was ripping off parts of the towel when I dried my hair. My hair is short, usually shaved. I have experimented with how my symptoms are when it is at different lengths, up to as long as I could comfortably grow it, which isn't that long at all.
I then started to notice lumps and lesions and biting sensations along my hairline at the top of my forehead, especially at night, at least at first. I also noticed a small, hard, round lump, under the skin that throbbed, and six/seven years later is still there, with small brittle hairs growing around it. My hair began to grow in different directions and seemed to be either ripping through the skin or blocking the follicles and causing these blistery to splintery lesions. Some sort of hair shaft/follicular disorder became present anyway, and little forests of tiny white vellus hairs (I presumed) began to grow all over my forehead and were sprouting, straight up towards the sky. They were present all along the frontal hairline and across the forehead, but especially where lesions were. I can feel them constantly as if they are stabbing into me rather than growing out. They feel like a cross between hay, fingernail and fibreglass. I can see them in the mirror at angles, in the right light with my naked eye, but dermatologists can't see them with high tech microscopes. I am not delusional about that, I swear to you. I can see and feel them. If I brush my fingertips across them, it feels slightly similar to sandpaper, or sandpaper-like carpet, if that makes any sense to anybody. The lumps and lesions would burn, itch and ache, and not heal for weeks or months at a time, and it did always feel like something foreign (eg synthetic hair or previous examples) was growing out of/into/blocking - my pores/follicles. I was compelled to pick and try to remove whatever was in there. Sometimes it felt like grains of sand or something would crumble out, other times like pieces of what felt like nail would break off out of a follicle onto my finger. Various levels of limited success with doing that and usually made a mess of my head and soreness from it for a few days, but then sometimes lesions would heal for a while until the cycle repeated itself. With the added bonus then, of any doctors inspecting it, being able to say it's caused entirely by me. Soon after, my whole scalp felt like it was crawling and as if a majority of the hairs were constantly stood painfully on end. It felt and looked as though it was all frozen in liquid nitrogen or something, like I'd been petrified by Medusa or shot by Mr Freeze. Painful lesions and bumps were appearing under my hair where I had never picked, and ghostly pale fibres were sprouting in different directions (mostly my left to right) and standing out above the rest. It was like my hair was all being pushed to grow against its will in another direction to which it naturally grew. If I pushed them with my fingertip, they'd bend and reacted the same way a bristle on a brush would and felt the same consistency. I would shave my hair short and within two days I would have these bristles sticking up like antennas all over my scalp and look like I cut my hair in the dark. I began to get the fibres and lesions on my face and under my eyes, and my facial hair also began to feel like straw and stab me or anybody who touched it, also growing in odd directions, and my neck hairs began to irritate, plus catch on multiple fabrics, painfully, even when very short. At times, the hair on other areas of my body has felt similar and I get strange pimples and rashes, but nothing like I have seen in many photos in terms of neck down. Often in areas where I itched, it seemed new patches of fine hair was growing (vellus type hair similar to what you'd expect to see on less hairy areas of a body). But the most affected seemed to be areas that are shaved more often. When sharp bristles began to poke and curl out of my otherwise straight eyebrows and my eyelashes began to change shape and texture, it cast more doubt on any shaving or razor-bump type theories.

With vague guesses from GPs and various topical creams prescribed invariably, I had no choice but to start doing some hopeful research myself and came across leads on thyroid issues causing these kind of symptoms. As stated earlier, I have been seeing an endocrinologist (turns out one of the best in my locality) for a few years and he has sent me for various tests, even MRI head scan, but never established any possible link between my thyroid and my symptoms. Some tests did show pituitary gland dysfunction also, but again the specialist was convinced there's no link. I was hopeful due to the thyroid and pituitary glands both having a lot to do with hormone production/management etc but apparently not.
I saw a trichologist who... gave me some topical cream.... but he did refer to me having 'hyperthyroid/hypothyroid hairs'. The dermatologist I've been seeing insists there is no such thing.
I've been to see ENT and got immediate all-clear on that front. I was sent by the endocrinologist to a neurologist who tried to give me anxiety pills and diagnosed me with something that I immediately researched and which made no sense, nor accounted for any of the symptoms.

I had come across Morgellons briefly in my original research, but tried to exhaust every other possibility to the best of my ability. Two or three years ago, I decided to revisit that avenue and look into it a bit further. Most people reading this can probably imagine my horror as all the same theories you have no doubt come across, flew past me as I hurtled down the rabbit hole. 'Conspiracy theory' has become one of the most meaningless phrases of this century; there are conspiracy theories and there are conspiracy facts, but strangely only one box to put them in. Whether I have got Morgellons as I suspect, or not, I know that it, under whatever title, does exist.
When desperate and alarmed, it becomes difficult to analyse properly and the sensible and far-fetched blend into one. Especially with unexplained and far-fetched symptoms. Whenever I've felt strong enough, I've tried to research and sift through the sensationalism for the helpful and I've been on here and read through the protocol, FAQ and lot of the other pages and forums in the recent past.
I have to admit that it all frazzles my brain and tires me out, and that all the information and aspects of what I need and how/where to get it, how/how much to take, when, for how long, what I can and can't eat, etc etc, are very daunting and overwhelming and my head eventually spins to the point I can't remember a thing.
I guess if I do have Morgellons then the experience and wisdom of people here will help me to confirm that I do, and if I don't then likewise.
I'm alone with this, the only people I've told that I think I have it, don't believe in it and certainly don't believe that I have it. I don't know whether there's an element of them emotionally not being able to entertain it as a possibility or not, but regardless that is of no help to me.
I have, a while since, given up all sugar and carbs, eaten a lot of vegetables and been drinking distilled water. I take vitamin B, C and D supplements, iodine, zinc, magnesium. I drink Himalayan pink rock salt in warm water every day and use apple cider vinegar on my scalp in the shower and a natural cream that my friends makes from bentonite clay and other natural ingredients on my skin and scalp overnight. I try to go for hour-long walks in the park a few times a week. I have epsom salt baths and Himalayan salt baths and previously had bi-carb baths. I did a dry fast of only lemon water, lettuce, cucumber and watermelon for over a week last spring, and added lentils and other vegetables over the next few weeks. I had also, with much difficulty, quit smoking over that period. There was no sign of any relief in my symptoms and a couple of weeks into the detox, my Grandad passed away suddenly and in all the commotion my specific dietary needs had to go out of the window.

Prospects of work have gone out the window, hobbies have gone out the window, any social life has gone out the window. I've lost touch with nearly everybody, except calls and texts every now and then, to and from the odd few, but most days my phone doesn't ring. It used to a lot. I lost the love of my life a few years back. A couple of years ago she contacted me again and we were talking a lot, and I saw her a few times but I think she wanted me to go all out and fight to show her how much I loved her, as I had done in the past, and due to all this, I couldn't this time, despite badly wanting to. So we ended up falling out and cut ties a few months ago. She'll never know why I didn't try harder.
My face is discoloured, scarred, bumpy and sore and covered in lesions and fibres or hairs.
My hair looks and feels like a brillo pad.
I have to cover them up 9 out of 10 times that I go out in public. I don't know if that makes it worse but I can't go out otherwise as it actually looks frightening. Doing that also allows me to forget, to some degree, about it for a while and concentrate on/ enjoy what I'm doing.
I don't see, either regarding the lifestyle I can live, or my consequent appearance, how I have any likely prospects of finding any intimate company or being able to even entertain that notion and it doesn't feel at the moment as if I ever will again. I used to be happy enough with how I looked, and it's not an aging thing at all, it's that it's whatever this is and it's not me. I feel more like a creature than a person.
I still know what I am emotionally and mentally but even those things are affected in ways. I doubt there is anything anyone could say to change that even if I wanted them to try. While ever I feel as if something that is not my hair, is either sprouting out of me and ripping my skin, causing open lesions and pulling at my roots and nerves, or blocking the follicles and causing lumps, lesions and boils, then I won't feel enough like myself to be with anyone else. Or while I have a years-old lump that doesn't show up on any test as anything, but reverberates pain around my whole body if I press on it, causing my right eye to flicker shut involuntarily every time, and has sharp fibres protruding from it. Or while my eyebrows are twanging out and eyelashes bending. It's lonely though.
It's as if my whole hair system has been taken over by something. It feels the same with my central nervous system, as I have been losing my balance and staggering or trying to crouch and falling over. If I try to walk and look to wave to somebody across the road at the same time, I lose my balance and veer off. I struggle to get up and down stairs without putting all my weight on the banister and my arms.
I have sharp fibres in my nostrils that make it difficult to breathe and make a whistling sound with every breath at times.
I have fibres growing out of my ears and ones pointing straight up from the outside of my ears like shards of glass.
My sideburns, even when short, stick out to the sides, as in, the hairs grow directly to the side rather than up or down along my head.
I have the shortness of breath. I forget words or forget what I'm saying mid-sentence.
I look after my teeth very well and they are staining up increasingly disproportionately, each time between having them cleaned.
My bones and joints feel weak and creak and crack.
I have the brain fog. I have the fatigue, I have the itching and crawling sensations and like my hair is moving on its own.
My previously 20/20 vision has rapidly deteriorated and my eyes are now hypersensitive to even dull sunlight. I have the floaters or things crawling in my eyes. I have the ringing in my ears, constantly in the background, but every now and then intensified to the point of migraine. I have the headaches. Last winter my head felt as if it were in a vice the whole time without relief. I'm stiff, irritable, jumpy (which I never have been at all previously) and anxious.
I get electric shock type jolts around my body at times, especially my upper torso.
My dermatologist recently sent me a copy of his notes to my GP and after originally prescribing me anti-psychotics, which I refused to take, now says that my hair is 'normal' and my symptoms should clear up if I 'leave them alone' (as if I havent tried that in 6-7 years).
I have been reading posts about Morgellons for a few years now, and all the things that I was told would happen or not happen, or be said or not said, involving and/or regarding GPs, dermatologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists, have all come true step by step along the way. It's been staggeringly accurate. I have been humoured, patronised, humiliated and insulted by arrogant know-it-alls-with-no-answers. The scripts have played themselves out repeatedly.
No biopsies have been done or anything other than brief inspection and a localised inspection with the microscope wand thingy (official name).
I have had people feel around my hair and hairline and confirm to me that these sharp things are growing out and that something is not right, and so, that I am not imagining it or delusional.
I need to read the protocol again and see how much sinks in this time, but recently I have been eating
omelettes, beans and cold salad with mayo, or fish or chicken with cooked cauliflower and broccoli and sometimes carrots. My Mum also makes me a lentil and vegetable soup with herbs and spices in, which if all the ingredients are suitable, I should post on here because it's delicious. I've been eating hard boiled eggs also and grapes and bananas.
I've been drinking distilled water, distilled water with vitamin C, water with Himalayan salt, green tea and pineapple juice from concentrate. I get a herxheimer effect from the salt water.
I used to live off pasta, bolognese, pizza, chips, curry, rice, noodles, cereal, bread and cheese, and enjoy some chocolate or crumble and custard, or ice cream. I drank tea with a lot of sugar.
It feels like I've already given so much up and to no real effect at all. Also it seems there is much more that I need to give up and change about what I eat and drink. The thought alone of giving it all up and maintaining that is so draining to me. I tried to go all day on water and green tea today, but I was so drained that I had to go and just have a swig of pineapple juice, it's like it was one thing too many. At least I'm growing accustomed to making these kind of sacrifices.

I can't think if there's anything else I should tell you, I really struggle with this kind of thing. I'm sorry for going on and on, and if parts of it are less encouraging to read. I've probably typed a lot and I genuinely wouldn't blame anyone for not having the time to read it. I'm so grateful to anyone that did. I don't know what's worth documenting and what isn't.
Because my hair is my primary and most blatant symptom, rather than lesions around the body, and because I rarely see any accounts that aren't the opposite way round, it always casts that bit of doubt in my mind about whether I suffer from the same root cause or not. I was thinking about working up the courage to post something and then came across this UK thread and decided to read it. Combined with that, after I had read it all, I decided it was a sign for me to do it now.

Hopefully I will gain some clarity from my interactions on here. This has been hard to type and I've done so in installments before posting. But it was also therapeutic.
Thanks again and wishing continued success to those making progress and those who have beaten this, or as far as anyone can, and are maintaining that, and wishing success, strength and courage to those still completely lost like I am.

Wishing peace, love and blessings to everyone

6:56:48 AM

Happy belated birthday. I am so glad you are doing so well. I think of you often and hope that you are feeling better each and every day!

Laura (aunt)

7:40:40 PM

Dear Ruth,

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I love your Spirit and enthusiasm. Thank you for the update on your progress. This certainly gives us all hope.

May God continue to bless you more each day! I look forward to reading about your 61st birthday being 100% FREE of this disease and all symptoms gone.

In Christ Love,

5:44:46 PM

Dear Ruth

Congratulations on your "big anniversaries." And a belated "Happy Birthday to you!" I am filled with joy that you are continuing to thrive with your health and with your family and with your students. Thanks for sharing.


10:40:53 AM

There have been some big anniversaries for me this month. I have now passed my two year point on the protocol! I can remember in the first few months wondering how I was going to manage to last it for a year and now it has become my everyday routine.

I am still taking everything on the protocol. My third bottle of Immune Pulse is just finished so now taking a month's break before considering when to start the next bottle.

There have been no new foods I've added but have had the occasional coffee without any problems. A real treat for me is a little bit of mature cheddar cheese and butter on an oatcake (no flour, just oats and salt).

I never notice any symptoms now unless I actually look for them! The only place I look is on my hands and now the black bits are very small and few but they are still there.

Workwise I am now trying to cut down my teaching hours by not taking on any new pupils and occasionally doing my best to release others. Caring for my mum who has memory loss and is 90 is demanding more time and energy now and is also emotionally demanding. I need to get better at leaving things on my daily lists undone so that I can stop early enough in the evening to get to bed on time. Maybe putting it here will help me to make myself accountable to you all and I'll let you know how I'm doing!

At present my husband is no longer opposing me taking the supplements and I am so grateful to be able to carry on with them. Its been tough at times. Last week at church I was greeted twice with, "You look young" and "You look well"! Yesterday was my birthday and I am now sixty years young! Its wonderful to be able to look into a new decade of life with confidence about my health rather than fear of my future health.

Love to you all.

11:57:41 AM

Hello to everyone!

Thanks to Jenny and Marie for your posts.

I have now completed 23 months on the protocol.
Sorry for being repetitive, but have to say how much easy it gets taking everything and being on the diet.
If I think back it felt so hard giving up things, such a big life change. Now this is normal life and its really wonderful! Yes I hope I can add more things into my diet eventually but I know that I will never go back to my previous diet.

Greece was such a restful holiday! It was very quiet and peaceful where we were. Lots of fresh food, sunshine, swimming in the sea, time to read books. I didn't take the WPS while I was away and had no resurgence of symptoms.

Mel advised that I start again on it cutting down my drops to 4/4 and slowly work back up again. I'm now on 7/6. My maintenance dose previously was 7/7.

My symptoms have decreased since last month. I no longer see any black specks on my face and the red lumps on my face are all gone! I have my skin back - its great. Most days there are one or two tiny black specks on the palms of my hands if I spray WPS on to them. The only other symptom I've had this month has been some deep down itching in my forearms. The sort of itching you can't get to by scratching the surface. Does anyone know what I mean? I sprayed Kleen Green/WPS on which helped. There was no purging there, just the itch and it went after a couple of days.

I'm on my third bottle of Immune Pulse, in the 2nd week of the 2nd month. I've taken a break between each bottle as advised. I really want to get at anything that is still in my body!

I don't know if I've mentioned before how healthy I feel my digestive system is now, no more gastric reflux or indigestion since being on the protocol. I had my cholesterol checked last week and it is at a very healthy level as is my blood glucose. My weight is very stable and is the weight that I've always wished I could get to before but could never manage it.

Thank you for the posts about xylitol. I've cut it out of my baking and am using stevia instead which is going fine.

Things I've added to my diet are olives. I managed to eat a few every day in Greece having not really liked them before. I am being careful with my diet wanting to do my best to get through whatever last hurdles are ahead without setbacks.

Life has been busy and demanding this summer looking after my mum. She is 90 this year and her memory and processing ability is deteriorating. We have to go to multiple health appointments each week and I am thinking how to have things easier for her in her home. Its amazing that she is still living independently which is what she really wants but its requiring more input.

I've been remembering this week about the process of recovery here that its not a straightforward journey where things slowly keep improving. Yes things improve but then there will often be a time when things seem to go backwards and get worse again and then it gets a bit better again. This keeps on repeating. In other illnesses it can sometimes be much more of a steady continuing improvement. I've always struggled with disappointment when things get worse again but that's when we need to dig in and not give way to it. Reading the forum and listening to calls is always an encouragement, it gives us courage to keep going and not give up. It strengthens our belief that we are in the right place. We will all have doubts occasionally. I think it is part of the disease fighting back. Also because we go through such hard times of fighting it we can get weary and scared. Because I knew that God showed me the site, in those times that was what kept me going, and still keeps me firmly fixed on the journey, whatever is still to come.

Jenny S

6:57:14 AM

Hi Ruth.

I have been on the protocol for 6.5 months and wanted to let you know that I appreciate your efforts along the way in documenting your progress and the knowledge you've gained and shared. It has been very helpful.

Enjoy your trip to Greece!


11:27:51 AM

Hi Ruth,

Been thinking of you and hoping things were going well for you and it seems they are they are! Wonderful.

You just kept gamely plodding on and see where you are now.

Ditched those heavy boots for the trainers. Soon it'll be dancing shoes.

Healthy immune systems, built up by the right foods and following the protocol exactly is what works best and then it breaks the biofilm and kills the critturs that cause us all this.

SEE IT WORKS! Your struggles are now rewarded.

Do NOT fret about your meds. What you take will all be acceptable on the airplane in a see through plastic bag, Maybe the little break from the wps.

The Greek food is good and healthy. Just one wee corner of baklava though, not the whole piece.
Lots of wonderful salads and chicken , lemons and more lemons,
And a little honey on your yogurt for breakfast.

You can swim in the sea!

You are such an encouragement to all.

So glad your husband is changing his diet too.

Keep safe and God Bless.


6:13:26 PM

Hi everyone, this is my 22nd month post, a bit early because I'm off to Greece at the end of the week so will be busy packing!!!

Thank you Peter and Kelly for your encouragement. I sometimes feel a long way away from everyone but when you comment on my posts it is so wonderful and makes me feel a part of the community.

I'm slowly catching up on the recorded calls and I value them so so much and appreciate hearing everyone's questions and the answers. As I listen to you I love you all and look forward to hearing how you are all doing.

Good news!! - I'm happy to report that the black specks/glitter have gone from my face. They may come round again but its great that for now they are gone. Also my hands are doing better. They still have a few tiny specks but less cuts/scratches. My face has one or two spots but is massively better than it has been.

I am a bit nervous about how I will cope with the travelling and different environment but also excited to have a holiday. I'll be stopping the WPS while I'm away but will carry on with everything else.

My husband is changing his diet more towards mine now which is great. He's been on a ketosis diet for several months. He's finally off the fizzy drinks and is enthusiastically making yoghurt which tastes great. He tried kefir but we were not so keen on the results but will keep trying. I made my first batch of sauerkraut which fermented well and tastes ok. Its the first time I've ever tried eating it so not sure what its supposed to taste like. Where we live I've not been able to buy it live in a shop so have just had to have a go at making it. So we're hoping that we are getting plenty of the right bacteria. I've yet to persuade him to take the Wellness Protocol but will keep trying.

I'm having the occasional coffee when I'm out and about but no more than once or twice in a week. Its such a treat. I'm eating a little bit of water melon some days and one or two strawberries most days with no problems. I've also had a slice of pineapple with no symptom increase. I've also had some cheese with no problems but need to check out what people think about cheese, if its ok to add in to the diet. I've tried feta and a good cheddar. Will it ever be ok to eat mushrooms? Another thing my husband has gone keen on is oily fish. The freezer is full of mackerel ordered direct from fishing company online and delivered frozen by post. We know where they fished it from and it tastes very fresh. Plus he is adding tumeric to everything. Its great that he is getting into more healthy eating.

To anyone new - when I first came to the site and decided it was going to be the right place for me, the first thing I did was read right through the forum starting at the last page and worked my way back through reading every post. It changed the way I thought about the disease, about how I felt, it made me think that I had to change my diet, and yes it was going to be hard, but yes I was going to do it however hard it was. It gave me all the knowledge I needed to know how to tackle everything, from the washing, the cleaning, the food, the emotions, the rest, how the supplements work, how to use WPS and silver and I grew to know all the characters there, some who are still around like Peter and some who aren't but it was such a joy to get to know them through their posts and to read their progress.

It took me a month to read it all giving it about an hour each day. I think it was such a big help to me in the beginning and gave a great foundation to start from.

10:31:08 AM


Once again, thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences. Because you are about 7 months ahead of me I use your posts as a timeline when I get new symptoms during recovery. Many times I have said to my husband, "This is ok because Ruth had it around this month also." It is so important to feel that you are not alone, especially during the beginning few months.


11:29:41 PM

Dear Ruth

Thank you for this beautiful, uplifting post. Your testimony is so encouraging and so important for the newly stricken. I get so happy and can relate so deeply when I see another share the return to the life we get back when we see our dedication and our discipline pay off.

Because you are so decent and so caring, I need to lift you up with thanks and appreciation for sharing your recovery with everyone. I love you and I look forward to the wonderful events that you will tell us about in your future posts! Congratulations on what you have overcome.


1:36:57 PM

Well I was just getting to the end of my 21st month post and had written out a really long heartfelt post and then just now hit a key by accident and that was it - all gone!

I remember that happening to Mary so hey ho, lets have another go!

It will no doubt all come out differently and probably shorter this time but perhaps a little more focused.

If I try to put a figure on it I'm about 97% better - just a few tiny black or white specks on hands or face, but not every day. Some days nothing! Rash on my face is still there but much better than it was. Sudocreme at night seems to help at the moment.

I'm trying to get to bed earlier. I've never been great at it. Watching all the episodes of The Truth About Cancer series recently has meant I've got behind with the recorded calls here, but it was a great reinforcer of all sorts of things, sleep included. They said aim to have at least 3 hours between finishing eating and going to bed. I'm trying. I'm working on making the evening meal earlier to get to bed earlier. Mentioning it here will make me more accountable to you all!

For those just starting out I want to encourage you that this all gets so much easier with time. The first six months I found it so tough sticking to everything and sorting out diet and remembering everything. And I found the diet so tough, the hardest thing. It felt a huge task. By the time I got to 12 months though it had become a habit and a routine. So stick at it, be strict with yourself and it will get better. Now it feels like normal life. Plus the symptoms get better, so life starts to get back to normal. I used to struggle to drink the WPS. Its fine now, no problem and I drink it without thinking, without having to try.

For those who feel that they have lost their lives - it will come back. God knows what we can handle and when and how long we need to rest. Things that I laid down or were laid down for me through circumstances beyond my control are starting to come back. I led worship this morning at church after a six year break. I felt a little rusty but it was fine and so good to feel that normal life is coming back. My husband and I are setting up a Freedom In Christ ministry at church and have completed our first course with some folks and planning the next in the autumn. Life is full with family issues but I'm getting rest when I need it. I'm now quite unashamedly insistent on getting lie downs/naps in the day if I need it, or even just a break away from people in another room to sit quietly.

So be encouraged if you feel that life is passing you by at the moment. God will bring things back, restore the years for you that have been stolen, take you on new adventures, in His timing, which is always for your good.


8:41:04 AM

Hello Ruth,

I'm sorry you had such a bad time at the doctor's. I have also experienced that in the beginning and it is so frustrating and insulting. Enough with them! Marie is correct in saying that one day they will know, but now they are ignorant to the facts.

I also occasionally get the anal itching. I've tried many things for it, but the only thing that really helped me was a week of DE. I know the subject of DE has been a bit controversial on the site, but I tried many other approaches to no avail. If I get the itching back, I would do another week on the DE.

That is wonderful that you are travelling with your daughter to visit your other daughter. I hope you have a wonderful time.

All my best,

4:16:20 PM

Dear Ruth,

It is good to hear you are doing so well.
Think how you were all those months ago and compare it with now. You are just a little while away from seeing the rainbow,
I so hoped the dermatologist would help you but sadly they are all the same in Uk and have been primed to spout the same old rubbish and diagnose it as eczema or pruritis or whatever
And none of them do skin scrapes there and then have you noticed?
And they are so insistent the things do not come out of the skin etc
One has to wonder why they protest so much without actually doing any tests.
Did you get prescribed Dermol too?

Take heart,

It really doesn't matter one bit because you are managing very well with Mel's protocol and safe eating.
No GP will accept Morgellons in Uk as a physical illness.They regard it as delusionary.

So be it.
We know otherwise and one day the world will know.
We are the outriders.

Re the protocol. Just take the packets as they are and put all in a resealable plastic bag. They can see what they are and just say it is for Lyme disease.

The anal itching. It has been driving me nuts too. I took an ovex- useless -but I do find coconut oil moist toilet tissue wipes(Tesco) help and also Sudocrem around the area. Also H and B Colon cleanse with Aloe vera seems to help.

Have a lovely holiday. All that sun will do you good and sea air.
Keep safe and God Bless.

8:44:45 AM

Hello to everyone,

This is my 20 month update. I've just started my third month of immune pulse (the second bottle). Things have been fairly quiet symptom wise. The red lumps on my face which appeared last November are finally looking better. They still come and go a bit but are now just small red pimples and the skin is flatter and less red. I had a sting and a black fibre from a finger this week - its been many months since that last happened. Some days there are no little black fibres on my face, other days there are one two or three.

I have been having some severe anal itching over the last few months. When it gets to the stage that it is interrupting sleep something has to be done. I haven't contributed to the thread on the subject, firstly as I'm still researching and trying things out to see what works and also because I'm not sure if md causing it or not. I am already experiencing some improvement which is a great relief!

I had my appointment with a dermatologist a few weeks ago. I went with Mel's protocol and doctor's letters printed out and some research abstracts. He didn't seem that interested in reading them sadly! He told me that what I had seen on my skin hadn't come out of my skin. What surprised me was how traumatic I found the experience and how shocking it felt to not be believed. Silly of me really when I read so many similar stories. Anyway I did what my husband had asked me to do and tried my best.

I'm going to Greece for a week in July to visit my daughter who is there for six weeks this summer - just felt I needed to visit her while she was out there. My other daughter is coming with me for the week. We will be flying. I've got my flight spray ready to defend myself against the cabin air. Any travelling tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm wondering if its ok having WPS in my hold luggage or if this would cause an issue at customs. Also all the pills I'll take a week's supply in their original bottles so it can be seen what they are.

I'm loving listening to all the calls. I tend to be a few weeks behind but catch up with it eventually. Its lovely to hear all your voices and get to know you all.

Love Ruth


5:16:44 PM

Hi Deanna,

Yes I do make the crackers and I first used a recipe put up by Nan although I'm not sure where it is now. I think they were called almond crackers. This is what I've got in my recipe book written down from seeing her recipe here:

3 cups almond flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs whisked
2 tsp olive oil

I add to this onion and garlic powder, about 2 tsp of each.

Mix to a dough then roll out between two sheets of parchment/baking paper until very thin.

I then sprinkle pumpkin seeds and dried rosemary all over the surface and then roll again. Then I brush melted butter over the surface and sprinkle with more salt.

Then cook for about 10 mins at 350 on the paper on a baking tray.

I have to roll it out in a few batches.

It was adding the onion, garlic, rosemary and pumpkin seeds that I really liked and you might find adding these to your current recipe a helpful variation.

Let me know how it goes with the detox tea.

Love Ruth


11:47:07 AM

Hi Ruth!

Thank you so much for your update and for the specific information regarding my situation of weight loss!! Please know that your hope of helping others has been fulfilled, actually on MANY occasions in the almost 9 month's I've been a part of this community!!!

I really appreciated you pointing out that all these issues we face are symptoms of die off. I know this disease is confusing and sometimes when we see symptoms we fear it is getting worse "but" must focus on the truth that we are healing and with healing comes die off which can and will cause increased symptoms. I actually picked up some Detox Tea while I was at the health food store yesterday and am hopeful that will be a positive addition to my journey. So again thank you for sharing your experience!!!

I do have one question, are the almond crackers something you make or something you purchase? I did just make some flaxseed crackers which are very good and I was soooo excited to eat these with Kerry Gold butter. I'd love to have another cracker to add in as well.

I am beyond happy to hear that you are doing so well and especially that you are responding so positively to the immune pulse!!! Thank you again for all your posts and for the impact they have on others, including me!!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,


5:07:19 PM

Hello to everyone. I am now nearly at the end of 19 months on the protocol.

First thank you to Deanna and Kelly for your kind comments. Its so encouraging to have positive feedback and truly it was always my hope to be some help to others here. I love hearing your voices on calls and am grateful for the questions asked and answers given as they are a big help to me as well.

Deanna, I heard you asking a question about loss of appetite. Like you when I started with morgellons I was not overweight and quickly lost weight starting the restricted diet. It was a real concern to me as my husband wasn't happy with what I was doing anyway so the weight loss on top of everything else meant that some pressure was put on me.

I can remember periods of having very low appetite and at times feeling low grade sickness during the day/night. I put it down to die off and drank detox tea with fennel/liquorice and other liver support things. I felt so ill one day I couldn't move off the bed and started to panic. The thought, I think from God, came to me, its just things dying off. I kept saying it over and over and gradually calmed down and slowly over half an hour it got better.

What helped me with appetite was re jigging my diet a bit. For the first several months on the protocol I ate the almond cookies every day! Eventually I felt quite sick at the thought of eating another almond cookie! So time for a change! The fairy cakes helped me a lot. Better even than that though have been almond crackers with pumpkin seed and dried rosemary and lots of sea salt or pink salt. Even if I had no appetite I really enjoyed eating them so if you can find something like that with strong flavours that you love it might help. For weight gain I added coconut cream to soups and curries. With Mrs. T.'s advice I added cottage cheese to my diet but made sure its very fresh and natural, only salt added. I put olive oil onto salads every time as much as I can cope with. My weight is now back to what I feel its healthy for me to be.

To update on my journey I started immune pulse this month. The last time I did a three month cycle was in month 10,11 and 12. I've just completed my first three weeks and so will now have a week off before doing another three weeks on. There was no negative reaction so far to taking it which is great and hope it continues!

I had a small amount of water melon yesterday as someone brought some to the house. Again no reaction so far. I've also had a coffee just very occasionally if I've been out with a friend and don't notice a reaction.

My symptoms continue to be a few tiny black fibres that I see on my face if I look hard after moisturising and also a few on my hands again if I search hard. Something different was teeny tiny white bits from my fingers, not fibres, more like sticky bits when I rubbed WPS in. No cuts or scratches at the moment. The red bumps on my face sometimes improve and then come back but overall I think are lessening.

My cats are doing very well, looking very healthy. I do wonder though if I caught it from them or whether they caught it from me... It has been an extra anxiety and made me wonder if I wish I had never had them. Which is sad as they were an answer to prayer as I have always loved cats since having them as a child and asked God for a way to have them since my husband is allergic and wasn't keen. A few months later Pippin came into the garden looking very thin and hungry but also completely feral and wild. We tamed her with food and love and she produced four kittens. We kept two so now have three cats. However I will not have more pets in the future. So I am going to look after these cats well and enjoy having them.

Even if I caught the disease from them I am still grateful for them and truly am so grateful for all I have learned about health and diet that I think its all part of God's plan for me. I am at the point of thinking that having this has been a way of God getting my attention about my poor diet and over pressured lifestyle.

I'm still working on my husband to change certain things for his health. He's now on a ketosis diet which John B talked about on a call and it caught my attention I felt a prompt from God to tell my husband about it. He is losing weight and looking loads better although still has health issues. I've persuaded him to take some supplements, not all that he needs but I am gradually adding things in. I've nearly persuaded him off the fizzy drinks. Lemon water didn't quite work for him but ginger tincture in water seems to be doing better.

Love to you all,



8:24:07 AM

Hi Chrissie,

Happy Birthday!

Hope the sun is shining for you.

Hang in there-

God Bless us all.

6:20:17 PM

Dear Stacey,

First all please know you have come to the right place. We all understand what you are going through and how overwhelming it is. So my advice to you; take this one baby step at a time. Stop trying to figure out how and why you got this and concentrate on the what it is and the steps needed to get cured.

Stay on this website and read, read, and read some more. STOP looking at other websites that are frightening and lack the knowledge this community has. Everything you learn here is from facts and hours of dedication to research. The most important factor of this community is we are living this, we understand this, and we are here to help. There are people that have conquered this disease and are now living their lives again.

This community is HOPE and LOVE! Please call on our Lord to help you as well.
You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.
Psalm 86:5

May you stay with us through your journey and please reach out and know we are here for you.

In Christ Love,

5:58:29 PM

Hi Stacey,

So sorry to read how ill you are with this and how difficult life is for you. I'm in the UK as well and I think its difficult to find a doctor who is willing/able to help. There isn't any generally accepted pharmaceutical treatment programme in the UK as far as I know but I occasionally hear someone has been given some help from a GP. Most people have the experience of being given no help from doctor, or because of knowing this possibility or even worse being diagnosed as delusional, don't even try.

The most likely helpful situation is a family doctor who has know a patient over many years and therefore has a longstanding relationship with them and is therefore more open to hearing about symptoms.

This was my situation recently going to the GP as my husband has long wanted me to see a dermatologist and thinks he has found a MD friendly one. We shall see! My GP in fact was quite ok about the referral but I didn't use the word 'morgellons', just told him the information that he wanted. Its also important to stay calm and rational otherwise a doctor's response is generally to want to give antidepressants/antipsychotics.

In actual fact at this time I am doing a lot better having been on Mel's Protocol here for 18 months now. There is a lot of wonderful information on this site about how to get well. You could start working on diet changes straight away as although it is a big change in our lives changing the way we eat it costs no more and possibly costs less than how we used to eat.

When I first found this site I read through the home page and followed the instructions given to read, read read, and read through the whole forum, all the threads on all the pages and got a wonderful over view of how people got better here.

There are also lots of articles to read which will give lots of helpful information and on the thread More Communication there are recorded calls which are very informative with lots of questions answered.

Don't despair, there is a way forward and as Mel says, always hope and those who never give up on hope do get well.


5:56:05 PM


Hang in there Hon.

Get on straight away to your local council. It is their duty to house you if you become homeless especially as you have a child. Get in touch with your MP.

Go to your GP and ask for a Lyme test. He cannot refuse.
Ask him to send the blood to Porton Down.
Have you had a tick bite or flue like illness or rash? If so tell him/her. Insist on antibiotic for three weeks at least.

In the meantime do whatever you can to boost your immune system. keep off carbs and sugars, fruit and junk food. Eat green veg, have hot water with lemon juice and know that help will come.

You will get well believe me. Your daughter too.

God Bless.

10:38:40 AM

Hi please help heavily infested with morgs.

Now virtually homeless nhs will not acknowledge in uk.
Can anyone hell me find a doctor who would fund medication

please have ill family members and an infested home

thank you.

Very very unwell only 34 and daughter at 14 suffering.

12:24:10 PM

Hi Ruth,

I too "love" reading your encouraging posts!! I'm not sure
if you saw my reply to you on my thread "but", the truth is
THE first time I heard your voice I just new you were truly a Godsend and well you just keep proving me right!!! :)

I am sooo grateful for all that I have learned from you in all the details you share about your journey!!!

I am also sooo happy that you are doing so well and I look VERY forward to sharing your continued healing journey with you!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,

7:54:17 PM

Hello Ruth,

As I have said many times, I so appreciate your postings....your spirit keeps me going. Your thread has been so important to me, as I am about 7 months behind you, and truly learned so much from you.

I'm so happy for you and your progress!

Thank you!

10:44:19 AM

Hi everyone,

Have now completed 18 months on the protocol and the months do speed by! So different from my experience in the first few months when I was counting the weeks down and wishing the year away to get through it. It does get easier!

Thank you Kelly for your kind words and yes the cacao is great. I added it to my latest batch of fudge as Craig suggested which is also lovely. Hoping that you are doing well.

No other changes to my diet as I hear Mel's words in my head to keep the diet tightened up. Cauliflower mash has been a great addition to the week's menus (its just been put on the new recipe page) as it tastes pretty much like mashed potato and is great with a dish that has lots of sauce/gravy.

The large red boil like spots on my face come and go and move around my nose and chin area. Today they are looking much better but they have done this before and returned! Still using WPS and tea tree/eucalyptus oil or sulphur cream or silver gel on them.

Still a few small black specks now and then that I notice on face, hands, arms and legs.

Also still paper cut type skin openings and more recently small round open skin areas that look as if the head of a spot has come open. They never develop into anything larger and I treat them the same way as the spots above. They also get sprayed with kleen green when I am doing a whole body kleen green spray which I aim to do once or twice a day.

Some of these open spots and cuts are developing what I think of as proper scabs which I think is good!

When I still see symptoms I try to remember the progress and improvement that I have seen: no scratch marks now, no more large black fibres or large bits of glitter, no areas of red itchy pimples. I find it helpful to remember what has gone and be so grateful for that, even though some things remain.

3:16:58 PM

Dear Ruth,

Sorry to hear you were so sick. I'm so impressed and inspired that you took time for yourself to really let your body rest and heal. I will remember this story the next time I'm not feeling well. I've also added a small amount of cacao to my diet. It's so delicious that I actually feel like I'm committing a crime having it!

Great to hear from you. Keep up the good work!


6:02:47 PM

Time is passing very quickly now for me and so soon its another month gone and am now at the end of my 17th month.

After Christmas I had a cold and chest infection which is the worst I have had for about ten years. I know its a good sign that my immune system is improving but I did feel ill and was just about to go to the doctor for antibiotics when Mel advised two days in bed, complete rest and not to go out at all. It was a chaotic two days of our boiler being changed and as the hot water tanks are in my bedroom it meant people coming and going through the day. I refused to budge though and let the rest of the household cope with everything (a new experience for me, usually the one who keeps going whatever I feel like). At the end of the two days I knew I had started to get better and cancelled all work commitments the following week (again something I have never done before). It was a good lesson for me to learn, that rest really does allow our bodies to heal.

Symptoms continue at the same level, the occasional small cuts on my hands, tiny black specks I see if I look for them. The red bumps on my chin are gradually going.

I've added raw cacao to my diet. It is wonderful! I've made some fairy cakes adding it to the recipe which worked well. I'm only eating very small amounts though. I'll be adding some to my next batch of almond fudge! So far no bad effects from it.

Another thing I have enjoyed eating has been some almond and coconut bread from the recipe that Shari put up. Its great with butter and I also made a sort of jam from berries, cooked with stevia. I've put little batches of it in the freezer. Its also nice mixed into natural bio yoghurt.

I bought myself some socks last week that were different colours - not just plain white. I'd kept to white socks because my feet had been so badly affected that it felt better but I now feel much more relaxed about my feet. I'm also wearing cloth slippers again if its cold rather than always wearing plastic crocs. I know I can spray them with kleen green every now and then. Its great to go back to what feels more normal and comfortable.

Love to all


12:16:14 AM

Thank you Chrissie,

The Sea

Any tips or suggestions I offer have come from Mel or Peter or from what i read on the stories, messages etc, or hear on the on Mel's site but having tride so many other things, some of which worked and some didn't it seems different things work for different people.

When first i struggled entirely alone and desperate i listened to my inner self and it came out with seemingly outlandish suggestions but it turned out they were just the right things to do.

So listen to your inner self

I hope grandma is better. She is dealing with it in her own way and when she cannot cope with it she will ask for help.

God bless.
the Sea

2:34:04 PM

hi chrissie

thanks so much for the response.

yes i would love to chat on the phone, beginning to feel less isolated now that iv'e found this website(home)!

I will ask Mel for your email/phone number. it would lovely to talk.

the sea

12:51:31 PM

Dear Marie,

I'm really happy you are slowly but surely recovering from surgery:-)

Some of those angels must have seen you through!
How lovely that in the past your granddaughter felt their presence also!

I had a friend who has now passed on and a spiritual man once told her that he had never seen as many angels around one person as he had seen around her :-)

Wow! Blessed!

12:44:28 PM

Hi to the sea,

I'm sorry you are going through this and your dog too:-(
I'm in same boat, me and my dog too.

If you ever want to talk on the phone Mel can give you my number in in the UK too.

I still have long hair I never cut it despite this disease I don't think cutting it would have helped as coming from within anyway. The dog never got her hair cut either and I don't think that makes a difference.

But giving the dog colloidal silver, msm ( sulphur) helps and diatomaceous earth or kleen green externally.
My dog is bad with symptoms.

I think maybe you could just say it's a virus you have to your son. Unless you feel able to talk him but maybe yes best thing is just trying to deal with this day to day now.

Wash in sulphur soap body and hair too, spray kleen green, take internal meds to fight it and stay on strict diet, especially no sugar.

And yes get sleep, you need it.

Take care

4:39:10 PM

The Sea,

All the anxiety lessens as you begin to recover.

Hair; sulfur soap soap and neem oil help. leave five mins then shampoo it using a sulfur shampoo and rinse with warm water and then with ice cold water. ouch! Afterwards comb through with rubbing alcohol- i use lavender oil as well or tea tree oil. Spray with kleen green .

Use epsom salts and essential oils in the bath.
do not use scented bath products unless they are all natural,

No need to go overboard with the cleaning. Do it when others are out and it won;t seem so noticeable. spray with clean green.

I think the most important thing is build up your immune system by good diet, no carbs or sugars, vitamins and probiotics.
Get the bowels healthy and all will follow.
I hope you are already on Mel's protocol .
If so you can depend on healing completely as others have all been cured.

if you have funds get dog tested for Lyme and co infections. Dogs often have it and unless they have a compromised immune system they seem to cope with it and recover.keep dog flea free with natural products, Spray it with kleen green or rub it over her/his coat.

To relieve the itch spray with colloidal silver or rub with half a lemon. you can eat all parts of the lemon.
They are wonderfully healing. Drink lots of water with lemon juice. Warm water in winter.

Eat organically grown meat and fish and fresh veg, It
One day you will be well again and better and stronger than before.
I promise but you will need patience, faith, love and hope- all of which you will find in great abundance here.

Thank you I am making excellent progress and due no doubt to having boosted my immune system over the last months of trying to fight this battle.

Stress is not good.

Sleep and rest are vital. Listen to your body.

God walks with you. He walks with all of us when he can and if he's tied up with other things He sends His angels to guard and guide us.

my granddaughter now in her teens came to spend a night with me some years back, She returned home and i was told later that she said "MUmmy, Grandma's bedroom is full of angels"
i had been waiting a long time for someone to feel them as i did- but she had also seen them.

In the fearful dark loneliness of this disease when we go through such despair we forget God's love.

the Sea

10:50:48 AM

Thanks to Marie for responding. I Hope you recover quickly.

Thanks for reassuring me about the parasite cleanse. I am having really bad die off with sleep deprivation due to insane itching, biting and crawling and stuff exploding from my skin..

I now realize my system is loaded with critters and toxins and my answer to the cause of M.E. for decades has been brought into the light.

Im having my hair chopped short but stylish tomorrow. Its quite long but the scalp itch is too intense and my hair has gone so fibrous. i cant put a comb through it anymore despite using oils & conditioner. My hair used to be fly away blonde. My husband says I now look like an eco warrior. I wanted to have it all completely shaved off. But my 17 year old son said he thought that was a step too far.
I haven't told him I've got morgs. He didn't understand my initial diagnosis of ME (neither did I) and thought I was loafing around all day.

Any thoughts on how to explain OCD house cleaning and spraying everything that moves with kleen green. Or perhaps I should just leave him unaware for awhile until I get some recovery under my belt - which is becoming looser already.

Anyway I have banned my beautiful springer spaniel Solomon from coming upstairs. He normally pads up to wake me in the morning. I think he has morgs -so he is on a journey of recovery with me. He seems to like the pumpkin seeds and garlic!

He's going for a short back and sides too!

in love,
the Sea


3:21:34 PM

The Sea, Welcome,

Any worries you have then just ask as Mel's site is full of love, compassion and Hope.

Lyme and co infections cause morgellons, is often misdiagnosed as M.e, and other things. the parasite cleanse is good as it means the parasites are being ejected

I am further along the coast from you, westwards.
deep breaths when standing on the beach are a blessing.

Lemons are good. Drink lots of warm water with lemon juice/
Excuse the mistakes, I am back from hospital after surgery on shoulder so even one finger typing is rubbish.

You will get well even if things seem impossible at the moment.

God Bless

The Sea

7:46:16 AM

Thank you Ruth and Laura for responding to my post!

Yes, Ruth I would appreciate being in contact with you.

Its comforting to know that there is another christian walking the same journey and in the UK!

I am in Dorset near the sea.

Even when I am really ill I try to make it down to the beach to see the waves rolling in. I find the sea really therapeutic in all seasons.

And my initials are S.E.A.

I will print off the protocol and try and absorb the info.

Many blessings to you both.

the Sea

1:54:15 PM

Dear The Sea,

You've done so well in finding this website so quickly. I also live in the UK so you're not alone.

From the first time I looked here I thought it was a great site and protocol but didn't see how I could manage to do everything from the UK. So I spent about six months trying other things and got very lonely. And then desperate for support came back here and saw this thread.

I've been on the protocol for 16 months now and have seen a lot of improvement.

If you would like to be in touch Mel can give you my email/telephone details.

God bless, Ruth


10:15:50 AM

To The Sea,

Good morning to you.
I certainly understand your fears, loneliness and confusion as we have all been there. This disease is like a race to win our lives back. You must take it one day at a time.

Please look over everything possible from this website and consider starting the protocol.I encourage you to start as soon as possible!

Continue to keep in touch with people who understand what you are going through. Mel, Peter, and John base their information on facts and endless research.

In addition, they are supportive and compassionate!

I believe GOD has led you to this community and I pray you remain here until you are cured. (AND YOU CAN BE CURED) You do not have to fear this disease anymore, but rather learn to conquer it.

This is what the LORD says— he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:16,18-19

In Christ Love,
The Sea

9:16:00 AM

Hi there

Just found this site tonight.

I started a deep herbal parasite cleanse over a week ago. I was diagnosed with M. E. many years ago and after some internet research I thought parasites could be my problem (no real help from health service).

To my horror it set off Morgellons - I have fibers black, red and blue coming out my skin and itching biting and crawling beyond belief.

Should I discontinue the parasite cleanse or is it good that fibers are coming out and that I am itching like crazy.

Also i feel very alone here in the UK.

Please pray for me tonight
I am feeling a bit scared from all this new revelation.

I was ill enough to begin with.

9:59:18 AM

Hello Ruth,

Happy New Year to you too.

2017 is the year you get completely well again. You deserve every success as you have stuck faithfully to the protocol and diet.

You have climbed the mountain and are now on the way down.

I too had the chin blotches but eased off now.I used tea tree. raspberries I have had all along and a few strawberries and blueberries but is lemons I rely on and crunch up the seeds.

I suffered over xmas but all my own fault.

You have been a great support to me and I thank you.

Be well and happy is my wish for you and us all.

God Bless you.


12:56:00 PM

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year to everyone here!

I'm at the end of my 16th month on the protocol now. I'm still sticking to everything very strictly. The one food I have added now is raspberries, just a few every now and then. I will also now start to try a few blueberries and blackberries (brambles). It will help give some variety to the Friday evening puddings that I make for my mother each week! Another thing I have also added are some oats to make a crumble topping with ground almonds.

I've not noticed any changes in symptoms with any food additions. The black specks stay fairly steady in their amount, just a few very small ones on my face and hands when I'm using mms on my skin there. Sometimes over the full moon there is an increase in the amount and size.

I still have red blotchy bumps on my chin but they are smaller and less inflamed. I'm spraying them with mms or kleen green and then rubbing in essential oils, sometimes a mix, sometimes just one kind. Other times using sulphur ointment. I did once use tumeric which I think helped but its very messy and stains bright yellow - not a good look!

Currently no cuts or scratches but I did have some over the last full moon. Its several months though since any stinging.

I'm still testing my ph regularly and its now an average of 6.75 so slightly better. I'm starting to see a link to having a lower reading if I am working under pressure so I am looking a ways to reorganise my life and attitude. I have afternoon naps whenever I can but I trying to change things round so I can have them more often. It means that I won't always get through my list of jobs so that's when I need to have a different attitude about my priorities. I think I have always been one to push myself when tired to keep going, now I see a big mistake. I also need to reorganise myself in getting to sleep earlier at night.

Thank you Peter for your comment about chemical fragrance in skin care products. It lead me on a search, looking at lists of ingredients on products. I was surprised how often it is used by companies I thought were ok. So am happy that I have now found some that are 100% natural.

I'm using the bottled lemon juice now - so much easier!

Love to all,



11:35:03 AM

Its time for my 15th month post - the time is flying by :)

Thank you Marie for posting here - its great to have others from the UK sharing on the forum and to know that we are not alone with this in the UK.

Progress in my ph level seems to be slow. It is a bit better, more like average 6.5 in the morning and 6.75 2 hours after food later in the day. I'm drinking more lemon water. I'm wondering if I would be better using the bottled concentrate though as at the moment I'm using fresh lemons.

Thank you Ms V. for your advice about ph levels and no amount of information from you would ever be too much!

One of my favourite teas is called Detox tea by Pukkha Teas and it has aniseed, fennel seed, cardamon and celery seed, maybe liquorice as well. I think it may be helping so will drink more of it!

Also, I chopped up some sage and added it to a portion of chicken and veg broth and it tasted great so I'm pleased I've got something to use it in as its still really green and growing. I'm adding kale and spinach to the broth as well now so trying to get as much green as I can in there. In fact I add the leaves to whatever I'm cooking now. I'm also eating leaves or veg for breakfast now so getting greens at every mealtime.

For the past three weeks I've been drinking a spoonful of betonite clay mixed with water the night before, first thing in the morning before anything else. I'm hoping it will help remove acid wastes from the gut. The instructions say three weeks on and one off for three months. I'm planning on trying the sodium bicarbonate on the weeks off. I'm still taking the alkalising mineral supplements and keeping on with GSE and oregano oil, matcha and reservatrol.

I don't often have any itching any more but just occasionally on my face around my nose it can happen and the night before the last full moon was the last time. Its quickly got rid of with a spray of kleen green rubbed into the skin. The black bits on my face are still at the same level as last month. I just very occasionally see something on my feet but usually there is nothing there now. Sometimes on my hands there are some tiny specks. My most troublesome symptom at the moment are a row of big red blotchy patches on my chin. They are proving hard to get rid of but I'm persisting with mms and kleen green and either sulfur cream or essential oils. My skin has always been clear most of my life so its a new thing for me to cope with but good for me to be able to empathise with others having facial blemishes.

I'm happy to report that my husband is supportive, or maybe at least accepting, of my carrying on with the protocol up to the two year point. This was a big concern for me as initially he was only willing to give me a year. I'm so grateful to God for how He's changed things and thankful to those who have prayed for me. I don't have the same level of support as some do from their husbands but I'm grateful that he accepts the disease is real and has been willing to read. It led to him understanding more about the disease and he showed empathy for the first time to me re the disease about the blotches on my face saying that he understood how this could be a concern for me in terms of what they might develop into. It meant a lot to me that he was concerned about the possibility of lesions and understood how I might be feeling.

So I'm keeping on keeping on and each day now isn't the same challenge as it was at the beginning of the protocol. It doesn't feel like such a steep climb now but is more of a plateau. Its still feeling a long way from the summit though and I don't know how far away the end point is so I have to keep on being patient!

Sometimes I think about it all and just start to cry as its the realisation of accepting what's happened to me. Even though I can see all the good things that God has done and continues to do through the disease there is a sense of healing from the trauma, especially the experiences of the early days that needs to be cried out. I think its a positive thing though as it helps me to embrace the circumstances of it all more and put myself into God's hands for whatever future He has for me.

Love to you all,

Marie C

5:14:39 PM

Hello all you lovely people.

I just wanted to thank you for your great kindness and support Mel.

You have helped me with this burden since I first found this site some months ago now.

Until then I was in a very dark, lonely place never realizing that all through God was by my side.
"Come to me all you who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest"and He did.

I have had this for over 3 years now but it was only in April this year that I finally found what it was and the fear overwhelmed me.
I cried for weeks but listened to my inner self that said tears are wasted water. You need water and lemons.

I have always loved lemon trees since my first visit to Spain and the scent of their blossom- I have grown them from seed to fruiting and still have two small lemon trees in the greenhouse

And then God lead me here I found Mel, comfort and Hope.

I love you Mel.

There are few tears now and those mainly for others.

Ruth, thank you for all your kindness and patience, the e mails and the phone calls.I love you too.

Peter , Thank you for your wise words which I hear on the prayer meetings.

During all the nights when there was no sleep I would find comfort in just hearing all your voices, reading your posts and knowing we were all going through this and that one day would be healed.

Dear Daisy. Rose John and others- Thank you.

Shawn,Your posts have been a great help to me when strange things were happening and it seems you had them too and had the answers.

Rob? Thank you for your posts. Did you have the shoulder operation? God Bless.

God Bless and keep you all.

An old song keeps ringing in my head
"It is no secret what God can do.
What he's done for others He'll do for you


7:44:05 AM

Hello to everyone,

This is my 14th month post!

Thank you Ms V. so much for your good wishes and my heart goes out to you reading about your family situation. Its so good to know that we are not alone in all this and that we have others in similar situations to ourselves. That's the wonder of this forum and its why I read the whole of it before I started the protocol (which gave me the courage to start) and why I continue to post in the hope that it will help someone. So thank you so much for your encouragement. Maybe we will get to say hello one day on a call.

I'm up to a full dose of GSE now (10 drops of concentrate 3 times a day) and take it before meals. I'm up to four drops of oregano oil. I've had to take in a teaspoon of olive oil as its the only way I seem to tolerate it and so I take it in mid afternoon so that its away from everything else. I take the oregano oil alternate days. I've added in matcha tea and resveratrol supplements thanks to Peter's advice and take those Monday - Friday. I've also added in a food form of vitamin C which I heard mentioned on a call (not ascorbic acid) and take one of those every morning.

I have to confess that tackling my ph situation was something I really didn't feel like doing. I think I had got comfortable in a routine and the thought of a lot of research and sorting out something new didn't appeal to my lazy state of mind. I tried ph strips several months ago but thought they weren't working as the colour didn't change much! Sadly I think they were working, I was just fairly acidic still. After that I thought I needed to find out more so got a book The Acid-Alkaline Diet by Christopher Vasey, N.D. It was so difficult and complicated to read but over the months I have perservered and have found the Logos article confirms the message of the book. I now test my urine a few times a day, most days, but not always as sometimes I forget or I'm out. I'm working on getting an idea of my average. For the morning I test the 2nd urination rather than the first which holds the overnight elimination of acids. That comes out at an average of 6 at present. Two hours after my evening meal comes out at an average of 6.5 at present. I'm doing fairly well with my diet as far as I know. Following Peter's advice I have started this week taking alkaline supplements and will slowly increase them until I hit the desired level of 7 in the morning and 7 - 8 in the evening.

It feels good to be tackling it (as well as I know how). I would be grateful though for any advice that people can give me about it all.

Thanks so much and love to you all.


PS symptoms continue with a few paper cuts on my hands at the moment, no rashes for a while now, black specks tiny and some white fibres.
Ms. V.

8:20:52 PM


Your 13th month post is such an encouragement to read. I felt such a particular kinship to you when I first started visiting the forum - I think because we share some similarities and also because I spent several years traveling back and forth between the UK and US and grew to love the UK. I am also the primary caregiver in my family (husband, son with ADD, stepson, an ill father and a younger sister who is in the midst of severe depression with 2 young children) and one of the worst aspects of that is the fear associated with not only being potentially contagious but also with realizing that one might not be able to continue caring for people in the same way. Thus, your posts, along with some others like Adrianne's, provide some mental relief and light because they remind me that I can recover and resume my normal functions just as long as I am attuned to my bodily temple and care for it properly.

So, many thanks from one little caregiver across the pond to another. I wish you Godspeed, continued good health and happy days.

6:28:32 PM

Its been over a month since I last posted so would like to share how things are going now. I'm at the end of my 13th month on the protocol. I still have occasional skin symptoms such as cuts, scratches or rashes but much much less. I have a stubborn small area on my face which is red and raised and which flares up sometimes. The fibres are now mainly coming from my face and neck, but just occasionally elsewhere as well. I had an increase in them again this month but that has quietened down again now and now just have several small fibres most days. A couple of weeks ago I had a few days where there was quite a bit of glitter from my face which I haven't had for several months.

Because my face is the main area with symptoms I am zoning in on it and spraying it with mms a few times each day and using coconut and essential oils on it some days and others days Dr. Singha's mustard rub oil, being careful to keep things away from my eyes.

I've slowly increased the number of drops for the GSE up to the full dose recommended on the bottle and am slowly increasing the oregano oil drops.

I've discovered that if I add wheatgrass powder to Renaissance whey powder and almond milk its quite pleasant to drink!

I've discovered spiralised courgettes (zuchini) and got a little gadget to spiralise vegetables to be able to eat them raw, just heated through for a few minutes in a meat sauce.

I had my first cold for a long time! It wasn't a really bad fluey cold but was a proper cold with a sore throat, runny nose and cough so took it as a good sign!

I'm going to an exercise class each week now for a couple of months, a mixture of physiotherapy and pilates and finding it great for strengthening my core muscles and hope it will help me to get fitter and stronger.

Although there is lots going on in terms of work and family I manage to have a rest most afternoons after lunch before I start work even if its just for half an hour although an hour is great when I can.

I haven't been very diligent on checking my ph levels so will be have a go at looking into that.

As always I really appreciate everyone's posts. Thank you to Adrianne for reminding us that not everything we see is morgellons - I keep reminding myself of it. Also, maybe everything we feel isn't morgellons. I now can't remember what normal skin sensations feel like, but I think that skin is sometimes a bit itchy even when there's no reason for it - or its just a hair or a bit of clothing that irritates. Sometimes I feel something and look and there's nothing there or is it just so small that I can't see it?

Love and God bless,


5:56:14 PM

Hello everyone,

Thank you Kelly for your kind words and I am so pleased that my post was helpful to you re the scratches. Because I was so helped by many peoples' stories in the forum its why I want to keep posting how things are going for me in the hope that it will help others. So thank you so much for your encouragement.

Thank you Linn for the drink recipe. What type of stevia do you use, and do you drink it with hot boiled water? It made me smile that people say you have weird taste buds. I think mine are getting weirder in that I've gone from being the fussiest child re food you could imagine to coping with stuff that doesn't taste great but it doesn't seem to bother me. I've recently started drinking dried raw wheatgrass mixed with water. It tastes like grass, weird but ok! I'm thinking that it will help with alkalinity as well as nutritionally.

A big thank you Linn for your reports of the Friday calls. Its hard for me to express how much I love them :) Its so helpful to me as it would be too late at night for me to join in and yet there is so much useful information that you are sharing from them. Its because of them that I've started on Grapefruit Seed Extract. I'm taking NutriBiotic GSE which says its a concentrate so started with one drop three times a day and have worked up now to four drop three times a day and will get up to ten drops three times a day gradually.

Peter, I would be very grateful for your thoughts on whether its ok to drink the GSE with apple cider vinegar and water or whether they would interact badly in some way. Sometimes I'm finding it hard to know how to fit everything in during the day! At the moment I'm having the GSE about half an hour before meals.

Also I've just started taking oregano oil, up to two drops in 10ml olive oil now. Do you think this should be kept away from the MMS or is it too small amount of antioxidants to affect the MMS?

Also I'm wondering if there are any other things that would benefit me to add in at this stage.

I'm coming up to the end of my 12th month on the protocol now and have finished the three month Immune Pulse cycle. I'm in my month off now and then will start another bottle. I plan to do another Parabolish treatment in the next few weeks.

I've spent most of today processing a bumper crop of plums and green runner beans. At least I can eat the beans! I'm still staying off fruit apart from the green apples and rhubarb until my symptoms have gone.

Today I have no cuts or scratches but they have come and gone in the last month. Also this month I had a small patch of reddened skin on the back of one wrist that was itchy from the inside if that makes sense. It felt inflamed and slightly warm to touch but not raised or pimply. I sprayed with MMS and used sulphur cream on it and its gone now. I've had a bit of an increase again in fibres from the face but nowhere near the amount as at the beginning.

I really wish that there was a gradual improvement in symptoms that just kept gradually improving but it just isn't like that is it. I always find it disappointing when symptoms come back again after they've been away for a bit but we have to look at the positives and be grateful for them and to remember how far we've come. I'm starting to keep a watch out for symptom free days and keep a count of how many in a row. I've not got to very many at all yet but I'm hopeful!

I've been thinking and praying recently about how to keep hope alive and I think its something that we all have to fight for because we all have days when things are tough and it takes courage to fight for it but thankfully we have God's grace available to us and we can ask God for grace and help to exercise our faith and with God's help fight against the enemies of hope (fear, disappointment, discouragement and despair).

Thank you Mel for this site which is full of hope and always encouraging us to hold on to hope.



11:53:25 PM

Dearest Ruth!

Congratulations! This is momentous. I'm thrilled, absolutely thrilled for you. I'm looking forward to your full recovery!

We missed you on the calls too. We all notice when you're not with us. Your soft, gentle voice with that beautiful British accent. As I read your post, I can hear your voice saying those words.

I just found a stevia where I feel safe with the ingredients, I've been going crazy now using stevia. I think of every drop of my liquid stevia is killing Lyme and its biofilm. Lately I added the stevia into my drink, yum! So good now that I can't wait to drink my ACV.

Fresh lemon
Cayenne pepper
Boiled water
Amount of different parts is all up to your preference.

Wow to me it's delicious! But then again, I've been told by my friends I have weird taste buds. I like a lot of different flavors combined together, which with each bite or gulp, All the different taste buds, plus pain receptor (hot spice is not received by taste buds, but by pain receptors) are stimulated at the same time. Yum!

I hope you'll find it tasty too. :)



2:04:53 PM

Dear Ruth,
It inspires me so much in my goal to get well every time I read one of your posts. I am so happy for you, and hopeful for those of us who are behind you, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I agree with you completely that stress and negative thoughts can hurt us. I got my first scratch yesterday. At first it scared me, but then I remembered that you had written about getting scratches occasionally, so I stayed calm and just sprayed some MMS on it throughout the day.
Thank you, again, for all you've shared!

4:01:10 AM

Hello everyone,

This is a special time for me to post as its about a year ago that I put up my first post here!

During this past year this website has been a constant source of information, encouragement and support to me and I have been here most days that location and internet supply allowed. I don't think I could have followed the protocol without the support here.

So thank you Mel, Peter and John for all your help and also thank you to everyone who has written here.

Thank you Mel and Linn for your encouragement and reassurance recently.

I am just coming to the end of my 11th month on the protocol and am now in my third month of my first bottle of Immune Pulse. I've continued to feel well on the Immune Pulse, just having the spike of symptoms that I mentioned last time. Some days I see nothing at all and other times I have had small areas of rash and recently a few cuts and scratches but they disappear after a few days. The fibres if I see them are very small.

I am sticking to the diet in the same way as from the beginning. I've not been great at drinking apple cider vinegar so far and am working on adding that in most days now.

On a work conference recently there were challenges being surrounded by people eating all sorts of amazing desserts but it feels normal for me now not to eat them if slightly sad, but I know really that my body is so much better off without them.

I read an article in a newspaper recently by Dr. David Rogers and Dr. Grahame Browne that suggests that our thoughts affect how our body operates and that our immune system is negatively affected by negative thoughts and it advises that we catch any negative thoughts at the time and replace them with positive ones which will boost our immune system. Its interesting how that ties in with our faith our God that He is our healer and our needing to exercise our faith and believe Him, rejecting lies from Satan. Maybe we need to speak out those positive statements to our body on purpose! I think Peter has posted on how he does this!

I've not been able to join calls and prayers recently due to family visits and family responsibilities (and needing sleep!) so missing that but will be joining in again as soon as I can.

Love to you all

11:41:09 PM

Dear Ruth,

Hooray for you! ! You're getting there!



11:17:31 PM

Hi Ruth and welcome.

When Logos introduced the Immune Pulse John stated that he expected those who took it would experience a setback or resurgence of symptoms even though they may have reached a plateau where they were essentially symptom free. As you correctly stated, this is a good thing because it indicates that it is working to access deeper pockets of biofilm and expose pathogens to cellular immune resources and whatever antimicrobials you are taking.

Count it all joy my dear. You are heading down the back stretch!

God Bless; Those who get better never gave up Hope!


3:21:15 PM

Hello everyone,

I would be grateful for some advice/reassurance at the moment.

I'm just at the end of my 10th month on the protocol and this week started my second month on Immune Pulse. Over the past few days I've had an increase in fibres on my face with itchy sensations, not as severe as in early days but much more than I've been used to having since on the protocol, even over the full moon. Some paper cuts have come on my hands but no worse than other times and I have no rashes or spots anywhere.

I'm thinking that its either another cycle round, in which case the amount of fibres is more than previously. Or is it the Immune Pulse doing its job?

With regards to food, the only thing I have done differently is that twelve days ago I ate a few blackberries with no problems. Five days ago I ate a few blueberries. Otherwise nothing different.

Initially I found it quite difficult emotionally,lots of tears. Its always difficult when symptoms return and of course I want to be finished with it. But I know that its a long battle and can't be hurried and I want to do the best that I can to dig in and keep doing everything I can to get well.

I have it hanging over me that my husband was willing for me to take everything for a year and I have some anxiety about whether there will be pressure put on me in September to stop the protocol. Prayers would be appreciated.

Any comments/suggestions would be welcome.


7:21:48 AM

Hello Mary and Peter,

Peter, thank you for your encouragement and you are so welcome to come and visit me if you come to England!

Mary, I've just completed my first three weeks (five days on and two days off) on Immune Pulse and next week is a week off and then I start the next three weeks in the same way. During the first week I had a little rash on the back of one hand and saw a few fibres around it. Spraying with MMS helped the rash go away after a couple of days. Fibres on my face and hands seem random in the amounts each day, sometimes none and others just a few. There's not been a big increase over the past few weeks, just a continuing of on and off days. I also remember having some mild headaches but other than that I've not noticed anything else. Its been a busy period as my aunt who is 83 and lives in her own house but I am her main carer, fell and broke her replace hip a week and a half ago in the middle of the night. It meant loss of sleep that night and a busier time hospital visiting and doing her laundry and sorting things in her house. I've cut back on others things that I could, just concentrating on my work and things at home but despite the extra stress its been ok. I even managed to keep a long term commitment to take my mum (who is nearly 89) away last weekend in the midst of everything. I've been careful as much as possible to have some time resting each day. I'm not managing to meet up with friends as much and don't always make it to church, sometimes deciding its wiser to have a rest.

Yes gardening is such good therapy! But I now cover up a bit more, generally wearing long trousers if its not too hot and always wear barrier plastic gloves and then gardening gloves on top. And I'm not sure I will ever feel happy about bare feet in the garden again but you never know! I'm interested to see if all the essential oils that I have in my body lotion that I make up keep the flies off this summer.

Love Ruth

12:29:08 AM

Hiya Ruth! I was checking in to find out how you are doing with the Immune Pulse? Did you have any increase in symptoms? I was so happy to hear about your gardening and the rhubarb tart you tried. I could just imagine you outside gardening away. It is very therapeutic to garden, isn't it?! As long as we aren't getting bitten up by them bugs.
God Bless!

12:21:29 AM

Hello Ruth

I am going to find my way someday to visit that beautiful countryside that your posts conger in my imagination. I can almost smell the fragrant aroma of something baking in the kitchen as I stroll through your garden!

Love you, Ruth!

12:20:47 PM

Thank you so much, Ruth! I can't wait to give it a try.

Kelly :)

4:23:04 PM

Hello Kelly,

Yes try spraying with MMS. It took me a while to find a little travel spray bottle but now if I have a rash, cut or sore I make up some and spray as often as I remember in the day, rub it into the skin and let it air dry.

I add about the same number of ounces of water as I've used of activated drops, so if I've used 4 and 4 of drops I add about 4 oz water.

Love Ruth

1:39:58 PM

Hello Ruth,

I saw in one of your posts that you mentioned using MMS spray. I was hoping you could tell me the ratio of MMS drops to water that you use for the spray. I'd love to try the MMS spray rather than always relying on the Kleen Green spray as I have been doing for so long.

Thanks so much!


1:06:06 PM

Hello everyone,

and thank you Mary for your post and for keeping in touch with us all here. I'll never forget - you were the first to respond to my first post here and I was so so grateful.

I'm in my 10th month now and symptoms are very much reduced most of the time. I can probably say I'm 90% better! I used to wonder how people worked that out but what I've done is think about how many fibres I would have seen in the beginning and then how many now. Some days I see none! Those are great days! Other days there are just two or three on my face/feet. The only time there was anything different to that was at the last full moon when there was a slight increase for two days. The other time was this week when I started the Immune Pulse and had a small area of rash and little cuts on the back of my hands and saw a few fibres there just on one day.
I haven't had any stinging for a month or two now or itchy crawly feelings. I'm expecting for things to start happening with the Immune Pulse and want it to as I want to get rid of what's left of the disease.

I've had a busy week or two, catering for visiting family. A couple of them tried my free from Rhubarb Bakewell Tart (I will put the recipe up on the thread) and thought it was good! I've also been doing some gardening (to make it tidy for visitors but also to reclaim some ground). An area of vegetable and fruit garden had been completely overgrown by weeds and brambles and last year I didn't have the energy or will to tackle it. The weather has been so good here the past two weeks I've been able to get out and bit by bit get rid of all the weeds and yesterday planted out a strawberry bed. So I haven't been resting as much as I might normally - I need to get back to afternoon naps.

I've also been sorting out another area in a storage room where there had been mold. I'd cleaned it all but wanted to get it redecorated and change the flooring which all got finished a couple of weeks ago.

I had a coffee last week - I haven't added anything to the diet before just keeping to all the same things but thought I would try just one coffee when I was out with a friend. It tasted very strong! I had it black with just a little milk. It was probably a bit of a shock to my body and it kept me quite alert for the rest of the day. It didn't cause any itches anywhere though. Afterwards I thought that it probably wasn't a good idea to try it the same week as I was starting Immune Pulse! I think I'll leave it a while before another coffee :)

God bless


1:57:56 AM

Hi Ruth,

so good to hear your voice on the recording from 5/7! You sound so sweet and kind! And, I'm glad to hear you are doing better! I, too, am a meat and eggs person, because I get weak and shaky feeling without enough protein like protein from meat. Even best is when I eat beef, I get much more energy, though it is always grass fed when I do. So, apparently even though I didn't eat a ton of veggies, I was still able to reverse the fungal component and stay alkaline enough.

I do like to put a fried egg with avocado mayo on a slice of toasted brown rice bread in the morning or some of the Pedersons grass fed, sugar free bacon. So, I try to eat raw almonds for the alkalinity and maybe some blueberries.

I agree that when trying to take the split dosing of MMS, I now have to be careful about not eating any foods within 2 hours before or after that don't have antioxidants in them. It was easier at bedtime to achieve this. But since I do a little grazing rather than just 3 larger meals, not eating for 4 hours between breakfast and lunch is harder. I guess I'd like to know what has too much antioxidants in it to eat, since many foods have antioxidants in them. Maybe my sun butter and nut thin crackers would be ok. But, veggies with hummus, I imagine, would not.

Take good care and God Bless!


6:41:12 AM

Hello to everyone,

Its a few weeks since my last update and there's not much to report! No more big outbreaks of fibres, just occasional very tiny black dots that I see on my face or feet. Some days there are a few and other days none. At the moment there are a few little cuts on my hands that come and go in different places but heal up quickly with MMS spray and sulphur cream.

Its great having a quiet patch but I know things will still cycle round. Yesterday I had a moment of comparing working through the protocol to climbing a mountain. It felt like that before I started the protocol, that I needed to get my big boots on and start a tough climb. Yesterday I felt I could take a moment to catch my breath and turn round and look back at the view and see how far I've come. It made me cry. A mixture I think of the reality of it all, knowing its been tough, but also so grateful to God for the protocol and the help here and for the progress that I've made.

The thing about climbing a mountain is that when you look up you can't see how far it is to the summit and sometimes what you think is the top turns out not to be and there's a bit more climbing to do. Its the same for me with this that I can't predict how much further I have to go so I need to keep on with everything just the same and each day do everything I need to do to get there.

I've had a few times recently of feeling very sick, but not been sick, once feeling very ill and not able to move off the bed. It felt scary as I have a fear of being sick but after a while the thought came to me: things are dying off, things are dying off. I just kept repeating it in my head and it helped so much to reduce fear and feel positive about it and I started to relax and fell asleep soon after.

I know we all tackle this disease with different personal situations. I still have no support for this protocol from my husband which is hard but makes the community and support here so very valuable to me. I'm mentioning it because of others out there who may be in the same situation and wondering if they can do it and I'm here to say that with all the support and help that is here, yes you can.

Love Ruth

8:08:37 AM

Hello everyone

A couple of days after my last post some big boil like spots broke out on my leg! So it wasn't quiet for long but I'm grateful for the times of less symptoms. Even though I knew symptoms would keep coming round I was still disappointed! I suppose its human nature that we want to be finished with the disease as quickly as possible. When symptoms go away for a bit there is the thought that maybe this is it. Anyway there is still a bit more mountain to climb and its hard that we never know how much further there is to go but we just have to keep on going. I'm grateful that with MMS spraying and sulphur cream the lumps and bumps went after a few days.

I've been getting into the sun when I can and one day last week had 30 minutes in full glorious sunshine,let it get to as much skin as possible. Thought I'd check my face when I came in and there were quite a lot of fibres there which again in some ways is disappointing but good that the sun brought them out.

However MMS baths even with 60 drops is not bringing anything out that I can see. There may be very small stuff emerging but not that I can see.

Now that I am getting into the routine of MMS in the morning as well I really like it better! Drinking just 7 drops each time is so much easier, not hard to drink at all. I have a gluten free oatcake before the mid morning pills and MMS hoping that it is ok. I was trying to think what would not have antioxidants in it.

At the moment I'm keeping to eating all the same things not wanting to do anything that will delay me getting better. Trying to keep on alkaline foods as much as possible and avoid adding anything acidic although I eat quite a bit of meat and eggs.

Love to you all,



6:11:36 PM

Peter thank you so much for you post sharing about your life and being so encouraging. Yours is a wonderful story of health regained. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your story with others here. Your reassurance to me is so very helpful and a real comfort.

I am working on being patient! Symptoms have quietened down over the past few weeks. I am changing pillow cases a lot less and fibres are getting teeny tiny and hard to spot except with a magnifying glass. No more of those sudden itches and then spotting a fibre. I've had a rash on the back of my neck buts its calming down now. So I'm expecting another round again in another few weeks!

I'm sticking to the diet strictly still. I sometimes look at things in the shop and wonder if I could cope with eating it now but then just want to keep it safe and not eat anything different yet. I do find it helpful though to eat things that I really like the taste of and change flavours around a bit as it really cheers me up! I'm eating almond crackers at the moment flavoured with pumpkin seeds, rosemary and sea salt. Thanks to Nan for her recipe.

Thanks also to Margo for the castor oil information. It has helped greatly on the neck rash.

I'm getting into the routine of twice daily MMS. I used to find it tricky out and about but I now have an MMS kit in a little zipped bag that goes into my handbag. Its got the two bottles and a collapsible cup in it so that I can make it up wherever I am.

I'm trying to work out a way to make scones. Does anyone have a recipe that works? So far they come out something like a rock cake rather than a scone, quite tasty flavoured with sage and onion but still not a scone.

Love to you all,



2:04:16 AM

Hello Ruth

As I have come to expect, you continue to share very important and compelling experiences that can teach others. Your posts offer situations with questions that lead to deeper understanding. I would like to again thank you and to respond.

First, I am convinced the body intends for this disease to teach us about patience. My body patiently accepted years of abuse before it finally said "enough". That was when my co infections overwhelmed my immune system, and Morgellons arrived.

So, it stood to reason that recovery would also take patience and would take time. For anyone reading this, the proof that "patience and staying the course" brings remission lies in the fact that today, as I write this, I am symptom free. All that remains are brief periods of inflammation that are due to Lyme related factors.

There are very clear reasons why it has taken me 4 years to get all the way home. I am 62 years old, and I have lead a very "toxic" lifestyle. I smoked for 40 years. I went through years of alcohol abuse. My diet rarely included nutritious, living foods. Blood work has shown antibodies for serum Hepatitis and tuberculosis. I have had H-Pylori. I worked as a painter in my 20's where I was regularly exposed to Toluene and other toxic petroleum solvents like acetone. And there has always been high levels of stress during my career teaching and counseling.

"Overcoming these factors is nothing short of remarkable, and the primary reason why I strongly advocate for this protocol."

Some final thoughts. Like you, I had differing symptoms emerge through out my recovery. And, indeed, they are unsettling. But only until you come to understand them as an important aspect of deeper healing. And in that context, looking back, I now view them as necessary, and a good thing.

The disease will flux and will cycle. I too remember a time finding it harder to drink the MMS. But this happened at a point when I was feeling pretty normal again. So I saw this as a sign I was truly getting well, which I actually was. Like Mel, I now pulse MMS as a preventative measure.

Starting The Renaissance Whey will measurably help you. The rejuvenase enzyme allows your body to form polypeptide chains that actually have serious anti-microbial properties. I call it natures antibiotic.

God bless you, Ruth. Don't let new symptoms deceive you. They tell me you are really winning! Believe it,
and "Stay the Course!"



8:14:11 PM

Hello to everyone,

I'm either late or early for the prayer meeting and can't work out the time difference, possibly as its the time of year that the clocks change. We'll be going forward an hour soon which changes it again. Anyway so sorry to miss it, thinking about Daisy and wish and pray for a wonderful wedding day for them.

As I was all set to stay up a bit later here's a bit of an update. I feel that I'm in a stage now where I have to keep myself looking ahead, eyes fixed on the goal and not looking in any other direction and that this is why Peter says that patience is the challenge for me now.

It can feel unsettling having a new type of symptom emerge or things happening in a new way as I would much rather that all the symptoms went, now! Some mornings I'm having to change my pillow case after one night due to a large amount of fibres left there and I've had a different looking type of raised patch on my lower leg. Some things come and go quite quickly. Others like an itchy patch on my neck are persistent. I know I have to keep on doing everything each day and be patient. I had a few days recently when I was finding it harder than usual drinking the MMS, not for any physical reason but more mentally. Is this the disease? Can it do that? Anyway I decided to view it as if its the disease fighting back because the MMS is making progress in killing it off which made me feel much better and the last few nights have been back to normal. It was the same feeling as with the food cravings, that something was attacking my mind to put me off track.

This week I tried the Renaissance Whey for the first time using almond milk and it tastes so wonderful! Thank you John for making it such a treat to drink. With all the herb teas I've been trying I've been drinking things that don't taste very good always. I'm on Cat's Claw tea at the moment and will keep changing every few weeks.

The MMS baths are up to 40 drops now and I still don't see much, just a few small fibres.

Thank you for the love and support here.



4:29:30 PM

Hello to everyone,

Now into my six month and after having had quieter time of symptoms for a while things have been more active over the past few weeks. I've had an increase in the number and size of fibres coming from my face. My forearms have had scaly itchy rashes come and go over the past week and had a small lesion on my arm that was increasing in size. After reading some posts here I got some sulphur cream and also sprayed arms with MMS and Kleen Green. Happy to say the rashes are gone now and the lesion is healing.

A new symptom for me are white fuzzy balls that I find on my skin or see coming out of my skin on arms, face and feet.

I'm currently taking monolaurin and parabolish in addition to the protocol so lots of pills!

The diet is going ok and I'm sticking to eating mostly the same thing every day.

Good news about the cats! They were all declared well this week at their yearly check up and vaccination. The cat who had bare patches now has beautiful fur. I've no idea if they drink the MMS water but they get given it every day.

I'm not giving up hope, I'm trusting God, grateful for everyone here and pressing on.



7:19:10 AM

Hello to everyone,

I'm in my 5th month now of the full protocol and taking my maintenance 14 drops of MMS which is going fine.

In order to monitor how my symptoms are regarding fibres, I've developed a habit of checking my feet and face every evening, mainly those because they are easy for me to see. I wear white socks now so that there is no possibility of me mistaking fibres from clothing as coming from me. I check after rubbing cream in. I can see a trend of less fibres and that they are smaller which is encouraging. Occasionally there are days when there is a bigger and larger amount. My hands have been clear of cuts/scratches for a couple of weeks but these come and go. I very rarely feel any sharp stings from fibres any more but occasionally an annoying itch in lower legs and sometimes then spot a fibre.

I don't experience any crawling now. I must have done initially as I took antihistamines to sleep in the early days before starting this treatment.

This week over a couple days for the first time I felt as if I was getting better, that I could really see a change in the amount and size of fibres and that there is a consistent decline. Its hard to explain, but emotionally I felt different. It only lasted a couple of days but it was good to feel it! I think so often we struggle with self doubt as to are we doing enough, are we missing something and having to battle through with faith to trust God.

Interestingly it was this same week that I also for the first time since starting to diet had a mental struggle over food! Because although I've struggled sometimes with the inconvenience of the diet I haven't had sugar or any other food cravings. I don't often feel hungry in the way I used to. But this particular evening I had a fierce craving for toast and butter that came from nowhere unlike anything before in this process. I take this as a positive! That the disease is feeling under threat and fighting back. Remembering past posts from others is a big help to recognise what may be happening.

I've started MMS baths at 20 drops two weeks ago and this weekend will go to 25 drops. Nothing to report from the baths as yet.

I'm increasing my range of herbal tea adding mint, cinnamon, clove, ginger. I've got some cat's claw to try. I'm adding raw garlic sprinkled over salad, hoping its not too antisocial a thing to do! I'm getting used to cooking with coconut oil to fry things and trying it out for baking. I still can't seem to eat it straight.

Thanks to everyone who post here. I love reading your posts and its so helpful to me.


7:17:51 AM

Hello Debra and welcome here.

Thank you for posting as it helps so much to hear from others in the same situation.

I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with morgellons in your whole family and will pray for you all. There is a thread here called Children and Morgellons which will be full of advice on how to help and treat children.

When I first came to the site I read the FAQs to understand Mel's protocol. Then I gradually read through the forum pages making some notes as I went along. There are also the articles on diets which are a great help. Some of the conference calls focus on helping children and are very encouraging so will be helpful for you to listen to them when you can.

Its great that you have found this site now and I know that it will be a big support and help to you.

Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.


8:27:03 AM

Hi everyone,

This is my 1st time writing on this site (or any site!).

Myself, my daughter, my son and my husband are all showing symptoms of this.

It started with my daughter at about 8 years old or so but I was unaware what it was until I had lesions erupt and looked closely at them. I had already researched skin rashes as my daughter had recurrent sores exacerbated by an allergy to mosquito bites which confused the symptoms initially.

I knew what morgellons was but I had never seen fibres until recently. I have seen black bits come out of my hands when I apply cream and white stuff coming out the soles of my feet after
showering. The girls in our family have it worse- not sure why?

the boys have mild symptoms that could so easily be missed.
I am very grateful to find this site as it is very difficult to discuss issues like these without sounding like a loony!! I have always approached life believing the things other people tell me are happening to them as who am I to challenge / judge another's experience but not everyone is like that.

As a medical person myself I have experienced first hand the conversations behind patients back in the staff handover room and the dismissal of ideas that don't "fit" the normal.

This disease seems to defy the laws of physics but although it is dreadful it does prove how "life" exists on many different planes in the universe. That we need to open our eyes and question everything.

I am just beginning my research into how to treat this which will be made much harder by my son being severely disabled and unable to take medicine or understand why he should not eat sweets.

I can already tell that this site is going to be a great source of information and support.

I pray to our Creator that each and every one of you posting can achieve healing and that the root cause of this awful disease can be exposed.

I also pray that medical professionals can stop fearing being laughed at by colleagues or losing their jobs if they admit that morgellons is real, and stop labeling people as mentally ill. I felt just awful reading about the lady on this site who was sectioned to a mental hospital. Reading that makes me reluctant to call this disease by its name too as I have a disabled child to care for and concerns that people may not think me capable.

Please pray for our disease that we may recover quickly and without the stigma that could come our way.

God bless and goodnight.


7:01:47 AM

hello beautiful people,

OK what i have found is very helpful for my digestion (ginger with frozen lemon)

what i do is i freeze the lemon for 24 i use salad grater grate the lemon with skin i add it in my salad .i didn't like it now i love eat i eat everyday

i hope this help you have digestion issue

i have an appointment with one of the doctor which has got very good mogellons review i hope i will get help from him .

if no success i will start mels protocol

god bless all


12:20:29 PM

Hello Ruth and Welcome,

Just wanted to thank you for these wonderful recipes. My personal favorite appears to be Lemon and Lemon, because I love everything lemon. Apple ran a close second.

They have been posted in two sections (Deserts and Sauces, Snacks and Treats) in the Articles and Diet section under Recipes.

Once again, thank you very much!!

God bless you all; Never ever give up Hope!


2:04:08 PM

Hi everyone,

These are some English baking/pudding recipes I have been working on.


50g butter (softened)
2/3 cup xylitol
2 large lemons or 3 small
4 eggs (separated)
4 tbsp coconut flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 cup almond milk

Beat butter and xylitol togethether. Add lemon zest and juice and mix in followed by coconut flour. Then mix in egg yolks and almond milk. Whisk egg whites until stiff and fold into the mixture.
Pour into a baking dish and bake at 180 C for 30 minutes until golden brown on top.

There should be a light sponge on top with a lemon sauce at the bottom. If the sponge is too runny cook for longer.


2 lemons
2 eggs
3 oz unsalted butter
6 tsp stevia

6 oz ground almonds
3 oz coconut flour
4 ½ oz butter
4 ½ oz xylitol
the rind of two lemons

To make the lemon curd, whisk the juice, rind and stevia and eggs together in a heatproof bowl and add the unsalted butter cut into small pieces. Put the bowl over a pan of simmering water for 15 to 20 minutes stirring frequently until the mixture is thick.

Mix the ground almonds and coconut flour together and rub in the butter. Mix in the lemon rind and xylitol.

Grease a baking tray 10” x 7”. Put half the almond and coconut mix into the tray and press down evenly and firmly to make a smooth base. Tip the lemon curd on top of the base and spread evenly.
Scatter the remaining half of the flour mix onto the lemon curd so that it covers evenly and press down lightly.

Bake at 170 C for 20 minutes until golden brown. Leave until completely cool in tin before cutting into squares. It may benefit from time in the fridge to become totally firm. It will keep well in the fridge or freezer or for a few days at room temperature.


(For 2-3 portions)

1 large Bramley cooking apple or two smaller apples
2 oz ground almonds
1 oz coconut flour
1 ½ oz butter
1 ½ oz xylitol
1 tsp stevia
½ tsp ground cinnamon

Preheat oven to 180 C

Peel and chop apple into ½ inch chunks and put into saucepan with 5 tbsp water, stevia and cinnamon. Cook over low heat for 5 – 10 minutes until apples start to soften and fluff at edges. Take off heat. Taste and add more stevia if needed. Put apple into a small baking dish.

Mix the two flours and rub in butter by hand or in food processor. Add xylitol and mix in.
Tip on top off the apple and spread out.

Cook for 20 – 30 minutes until golden brown.


4:41:31 PM

A big thank you to Mel who telephoned me in the UK from America this morning to help me and give me advice. I find Mel's care and kindness so amazing. Just knowing that help, support and advice is here and so freely given has been such a huge reassurance and comfort to me.

I went up to 17 drops last night but at 3 a.m took some vitamin C as the stomach cramps felt a lot worse and more than I felt I could take! So Mel has advised that I take 3 days break and go back to 14 drops as my maintenance dose.

Thank you Mary and Peter for posting with advice. So lovely to know I'm not on my own.

My weight is 120 1bs so hope that is a good number to get to for my size.

As you say Mary I can settle down now with a set number of drops which requires less thinking about!

5:58:31 PM

Hello Ruth

I just want to tell you that I agree with Mary. I don't know your body weight, but the nausea, bloating, and other things you are experiencing do suggest you may be at your tolerance point with the MMS. So, I would also advise that you take 3 days off, but try to have a discussion with Mel.Then decide, how to proceed from there.

And yes, although uncomfortable and annoying, I would see this as a very good sign!

Strength and Love,

8:40:26 AM

Hello Ruth and Mary,

Welcome as always

You should consider calling into Mel at one of this weekend's calls. Good idea!

God bless you both, never give up HOPE


8:00:22 PM

Hi Ruth,
Since you are still increasing your MMS drops and you are having this reaction, I would think this may be your big herx and that you should stop for 3 days and start back up at 13 drops. But, I'm deferring to the experts, which I'm sure will chime in. Or you should consider calling into Mel at one of this weekend's calls.
Best Regards,


1:30:15 PM

Thank you Lady T! I will look for a good cottage cheese with nothing added and flaxseed oil and give it a try.

Thank you for all your posts which I love reading :) and grateful for the information you give and encouragement.

I'm having another week of feeling a bit yucky, as we say here, with bloating, nausea, cramps and wind and no appetite. Is this a good sign? I'm up to 16 drops of MMS now.
Lady T

12:22:43 AM

Just wanted to chime in about cottage cheese -
Cottage cheese is a source of Sulfer protein and eating it with a tablespoon of Organic flaxseed oil is a satisfying snack or for me - became a small meal! A half cup (or sometimes a full bowl or just a few bites) of trader joes cottage cheese (hate most store brands of cottage cheese with guar gum and gunk, but TJs is great) and then drink tbs of trader joes flaxseed oil (kept Cold so it does not go rancid)
I found this potent pair from budwig protocol for folks with cancer:

"Dr Budwig discovered that when she combined Flaxseed oil, with its powerful healing nature of essential electron-rich unsaturated fats, and cottage cheese, which is rich in sulfur protein, the chemical reaction produced makes the oil water soluble and easily absorbed into the cell membrane."
Source: cancer tutor

10:58:31 AM

Thank you Mary and so lovely to hear from you!

I would be grateful to hear from folks what their experience of the big herx was. I am nervous as I have a bit of a phobia about vomiting, silly I know. Good to hear that it wasn't too bad for you Mary.

Last week I had a few days of feeling sickly with no appetite. I'm wondering if that was a bigger die off happening. Its hard to know sometimes if its a bug our bodies are fighting off or if its the MMS killing stuff. I feel much better now thankfully with more energy again.

I love the Kleen Green and my house is gradually feeling so much cleaner! Not that I didn't ever clean before but I guess I didn't look too closely!

My weight has dropped a bit more over the past month so trying to reverse that. What do people think about cottage cheese? I'm reading things about alkaline diets that suggest it may be ok. Also hummus?

Love to you all,


PS Sorry Mel for dropping out of the call today. The internet connection here is poor and I sadly missed your last comment and then the connection went and I couldn't get back in. But thanks for your encouragement and advice and I will never curse your name no matter what comes! Thank you as always.

4:37:22 AM

Hi Ruth,

So glad to hear how well you're doing!

I remember Mel telling me the same about adding more water and being so happy not to have the burning feeling in my throat anymore that the more concentrated form caused.

Glad to hear how you were able to enjoy the holidays more, with less anxiety. Less anxiety is good for us.

Lastly, just wanted to say, don't worry about the herx because it was really not very difficult for me and others! It's exciting because you're on your maintenance dose of mms. And that's a happy thing because you don't have to try to remember how many drops you're up to this week and all.

I look forward to hearing when you do max out and what your maintenance dose will be.

Keep up the great work!

Much faith and strength,


4:02:45 PM

Hi Josef

Let me share my experience. I worked very hard on digestion during the first year of my recovery. As I came to understand the role that the microbiome (the bacterial colony of the gut)plays in immune health, I came to realize how important digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics are, and why they are an important part of the protocol.

My research allowed me to understand that people over the age of 60 (like me) are no longer able to produce enough enzymes. Since cooking meals kills the natural enzymes, I learned the value of eating raw versus cooked and to supplement to restore digestive integrity, especially if you eating lots of cooked foods.

I would suggest that you try drinking 10 to 12 ounces of water 10 minutes before eating. I would also consider adding fermented foods like Sour Kraut, Kim Che (fermented cabbage and cucumber), and raw kefir occasionally. It doesn't take much. These are prebiotics that will help grow the essential flora . It also helped when I added the Logos Magniflora 7 at my lunch time meal for additional probiotic support. I did this because it contains a different blending and that did really help.

Bottom line is that it took a few months to restore my microbiome. But I no longer need prescription Prilosec and Nexium for Gastro intestinal reflux disorder. Now, I digest my food again like I did when I was in my 20's. Hope this helps. Stay the course!


1:49:04 PM

Hi john
Thanks for your advice I have considered to start my protocol but I'm not in good financial situation right now .my girlfriend suffering from morgellons .she is in her early stage we are trying hard to start the protocol soon
Good bless

11:10:50 AM

Hi Josef,

Compromised digestion is a growing challenge for all regardless of whether they suffer from chronic illness, but especially so if they do. This is why so much of our protocol is aimed at improving absorption and assimilation of nutrients, and we spend so much time and energy encouraging people to reject processed foods and to eat a wholesome diet.

If you follow the protocol your digestion is bound to improve. Keep the faith Josef, we are all pulling for you!



9:37:52 AM

Hello every body happy new year,

I'm just wondering if anyone in here can help?
I have very trouble digesting problem .
I eat lots of vegetables but still have problem

Thanks appreciate any advice you can give me


7:11:27 AM

Happy New Year to everyone!

To update on my progress, I'm now up to 15 drops of MMS and drinking it in 16 oz water as advised by Mel as I had some stomach cramps. I didn't realise that we had to increase it by this much! No more stomach cramps though so thank you Mel! I'm wondering if I will be nearly at my maximum dose now and have to admit I'm a bit nervous about it.

Most of the time I feel fairly comfortable in my body, only a few of the big stings in the full moon week. There are still fibres appearing on my face and feet when I put cream on in the evening but they come out without pain and with just a little
itch if anything. They are getting smaller and sometimes I only see them with a magnifying glass.

Christmas and New Year was busy with family coming home but was a lot easier than last year when I was so worried I was giving everyone whatever I had! No one seems to have developed symptoms during the year which I'm very grateful for but still pray a lot about. I cooked things for others that I didn't eat it and it was fine. Bit by bit I'll try and work my diet more and more into what everyone else eats! I didn't feel deprived at all, even with all the chocolate around, and I loved chocolate. I think I looked at the journey ahead before I made the decision to start and knew it was tough and would be a big challenge for me.

It was reading through the forum that gave me the courage to do it, so thank you again for everyone that has written here. Your voices echo in my head and remind me to keep pressing on slow and steady and keep positive. And especially thank you to Mel and Peter for being here for us.


6:24:23 AM

Hello everyone,

Christmas is on its way and I'm coming up to time last year (Boxing Day) when I first started with symptoms. Its been quite a year! But I am so grateful that a year later I am three months into the full protocol and feeling the benefits of it and also part of this wonderful community of people.

I'm now on 12 drops of MMS. I'm not sure how much to increase the amount of water but am taking it in 200ml now which I think is about 7 oz. My hands are still free of cuts which is great and the bruises are less. Fibres are still appearing on my face and lower legs and feet.

A week ago I was needed by my mum, as she was ill and couldn't get out of bed, to go and stay for a few days. I had to leave the house with no warning and with little time to think what to take with me. I survived on mainly nuts the first day and then when I did get the opportunity to go out and buy some food I was surprised to find it challenging again to walk past cake shops! It must have been something to do with coping with the stress of my mum being ill and not having all my normal food supplies around me. In the past in a situation like that I would just eat on the run and keep my energy levels up, not bothering too much about good nutrition! I managed to stick to the diet but lost weight again. It was a good experience for me to realise that in those unexpected life events there is an extra challenge in keeping the diet on track and not be surprised by it next time.

Love to you all,


5:53:46 AM

Hello Peter,

I'm so grateful for your encouragement and advice. Its really been reading posts from everyone here that has given me the courage to start this journey and stick at it day by day. Also of course trusting that God has it all in His hands as I commit myself to Him each day.

Thank you for mentioning coconut flour. I was starting to feel uneasy about using too much brown rice flour so it was just the confirmation I needed!

Thank you for being here and all your support.

God bless


10:54:44 PM

Hello Ruth

There is no "quit" in you. Your attitude is amazing! You are "the indomitable spirit of the British," and a voice for every warrior here.

Keep showing others that spirit. Keep showing them how to get the job done with an attitude of acceptance. I see great dignity and God's voice in you. What a blessing you are!

FYI...Your diet looks very well rounded and spot on. Try coconut flour in place of the brown rice flour in your recipe. In my experience, blood pressure lower (with spikes) is a very good sign that your bio terrain is restoring. Symptoms like the issues with your hands coming and going is OK, because as you reach double digit doses of MMS (10 to 20 drops) , you have greater die off. This is part of the detox process needed to reach remission.

I would urge you to wear a mask when cleaning mold and to be mindful to circulate air to remove airborne spores that mold throws off when disturbed. Stay the course. You are winning!


7:06:05 AM

Hello to everyone and thank you so much to all of you for being a part of this community and of course especially thanks to Mel, Peter and John.

I am now on 10 drops of MMS and still increasing one drop each week. Fibres are now generally smaller but occasionally there is a day when there are more and they are larger. My hands are free of cuts and scratches today but they still come and go. My blood pressure is at a healthier level. It was never consistently high and needing medication but used to spike up sometimes when I was working but if I check it now even when I've been under pressure it is remarkably low! Its very encouraging to me as an indication of my body becoming healthier.

My diet is keeping going well and I keep the freezer stocked with almond cookies and almond drop scones so that I always have a snack available. I still make egg custards with coconut cream most weeks. I eat far more than I used to and never feel hungry in the way that I did sometimes before I became ill and was trying to keep my weight down. I carry almonds with a few pecans as a treat with me when I'm out and about in case there's nowhere that I can get the right food.

I'm trying a chicory drink with almond milk as my morning 'coffee' with my snack before my mid morning pills. Not quite sure about it yet! Dandelion root drink in the shops I've seen so far has sugar added but I'll keep looking.

The dessert yesterday for mum's Friday teatime treat was an attempt at Lemon Surprise Pudding. Sadly it lacked the surprise as there should have been a lemon sauce under the lemon sponge and it was all sponge with a fudgy lemon bit at the bottom. Mum pronounced it delicious though so I will try adjusting the ingredients which are lemons, butter, eggs, brown rice flour, tapioca flour, xylitol, stevia and baking powder.

I was shocked a couple of weeks ago to find black mould under and at the back of the toilet cisterns. So have been cleaning thoroughly to get rid of it all. I was shocked not to have realised it was there and am trying to be more aware of where else it could be.

If I think about how far I've still got to go it can be challenging so I try to concentrate on celebrating how far I've come and taking steady breaths if I start to feel overwhelmed.

God bless,



11:47:06 AM

Hi everyone,

Its been about a month since I last posted an update and I'm now on 8 drops of MMS and doing fine with it. I still have fibres but they are smaller and there are less of them. I had about a week with skin clear of scratches or cuts and it was great - I could do a salt scrub in the shower again! I am resting as much as I can on days when I get very tired. It can be hard when my main working hours are late afternoon into the evening but I try to get a rest in the afternoons.

There were a few days when I battled through to remain positive and keep believing that God is going to help me through to full recovery. However I believe He showed me this site and therefore I'm in the right place. Declaring it out loud helps me; singing praise and worship songs helps me. I greatly appreciate the prayer meetings when I can join in. I use skype and our internet connection is very limited, but even if I only get a short time before the connection goes its great. Its 11.30 p.m. here so I'm staying up a bit late on a Sunday for it! Its great if I can get an afternoon nap in though.

Each time I make a right choice with my diet and take the supplements I feel I've taken another step in the right direction and I know that if I just keep taking another step after another step I'll eventually get there!

My social life is narrowing down at the moment as I don't have the time or the energy. It can be hard coping with the diet out and about but at one recent event I took my box of salad while others ate a Chinese takeaway and it was fine.

I've bought some measuring cups, hooray! I can now follow recipes with more confidence. I've discovered that rhubarb is alkalising as well as having very low sugar content. So I can still make a pudding when my mum comes for tea every week (I have always been a prolific pudding and dessert maker). I'm a bit limited by the diet restrictions but am working hard on researching and experimenting. We have Bramley cooking apples in the UK which are also very low sugar. My crumble topping made with brown rice and and tapioca flour, butter and xylitol worked out well.

I think I've finally settled on a laundry routine for my front loader washer. I use a normal detergent and add some borax to it that I order online and also add Dettol laundry cleanser which goes in the fabric softener drawer. I use the soak function on the washer as well.

Love to you all,



5:00:23 PM

Thank you John for your advice, i will look into this at the earliest convenience with my doctor who is treating me in London.
I went almost 12 weeks ago to my last visit and they took several bloods for testing different types, from what i believe parasite testing? It is very long and painful trying to explain to the doctors, he has heard and the condition Morgellons and even stated it on my medical notes there.
But to just advise me to take an anti anxiety pill every day, and his understudy asking why i have changed my diet, as it shouldn't matter, its like burying your head in the sand explaining or talking to them, It is ignorance at its lower form , they know what causes different symptoms in the skin, education is paramount to combat worldwide disease, natural all the way.
Quick update gas, and toilets back to normal, a blip that lasted 4 days, and also i had 5 roast potatoes on Sunday and no reaction again, i hope i can have organic turkey, organic veg and a few roast potatoes this christmas, then on a sorrowful note, we are enduring disease, the Paris population are grieving with a horrendous loss of life, we are lucky in that respect and grateful for our healing.God bless to them and my deepest sympathies.

John B

10:16:18 PM

Hi Shawn,

Have you been tested for a GI tract infection called c. difficile?

9:50:34 AM

Hello Shawn and welcome as always,

It sounds from this last post that you may be approaching your MMS maximum. The symptoms you describe are similar to my experience. Let me suggest you send me an email with a day and time this week and I shall give you a call.

God bless, Never give up HOPE!


1:57:32 AM

Thanks Shawn. I like the presence of oils. A select few have proven to be generally very useful, especially when blended. I think the value of oils is often overlooked.

Mel recently reminded us of this when he brought forth the anti microbial properties of Eucalyptus oil.

Tea Tree, clove, and sandalwood are also worth considering.


3:02:30 PM

Hi to everyone,

Just a quick update, i seem to be back on track, the talc seems to help a lot.

I have a new symptom(s) severe stomach pain along with horrendous smelling gas, very potent and strong, embarrassing and also makes me go to the toilet immediately. its not good at all, i just wondered if there was something i could take to eliminate this.

Maybe more probiotics or yogurt? Also i have heard green bananas are good? mainly for Candida, thoughts please??

Peter the answer to the talc is the following:
Bamford talc with: A blend of essential oils
Tea Tree
All organically grown ingredients,
Google and take a look, see what you think, very very expensive £17 for 100g

I hope everyone continues to rid this disease and is making great progress

4:57:46 AM

Hello Shawn

Good to read your post. I like that you have pointed out for people that it is important to keep the skin dry. I agree. I would like to know more about the talcum powder. Always remember that understanding product ingredients and processing are so important. Please let us know more. That would be helpful.

I used a glycerin and zinc oxide product on my legs before I started the protocol. It did help in the short term, but I think further research into Zinc Oxide is needed. Treating internally should be your primary focus.

Burning, redness, blotching, and pimpling of the skin are to be expected. See these as an inflammation response and the way that the skin pushes out biofilm. Don’t let it alarm you. It is a necessary part of your detoxification. Just look for it to reverse out more quickly each time it occurs. It’s what Mel intends for us to understand when he says that it will get worse before it gets better.

Stick with those avocados my friend. You are winning!


2:27:54 AM

Hi Josef

Very happy to see your scalp is improving. I appreciate your response post because it is very important for others to know that you are finding answers here. It also shows that you have a good heart!

Stay patient and your scalp will fully restore. You have the right formula because you are seeing improvement. Plan to treat this way for 6 months and be consistent and you will succeed. Keep us informed!


1:04:08 PM

Hi Peter
Thanks for you kind help
I'm using sulphur soap and neem and tea tree oil soap my scalp is improved 30% .
I got lots of white sandy stuff coming out from my scalp

Will keep updating God bless

6:00:53 PM

Thank you for your advice Mary, Nan and Ruth, it is truly truly appreciated.

Mary, I agree on all counts that kleen green will not help Candida of which i think this is, drying areas out and keeping it dry (no sweating) does help enormously as Candida albicans thrives on moisture. To help this i have used good old Talcum powder, although i have just ordered organic, yes organic talc, quite costly but i will give it a go.
Ruth, I agree Zinc oxide cream DOES work as i have used it on my face at night, every night and i have never had an issue, i obtained this particular cream in my very first days of getting this, because i googled my symptoms and it came up with Demodex mites, that alone freaked me out, i had pimples on my face and around my eye, so i went to this site , i don't know whether i am allowed to mention it here, but it has worked for me, although this cream should ONLY be used on the face, they offer many products for this particular problem, BUT i must stress this does NOT kill , they (parasites) etc hate Zinc oxide, this however might reduce cycles,
My current condition has greatly improved so much so i have bought some gluten free cheese and onion bread from this amazing place, like a nursery and railway carriage cafe that sells eating disorder foods, the selection is massive, i just have a slice per day with a new dairy free spread KOKO made with coconut oil, oddly it looks, smells and tastes like butter !! i will not go too mad as i have found if something agrees with me, like a gluten free chilli tortilla , i tried a few, it was a ok for a few days, then i was so hungry one day i had a good half bag then my symptoms started to re-appear, i tried a few roast potatoes my mother in law made and they were absolutely divine, i stuck to 3 and that was it, no symptoms, i may try again in a month and a few for Christmas lunch if my condition allows.
I am eating more avocados , 2 per day and organic coconut shreds, also plenty of almonds just to keep up the alkaline levels.Also i am on my third dosing of Immune pulse.
I hope each and everyone is fighting this at every angle to eliminate this, its brilliant to share our information as it may help others, i realise some things may help for one person but not the other, if we keep sharing we ALL one day will have this surrendered and victory is ours !!
Mel i hope you are ok, looking at your lovely photos brings a smile.
God bless x

3:56:07 PM

Hi Shawn,
I am so sorry you are feeling poorly. I wanted to write sooner, but we have had some terrible rain here so getting things done took longer this weekend than normal. I do hope my input sparks a solution for you.

A couple things come to mind regarding your rash and itching:

B12 Deficiency - Itching can be one of the symptoms if not consuming enough B12. Do some reading on B12 and maybe get of bottle of quality B12 supplement. I take one a day and it has really helped by itching, leg cramps and brain fog. I ordered B12 from Logos along with the protocol items. As time goes by and I feel my health is better than I will review to see if I need to continue.

Acid – PH level - One of the symptoms of Candida is hives/ rashes. If you are acidity then you attract pathogens. Do the Candida spit test and get PH strips and see what your PH level is during the day. Best results are to do it right when you get up in the morning before drinking or eating anything. You will have to review your diet very closely. May need to cut back on things then bring them back in the diet once PH level is managed. There are several websites and Youtube shows on Candida to help learn diet and limits. Be aware that some sites allow more fruits and things we cannot eat. Remember 75% or 85% of our diet should be plants/ veggies. Lately, I make a lot of veggie type soups on the weekend and freeze them. I have them with salads during the week. Veggie smoothies work too. Drink lots of water with lemon and/ or add Grapefruit seed oil to the water. Become a good cook with veggies since this is a life time change. The more I read the more I realize we need to understand the right diet for OUR bodies to regain and maintain long term health.
MMS – Do you get relief from your itching and does the rash reduce in the evening when you take your MMS? If not, then you may need to review your dosage. You may need to increase or may need to shift schedule until your rash/itching reduces? You may want to send email to Mel to set up time to have a discussion with him about MMS so you have knowledge to make good decision or if you can manage call on Sunday during the prayer meeting since Mel, John B. and Peter always have good input.

Keep a log – keep a log detail log when the issue changes (when the itching comes and goes & when the rash reduces or increase) then you may be able to zero in what you are doing external and internal that may cause the issue. This includes stress from traffic to regular every day things. Looking to see if there is a pattern, that may cause the problem then you can shift to see if improvement occurs. For me I use to eat oatmeal and too much caused an increase in discomfort. I would eat one serving, which was about 1 /4 to 1/2 cup, with an avocado or egg, but then one week, the avocados where not good at the groceries and I was tired of eggs, so I started eating 1 cup of oat meal to fill me up. About a month later I was feeling badly. I started my log and noticed mid morning was when I was not feeling well then I zeroed in on what I was doing in the early morning.

My first thought for you- do you put your laundry in bags and throwing them in the wash machine without touching? Also, are you using MMS in your laundry? If you sweat (I thought you mentioned you worked outside) then may be getting pores on your clothes that may cause it to spread if not cleaned well. You may need to do laundry several times a week to keep this managed and do light loads in high water so the water/MMS can get thru the clothes. Are you waiting for the laundry to cool from dryer before touching them or spray hands with KG? See below on Hot / Cold.

Hot/ Cold – I had a conversation with Mel and he reminded me that heat makes this illness thrive and cold reduces the issues. He joked when he was ill he wished he could live in a freezer then right before his last breath if they would pull him out then, he thought, that would resolve this illness. Mel is funny and it seems pretty risky activity to me, but I got the visual and realized keeping the body temp down is important. My understanding is you work outside so this may be hard for you to do. May be stay out of the sun or run to air conditioning place at lunch or during breaks. Use cold compresses on wrist and neck to keep body temp down. May be drinking cold water to help body temp. May be use cold water & lemon on paper towel and wipe the problem areas throughout the day to keep cool; only wipe once so do not spread. Look at your log and see what can be shifted. I live in Texas and it can be like a sauna outside do to the high humidity so it can be very HOT. As I was feeling better I was outside all the time to walking, bike riding, etc, but after conversation with Mel, I returned to the inside and only get out when cool and low humidity. I turned up the Air conditioner to be pretty chilly inside. I take cool/ luck warm showers. When bathing, I do sections of my body with cold water when rinsing the soap off so anything on me will go down the drain rather than travel down my complete body. I eat warm / not hot soup and tea.

I would play around with hot and cold until I could fix the issue with internally changes. For example, I would stand in the bath tub with hot water about inch deep with either a little KG or Epson salt. I think one could use MMS too. I would stand there for 5 / 10 minutes, adding a little more hot water, and things would go into the water. This helped the rash on my arm and itching on arm and head. Also, I use to put my shorts in the dryer and put them on and the pain would stop on my head. I then used lint brush all over clothes and body, spray with vinegar / water then put coconut or mineral oil with tea tree on my body. One side note in the morning, I used a Scotch-Brite 3M lint brush all over my body right when I get out of bed. I would do every inch of my body. Do not forget the bottom of the feet and head. I figured the MMS only last so long so if there is anything there I try to remove it. I do not see anything on the lint brush, but I still do not feel like my old self so until I do I keep removing the layers.

Bragg Apple Cider (Raw) Vinegar – I have not done enough reading on consuming vinegar, but others state it is good thing so may want to investigate. For external use, since I have sensitive skin I mix in spray bottle 1 to 4 mixture, where vinegar is 1 and water is 4 times more than the vinegar, and use it on my problem areas or all over. Others have indicated they use 50/50 vinegar & water mix so depends on what your body & rash can tolerate. I use to use Epsom salt and water too with a spray bottle with a very fine mist. Also, I apply mineral oil and tea tree mixture on my skin too. I know there is controversy about mineral oil because it is not nature, but still find it makes me feel better. Also, if there is anything, the oil seems to pull stuff from the skin or trap it, and then I can take tissue and wipe or remove with lint brush. This oil may make things active and I take this as a good sign that they do not like it so I am winning the battle. I would keep applying more until this would stop along with lint brush or tissue and or I would spray vinegar or Kleen Green and or I would do this in evening after taking my MMS if having too much activity. I do put coconut oil on my body sometimes to make a change, but my skin is pretty dry so need to apply more often. I use Kleen Green/ water mixture too, than switch out with Vinegar/water. I think we need to make shifts (small shifts) in what we use internal and external to change our body’s environment so our opponent does not have time to acclimate.
Reach out to Mel / John B. – If you are going crazy then send email to Mel and or John B directly and maybe they can ask you specific questions and give you some ideas. Provide them details from your log.

Be still – When I am agitated then I take some time to just take some deep breaths and be still; quiet the mind helps quiet the body. Anxiety increases the discomfort so I have learned to be very still and relax. This works well with my mindset when people are annoying too….lol. Takes some practice to do this, but it has really helps. I find a specific prayer for guidance to an answer helps as well.

Remember it is the SUM of the parts.

4:25:24 AM

Hi Shawn,
So sorry that your rash has been spreading and can understand your frustration with it.

One thing I did read about was cream with a high percentage of zinc oxide in (20 -40%). In the UK I've not been able to find one but haven't looked online. The other thing I've noticed is that when I'm squeezing a lemon to put in water if it goes onto my hands (which are covered in cuts, scratches and rashes at the moment) it stings very badly for a few seconds, but seems to help them to be less inflamed and heal up quicker. So now I make a point of rubbing a bit of lemon juice in each time.

Hoping you can find something which helps you.

God bless,


3:04:01 AM

Hi Shawn, so sorry to hear you are still suffering with that skin malady. Kleen green doesn't help. Did mms baths help? I sometimes feel skin rash, contact dermatitis type rash or individual itchy bump like I get now and then from this MD needs to be dried out. I will use rubbing alcohol and alternately, the beige colored safeguard soap that is good for poison oak rash. But I think it is probably the darn candida flaring up which is actually an internal issue. So, addressing the outside bumps helps temporarily but key is to get it internally. So maybe trying the immune pulse will help get rid of it?
Kindly, Mary

6:00:24 PM

Hi to everyone!

I am pleased to see so many healing from this,
I have a question as i am at my wits end and don't really know what to do?

Since July i have had itchy spots on my tummy, around my belly button, these have now spread around my back, shoulders, neck area and tops of my arms, they randomly appear, can be very very itchy,some of them feel like they have a crust on them, they can vary from 2mm - 5mm.
I have tried all oils, they seem to aggrevate them, also the doctor prescribed a steroid cream for Candida albicans, it subsides the itchy feeling temporarily but never disappears, i would be grateful for any advice, oh i use Kleen Green also.
Kindest Regards


7:40:07 AM

Hi everyone,

Its now been nearly two months for me on the protocol and I'm on 4 drops of MMS which I am doing well drinking. During the first week on the extension kit supplements I had some bloating/wind/cramp stomach issues for just a couple of days. Although I still see fibres, the amount of them has decreased. I sometimes get bits of pink glitter from my feet! I have nothing pink in the house so know its coming from my skin. I've had an increase in the amount of cuts and scratches on my hands and see it as a good sign.

I'm keeping up with the diet well and have experimented with black bean and quinoa patties that have garlic, onion, leeks and spice in them. They go well with eggs for breakfast. I made a big batch and froze them so its made breakfast time quicker and easier for me. I've used the recipe section here to make the almond cookies, shortbread and muffins and freeze these as well. Its a big help to me to feel that I don't have to be deprived of things that taste sweet. I can eat a small spoonful of brown rice with a meal without any reaction but am being very cautious. For lunch I eat large platefuls of green leaves with cucumber, peppers and avocado or else soup that I make in big amounts and freeze. My favourite is chicken curry soup with coconut milk. I'm putting a small amount of red lentils in that and seem to be ok with it. I've lost 14 1b since starting the diet and now weigh 122 1bs (height 66 inches) and want to try not to lose any more. Any advice would be welcome.

My three cats are looking very sleek after having been given a dry food with higher nutritional content! I also have an extra supplement powder that I add to their food. I started adding MMS, one drop, to their water this week. We have a pond that they sometimes drink from but hopefully if we get a freeze this winter that will get them to drink more of my water! They've been on regular treatment with worm tablets and Stronghold (selamectin, which is the same as Revolution I think). Just one of them has a small area of fur which is patchy so hoping this will clear up.

For the past couple of weeks when I stop to pray or think I'm finding that I cry a lot. I think its my mind and emotions catching up with what's happened and working it through as it was very traumatic to me in the first few months. So I see it as a healing experience emotionally that I will work through.

When I think about the website I am so grateful to Mel and John and how God has used such difficult times in their lives to help me and so many others.
I'm trusting God that He is working for good through this situation in my life. I find it hard to put down in words everything that's in my heart and express it. I just thank God that He led me here and thank God for you all and pray for everyone here.


8:52:06 AM

Hi Bill,

Thanks so much for your advice and encouragement about MMS. Squeezing nostrils has definitely helped! I have to remember to let go to swallow to help my ears but by then its ok!

Thanks again,

Bill M

10:19:59 PM

Hi Josef -

After reading your blog about the MMS and your hesitation of taking it, I thought to myself that if I chose to not take the MMS I don't think that I would be healed. I believe that this is a critical part of the entire protocol. The MMS will help to eradicate the bad bacteria from your body. It is approved as a Water Purification Solution so it is OK for you to have it and use it. After you start to use this you will notice a big difference in how you feel. It may take a few weeks but it will definitely make a difference in your journey back to good health.

For the scalp, I believe that everyone's symptoms can be a little different. In my case I had mites and other critters that were in my home so I had major problems with my entire body but especially in my scalp. After I would shower in the evening I would spray KIeen Green on my entire scalp and then put a tight shower cap over to cover my hair. This was very effective in that it stopped the itching and the helped in cutting down the attacks that I would get during the night. I also believe that the Kleen Green also gets through the pores of the skin to kill some of the bacteria inside the scalp.

Hi Ruth -

When everyone who has Morgellons starts out with the MMS it can be a little unsettling. When you are at the beginning with the smaller doses it is easy, but when you start getting to the larger doses it makes you think about the best way to drink this stuff. I found that if I kept thinking about it and putting it off it was more difficult, so I did what the Nike commercial used to say: "Just Do It"! Don't give it much thought and just drink it down. I also would suggest squeezing your nostrils so you can avoid the smell of the MMS and you will not taste it as it does down your throat. Works every time, and the more you take it the easier it gets.

Don't let this disease get the best of you. Just keep fighting and as you go down your path to recovery you find that it becomes easier.

Bill M

7:15:41 AM

Hi everyone,

Thank you again to everyone here for your continuing support and love! I am so grateful to you all.

My journey is progressing slowly and steadily! I am now up to 2 drops MMS and keeping up with supplements and diet.

Thanks to Jimmy for the advice about the pill boxes which are such a big help and mean I can prepare the whole month's pills at one session.

Symptoms are fibres, mainly in the feet and face, but maybe that's where I notice them. Some scratches and little cuts. Itching and crawling comes and goes. I'm working on trying to identify a cycle with it.

For those of you who haven't started the MMS yet I want to reassure you. I was worried whether I would make mistakes with the number of drops coming out, but they are easy to control. I try to think positively when I'm drinking it - that its helping me get to get better. I have a big man hankie that I liberally anoint with lavender essential oil and breathe in a big breath through my nose just before I drink the MMS to stop me smelling it. It probably calms me down as well!

My most challenging time is usually first thing in the morning when I wake up. Its the realisation of another day with morgellons and the fight ahead to get well and can be a bit of a heart sink moment. I've found it helpful to "call to mind" every morning that God's love and faithfulness are new every morning "and therefore I have hope" and I can trust Him. Lamentations 3:19-24.

Shawn, so pleased to hear that you are doing well.

Love to you all


7:05:38 PM

thanks Ruth and peter for great support
i wish i would have found this lovely people and this website long ego.

what I am thinking is the amount of stuff coming off from my scalp i don't think shampoos or tea tree oil or other stuffs will help i have used tea tree oil before didn't get help they may makes bit improvement for short time after will be same again. tea tree oil soap sulfur soap neem shampoo never tried them i will have to try them . you are right the dog shampoo will not help its been 3 days now using it. its driving me mad my scalp burning itchy crawling ,i may stop using it soon .
i have spent lots of money for wrong treatment like (seborrheic dermatitis psoriasis topical eczema and others )didn't get good result
but still don't want to give up I am hoping one day i will be free like everybody can eat everything and do the think cant do know
good bless all of you

12:47:12 AM


Hello. I was so moved by your story that I have to try and help you. I was very sick three years ago and now I am doing very well. So I want you to believe that it is possible to get better.

The truth is that the dog shampoo and alfalfa tablets probably won't help. Try this. For your scalp, see if you can find a simple sulfur and tea tree oil soap. Bar soaps are OK. Lather your scalp with the tea tree oil soap first. Let it sit on your scalp for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse and then lather with the sulfur soap. Let it sit on your scalp also for 3 to 5 minutes. Lastly, if you can get your hands on some kleen green enzymes, wet your scalp with them and let them dry on their own. If not, then rub in some coconut mixed with neem oil. Or a neem oil shampoo will work too. Repeat this three step process each day. If you shower with the same soaps using the same 3 step process, over time, your skin will do better.

Get on a good probiotic. Logos essential flora is a very high quality one with numerous strains. Eat a variety of green and red vegetables together with garlic and drink lots of purified or distilled water. Give your body additional B-12 and vitamin D. If you can afford it, the Logos supplements taken as laid out in Mel’s protocol will give you the complete needed nutritional support.

Please consider the MMS. There are many that are seeing improvement with taking it, and I feel it is instrumental to getting better as it kills infection. I will be praying for you. Don’t give up!

Strength and Love,

5:31:20 PM

Hi Josef,

If it would help you to have someone to talk things through with on the telephone, Mel has my number and you can email him to ask for it.

Hoping that things improve for you soon,


4:03:07 PM

Hi Ruth
Thanks again
Not really most of the doctors told Me I have seborrheic dermatitis and only treatment is anti fungal like nizoral shampoo atarax anti allergy tablets or scalp application one doctor said I may have psoriasis and he gave me treatment after few month went to see him again told him didn't work he ask me to stop the treatment if is not working

I will not give up I have spent lots of money !!
Will update again
Good bless

1:44:09 PM

Thanks Shawn and Ruth I have ordered dog shampoo which they say %100 chemicals free also I have ordered alfalfa tablets which I never tried there is lot of good review about alfalfa . My girl friend doesn't let me to use mms she is scared after she find out it's banned from Canada
(The issue I have got is to eat what to not eat last few weeks mostly eating eggs brown rice and vegetables)
I will see how I get on with the dog shampoo
I will update you guys

10:43:37 AM

Hi Josef,

I am so sorry that you have had such a painful condition for so many years and that the treatments given by doctors haven't helped you.

Because I have only recently discovered I have morgellons I don't have much experience of how symptoms may develop. I am sure that others here who know more will respond to your questions.

For myself I knew that it was morgellons when I saw tiny black fibres emerging from my skin.

I do hope that you soon find the answers that you are looking for.

God bless, Ruth

7:49:14 AM

hello everybody

my case is very different than you all.

let me start from childhood when i was age 2 i had trouble scalp condition which i lost lost of hair on top of my scalp its like moon and stars around my scalp i never had good scalp since my childhood but it wasn't very bad until age 16 my hair loss start with flaky oily burning itchy i didn't know what to do i went to see my local clinic doctor there told me that i have fungus he gave me some tablets .shampoo and liquid to try it worked for only 2 weeks.

now i am 40 i have been see 10s of doctors i have tried all different shampoos i have tried what ever i used everything i have read on line i had blood test i had allergy test i had 2 biopsy.nothing helped recently i test myself with red vine it shows that i have morgellons i been using clove, black walnuts, woodworm, oil of oregano, apple cider vinegar probio7 supplement i used baking soda Epsom slat with with vinegar recently i found my belly is not good all the time feel like vomiting. i stopped using everything for now.

im so helpless if anyone here can help me????

9:48:48 PM

Hi All

Just wanted to say I'm still here but going through a rough patch. Thought I was gonna lose my job due to sickness but it looks like it's gonna be ok :-)

I love the way this thread has grown it feels less lonely in the uk.

I'm not on the ball at the moment with my protocol but the last 6 months I have been doing it have given a definite improvement. I've been off the ball or a month now and can feel symptoms coming back.

Don't worry though I've got a plan & I'll be back on the diet & protocol from Monday coming.

3 quick things:
1) I hate custom charges please can you pray that God removes them from my life
2) I love green juices; taste rank but makes me feel so healthy
3) Mel sorry I've missed you calls its been a bit crayzee navigating the work situation

Love to all


5:10:56 PM

Hi Michelle,

Lovely to hear from you but sorry that things have been so difficult for you. Its a positive step though that you've made the decision to start the protocol even if it takes time to get it all.

It took me a while to sort out getting everything from the protocol and Mel advised me to work on changing my diet while I was waiting to be able to order things. Its a low carbohydrate alkaline diet so nothing with sugar including fruit and no wheat or starchy veg like potatoes and no processed food. Some people are ok with lentils/beans/brown rice but others cut them out as well.

I live in the North West and if you would like to be in touch by telephone you can email Mel for my number.

You're not alone any more and there is hope.

Praying for you,

Ruth x


9:47:16 PM

Hello Ruth,

sorry for the delay but I've been going through a rough patch & haven't been up to going online.

Thanks so much for your response & ideas - I'm very grateful for them & it;s so nice to have contact with someone who understands finally - that means so much to me. \

I am taking your advice re starting the protocol, but as money is tight (entire savings blown on various "cures"), so it may take a while to get everything. A sticky situation.

I can feel myself deteriorating pretty rapidly now. Glad to hear that you are on your way to reclaiming your body & I truly hope that you do. No-one should have to live like this.

I will stay in touch - are you allowed to say where in the UK you are? Very best of luck with it & hope to speak to you soon.

So happy to have found this site.

Michelle. x

4:30:27 PM

Hi Josef,

Like you I spent time looking at different websites to try to find out what morgellons is and how to get rid of it.

When I first came to this site I started by reading Mel's story, then Mel's Protocol and then the FAQs.

Reading these will help you to decide whether Mel's Protocol is right for you and will give you information about how to use the MMS. As you read you will learn that this is one part of the protocol but in order to become well all parts of the protocol will need to be followed.

All the information you need to order the products are included in the description of the protocol. The supplements and MMS are from US and can be ordered online and delivered without difficulty to the UK.

Keep reading through the rest of this site as it is full of information to help you.

God bless,


2:59:44 PM

hi everybody,

i been searching for morgellons treatment for a while.

i have read a lot about mms treatment

first of all i live in London, here i cant get mms?
Do i need to buy from us or canada ?

second i dont even know if it really work and how to use it and how long need to be used

more infomations welcome

2:12:26 PM

Hi Michelle,

I'm so pleased that you've found this site and saw the UK thread. I too felt the need for support from a forum and after praying about it came straight to this site, saw a welcome to the UK a d knew it was the right place for me. And yes there's hope here with wonderful stories of how people have become well, first Mel and then many others.

I started reading the protocol pages and FAQs and then the forum threads starting at the end page and working forwards. I made notes as I read. I also listened to the conference calls while I was doing jobs or if I was too tired to read. They are wonderful, often made me cry hearing peoples' voices, prayers being prayed.

As I read I started to believe that I could follow the protocol and face the challenges required.

I'd encourage you to order the supplements if you feel its the right thing for you. I waited until I'd read everything which took me about a month and now think I could have started sooner.

Also looking at the diet articles and threads will give you direction on how to change your diet.

Keep us posted with how you are getting on. I'm still very new to the protocol, still in my first month of supplements but been on the diet for about six weeks. Already feeling healthier, and slimmer!

God bless



5:33:37 AM

Hello, I am new here and felt I had to post after stumbling across this wonderful site and seeing the UK thread. Obviously, I have a great deal of reading to do first, but finding you has already given me back something that has been missing from my life for far too long - hope. I have known that I have Morgellons for 5 years and have felt so alone every day. I won't bore you with my story, but I will say that like many I've read about, my family think I'm crazy, my GP is no help and the one time I posted in a forum (elsewhere), I got accused of being a troll, which scared me off and was so upsetting. Having others to share experiences and support would be amazing and I'm praying that I've finally found acceptance. I'm starting to read/learn right after this and realise it's a big task, so really for now I just wanted to say hi. So happy to have found you. Thanks for listening, it means so much. Best wishes to all.

4:40:22 PM

Hi Josef,

I also live in England and discovered I have morgellons in January this year. Two months ago I decided to follow Mel's protocol and have been taking the supplements for three weeks. Like you I read a lot of stories here of how people have become well again.

If you read through the protocol and the protocol products there are links to order them. I have ordered the Logos supplements and they have been delivered to me without difficulty. Likewise the MMS from the link. I have ordered Sovereign Silver through Amazon UK and also iherb. MSM is sold in health shops or you can get it again from Amazon UK.

While you are waiting to get the supplements you can start working more on your diet to move to a low carbohydrate and alkaline diet. Again there are lots of articles and threads on diet that can be found using the search engine.

Its great knowing we are not alone with this and there is hope that we can be well again. I'm so grateful that Mel has shared his knowledge and experience on this site to help others.

Praying for you Josef,

God bless,



4:15:15 PM

Hi Josef,

Welcome ! Here you will find guidance on how to relieve your symptoms and ultimately cure yourself from this awful disease.
Please read read and read some more, and over again to digest this wealth of information that the community shares.
If you are suffering i would not hesitate to get on Mel's protocol from Logos Nutritional's and there is a link on the site to order the MMS, this is what i and so many others do, a bottle last an awful long time.I order my collodial silver from Amazon in the UK.
It is great you are eliminating sugar from your nutrition, i would drastically change your diet, no dairy, wheat, bread, potatoes etc, eat plenty of vegetables and salads, and i have organic chickens, salmon, etc, all diet suggestions are on this site even on a budget,NO fruit whatsoever in the early days of this dietary change, i have lemons and limes with foods. I hope this helps a little, you are not alone and we are all here to help, advise each other , Any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.
Ruth i hope you are progressing well and i am so pleased your family are supporting you in this fight to get well,
Jimmy i hope you are also getting to grips with this and winning and your symptoms have drastically reduced.
I am personally getting over my last episode, the odd symptom especially when i overheat as i work outside in construction but i feel i am nearly there, the fear has completely gone, i am up for the fight and i WILL WIN , just received another 3 months supply of protocol along with a £147 customs charge, this includes the NEW Immune pulse which Logos have launched, together we can ALL beat it and destroy it.
Prayers for each and everyone suffering from this.
God Bless

2:04:10 PM


Hi every body thanks for all your comment and sharing stories

I been suffering from itchy scalp for years I had blood test biopsy allergy test.
I have tried all the shampoos in the pharmacy but still not good.
Recently found that I have morgellons disease.

I off from sugar more than one month it's been bit better I'm taking clove oil tablets oregano oil and apple cide.

Just wondering where to buy MMS,I live in London in here is not easy to get it, need proscription/

please let me know if you have information thanks

Josef London

4:05:15 PM

Hi everyone,

Its now two weeks since I started the Logos Support Kit and I started taking the Sovereign Silver a week ago. There's acceptance now at home for me to take all the parts of the protocol which is a big help. Shari, you were right! I was getting desperate at the thought of not being able to go ahead with things. It certainly got me praying.

So I will start the Extension Kit when I've completed the first month of the Support Kit and also add in the MSM. Am I right to think that I start the MMS at the same time?

I've been trying some of the recipes with coconut flour and converting cups to ounces. I think that 1/4 cup of flour is 1 oz whereas a 1/4 cup of butter is 2oz. Does anyone think that's right/wrong?

Tonight I've had a go at cooking a baked egg custard:

200mls almond milk
3 eggs
2 tbs stevia
almond or vanilla flavouring

Heat, but don't boil milk. Whisk eggs with stevia and flavouring. Whisk in heated milk then pour into dish through sieve. Put dish into a bigger dish filled with hot water and bake in oven 170 for 30 mins or until set.

As far as symptoms go for me its all still the same, black fibres mainly from feet and arms, sometimes with an itch/sting, sometimes without. One day recently was more itchy, particularly face with fibres and very itchy nose. I took to the bath in the evening with epsom salts which was great at calming it all down.

I am sleeping very well! I have to watch myself to get to bed on time though.

Shawn, so pleased to hear that the rash is clearing. How are things with you now?

Off to do some hoovering ...



2:30:18 AM


What a beautiful thread this has become! I applaud you all.



3:20:33 PM

Hi to everyone,

Just an update, i have been extremely busy with my business in construction 6-7 days per week, tiredness does take its toll but energy is pretty great.
My rash on my tummy as per my last post and lasted around 8 weeks has finally nearly gone, i tried the Manuka honey 20+ from New Zealand on my tummy every night, it must contain enzymes that eradicate the symptoms?i have had a few itches and a couple of small red spots on my left foot.Diet is still strict, hope everyone is making great strides on the recovery road.Ruth and Jimmy i hope you continue to make good progress, Nan, Nichole, Mary, Ruth and Peter thank you for your advice and support, it means so much to me and sound advice for others.
God Bless


1:10:58 AM


I am glad to see you posting here. It will be healing for you at times to talk/write about what's going on with you. For now, continue to learn everything you can from these pages/calls and those who have come before! You can msg me or JimJim at anytime as well in Whatsapp.

I always remember our first RULE - which is DO NO HARM.

I believe your husband will come around. Who knows? God may use you to show him things or teach him something (about what Dr.s think they know) through your example.

Keep the faith as you have been and NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! God bless and I look forward to getting to know you.

11:01:35 AM

Hi to everyone,

My first delivery of logos supplements arrived and I was able to start them yesterday, the 1st September. I had a cupboard space ready for them and a written out timetable for the day with the times half an hour later than on the website as it fits in better with my work hours.

Thank you Mel for ringing me, for your help and advice and getting me started on the diet straight away. That was five weeks ago and I feel so much better already. I see fibres and specks, mainly in my arms and feet but its only occasionally that I have days that are crawly and itchy.

I used to eat chocolate every day, loved baking cakes and puddings and eating them. Now each day is a new day for me to make good choices and I see each good choice as another step I'm taking towards getting better.

One thing that has helped me with giving up chocolate, chocolate cake and biscuits is to imagine myself eating it and at the same time imagine seeing a symptom of the illness on my skin as I know that the sugar in chocolate would be feeding the disease. It just helps put me right off eating the wrong thing!

The other thing that helped me is a quote from a book by Billy Graham. It was something his wife used to say about the changes that happen in life and coping emotionally with them. She would say, "that was then, and this is now". Its different but its ok.

When I started reading the forum, a few months ago, starting back at page 27 I did wonder if I would be able to do everything that is required. The wonderful thing about reading all your posts is that as I read I started to believe that I can do it. I took notes and have grown to love you all so much and am so grateful for the time you have all taken to record your progress over weeks, months and years.

Also thank you for the conference calls. As others have said it is very comforting to hear peoples' voices and hear jokes and laughing.

I will keep re-reading and re-listening and use the wonderful search engine which has already helped answer things I've been unsure of.

I'm not getting support at home yet regarding taking the protocol and this has caused me some stressful and tense times but I know this is the right place for me so I'm pressing on with things calmly and gently, slow and steady. Also through reading I realise that everyone has different challenges alongside the disease that are stressful and demanding.

People in the UK: this protocol is for you too. I wasted several months mistakenly thinking that it would not be possible for me to be a part of this process living in the UK.

Thank you Shawn and Jimmy for your help. How are things now with you Shawn?

Love to all



7:25:19 PM

Hi Shawn ...

This might not be the best most natural way, but for me the spots that felt like splinters under my skin. I would Soak a washcloth in just straight alcohol and suffocate the clusters of infection, fungi or whatever.

I didn't really have money for a lot of different things so alcohol was what helped me with a lot of that. I personally did much better showering often in the beginning, even using saunas to help with my skin sweat detoxing, using a back scrubbing brush in the shower over the whole body helped a lot to , stimulated and cleaned my skin at the same time.. I took MMs or Epsom salt baths fairly regularly, selson blue, or anti fungal shower gel and shampoos.

I worked very internal as well as external, my skin issues were so severe In the beginning, I've been on the protocol and diet a few years and can say I have NO skin issues, no appearance of rash or at this time anywhere on my body , and no painful lesions like I once did, they have all have cleared but it did take time, and persistence. I will say the smell of alcohol is pretty horrible but that's what I would do myself , it worked well for me ..
Oh and coconut oil following my shower never lotions ..

I don't think I personally would put honey on any lesion or rash just because I see how the M seems to feed on sugars in my case anyway.. I would be very hesitant to put sugar on my body .. I rather put alcohol or essential oils, or sweat and shower and get a good scrub on itchy spots. I sometimes put a little hydrocortisone but that's just me.

Prayers that you feel better very soon! Keep up the good work!

Diet is so important in your healing not sure where you are in that but eat good, I do low carb it works best for me, good lifestyle habits repeated daily ..

Sending you lots of good energy and well wishes!!!

Blessings Nicole

11:22:42 PM

Hi Shawn,
I would suggest you do search on rash, sarna, or wheatgrass. Deborah B did nice post 8/ 11 under rashes please help.
I found drinking 1 gallon a water a day helps my rash and itching. 2 glasses morning good for organs, 1 glass 30 min prior to each meal good for digestion, 1 glass before bed keeps leg cramps away. I drink the remaining through out the day. When I do not drink enough then the rash seems to show up on my cheeks, head and wrist along with discomfort. Lint brush and Coconut oil helps too. Also, review your diet if you have added anything recently. I added blueberries and beans into my diet. I had to take them out again since did not feel well. Suggest cool /luke warm baths sine Hot water tough on skin and not so good with this illness. I have reduced to one bath a day to give my skin a break. I enjoy my evening bath, but going to think what Peter has shared as well. I have been consuming grapefruit seed extract in my water couple times a day too. Adding lots of garlic too. I put clove or tumeric in my tea and cayenne on my eggs and in water with lemon, but those items you listed sound like they would hurt on my rash.
Take Care and be careful.

2:07:40 AM

Hello Shawn

Morgellons is a disease that seems to always be about making corrections, no? These corrections often center on something we learn. For example, look at bathing. Did you know that our skin produces and uses beneficial bacteria just like our gut does? Should we be washing it away each day before giving it time to do something beneficial? Also, since fungus and mold thrive on moisture, is immersing the skin in hot water each day the right approach? What about the numerous toxic chemicals that we know are in tap water? How is the skin affected by washing it with these each day?

So, I am not persuaded that it is the right approach for you to shower twice daily. I look at bathing differently than I used to. I shower every other day, and I make it brief. In between shower days, I alternate between sponge bathing with Kleen Green and MMS, both of which are mixed with filtered water. I take one MMS bath per week and an occasional Kleen Green bath. My skin actually does better with less bathing. Go figure?

I would suggest you try to ignore the pimples on your chest. I remember something about the chest that causes symptoms to respond better when left alone. I do agree with you that sweating can sometimes aggravate symptoms. Rubbing may actually spread the fungal sludge to the surrounding skin, so try “dabbing” it lightly with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and then just try to keep it dry. Remember that Tea Tree oil is an astringent, so it is going to open up your pores. You might be better served with just using the Eucalyptus oil to dry the skin. .

Lastly, in my opinion, the ginger, turmeric, ground cloves, cayenne pepper, and cumin mixture would serve you better internally, by simply eating them with food. Nail polish remover is extremely toxic, so you should definitely avoid it completely. I have no experience with Manuka honey.

Unfortunately, Shawn, persistent organic pollutants remain ever present in our environment. No one can escape this truth. I am further convinced that water and food toxicity continue to increase each day, and I believe they are responsible for many of the chronic issues that continue for some people. This is likely a part of the infection that continues in my right forearm. So do not lose faith in the progress of your recovery. Just continue to make corrections. Hope this is helpful, my friend. Stay the course!



4:59:57 PM

Good evening to all,
I have not posted for a while due to severe symptoms that i cannot shift and i am a bit lost to be honest.
My latest symptoms are still with my tummy and between my pectorals running up to my the top of my shoulders. This symptom flared up during a very very warm humid day in the small creases of my tummy skin, itchy rash that has spread, i have tried tea tree, eucalyptus oil , this i found aggravated the symptoms, i spray with kleen green after the 2 showers i have a day, just more red itchy spots show themselves each day,
I was due to see a specialist at royal barts hospital last Friday and they have now put "unknown" on my forms to my g.p as before they stated Morgellons, i insisted they carry out more blood test, they are testing for staph, m.r.s.a and a couple of others with the exception of Lyme as he stated i do not have Lyme with the test i had 21 months ago.
He also prescribed an anti itch cream and thats it, just have to wait and see the results for the blood tests, my next appointment is 3 months with another 11 hour round trip.
On a different note i spoke to a lady who sells Kleen Green and she stated other customers who have bought this have also stated they are trying "Manuka 20+ honey" which is £40 a pot here to spread over the spots at night for 5 nights and the spots should disappear , i am trying this on a patch of my tummy , this will be the second night, also she stated bizarrely a sufferer used a dab of clear nail varnish on the spot to suffocate the area and hence the spot would disappear, i haven't tried this!! the other method was a mix of:
1 x teaspoon of ginger
1 x tsp of turmeric
1 x tsp of ground cloves
1 x tsp of cayenne pepper
1 x tsp of cumin
and 1 x large tsp of honey, mix with boiling water and take 2 x tsp of the mix 2 x per day after meals, then leave the rest in the fridge, after 4 days make another fresh batch, i am trying this on day 1 as i probably don't add enough spices to my meals anyway,
These itchy red spots, are they mite entries to the skin, candida yeast or fungal spores, love to know other methods or suggestions that are helpful with these symptoms,
My partner asked me what exactly does it feel like on my tummy, the best thing i can think of is wood splinters under my skin or glass splinters, very uncomfortable, and restless.
Jimmy thank you for your update, and i hope you are nicely back on track, you can do it !!
Ruth, lovely to talk to you and hopefully your Logos will arrive very soon , in the meantime diet truly is the key to get started.
Both of you welcome to keep in touch,
Mel " who's in your window" photos are brilliant and bring a ray of light.
Kindest regards to each and everyone of you. God bless

1:26:17 PM

Hi to everyone,

I'd like to introduce myself as I am just starting to find out about Mel's protocol and bit by bit reading through the website.

Thank you Mel for your call today, so helpful, and I will work through reading and processing the information.

I live in the UK and work as a piano teacher from my home in school term times, so now is a holiday, hooray! I'm married with three adult children. I have cats that do not come into the house.

I started with symptoms on 26th December 2014 on a small area of my arm with extremely severe itching. I thought I must have been bitten by something and took antihistamines and put bite cream on. Because it was in the Christmas holiday period with a house full of guests to feed and look after I hoped it would just go away. I then developed itchy spots on my other arm. I thought I might have scabies and was very stressed and worried that I had passed this on to elderly relatives who had visited. I went to see a doctor who didn't know what it was but suggested I try a scabies treatment. Of course by this stage I started cleaning seriously and also spent hours reading on line to know how to tackle it. It was when I spoke to a doctor friend for advice about the scabies and mentioned seeing small black things on my skin that I realised from his reaction that it wasn't scabies. So back to more reading for hours, so stressful and scary, mainly that I was infecting the rest of my family.

I've not had any lesions, just small fibres and specks. I get days when I feel crawly and itchy and I still get itchy spots and patches but not all the time.

If anyone feels able to offer me any help, support or advice please ask Mel for my contact details.

Thank you,


6:38:57 PM

Hi Mary & Ruth,
Mary a very in-depth forum reply describing your symptoms, i am pleased they have subsided and you are feeling great again.
This or these symptoms on my tummy and between my pectorals are slightly worse and have tried absolutely everything, i do not scratch the itching. Mel kindly rang me about this particular condition and it could well be a co infection, this is yet to be confirmed. I will try Eucalyptus oil on it as i have ordered it, hope this helps, otherwise i will continue my diet, protocol etc and god will assist me in this healing stage, i prey !!
Ruth please do not hesitate to contact me and any questions feel free, do not despair as we are all here for each other .
God Bless to each and everyone

1:33:21 PM

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your advice and I am hoping to contact Shawn for info on how he orders from the UK.

I have some anxiety about how my husband will respond to the financial outlay. I'm currently taking quite a few things but not really knowing what I'm doing so he's used to a cupboard full of bottles! But I would be grateful for your prayers about this that God will give me wisdom how to tackle it and make a way for me to get the treatment that I need to get well. Its not that we can't afford it but having his backing and support for it.

Thank you for your advice about the conference calls and I think that is where I concentrate my time next.

Thanks so much for your replies. I know I'm not alone, that God's with me, but to have replies from yourself and Shawn is so reassuring and makes me cry but obviously in a good way.



1:25:55 PM

Hi Shawn,

Thank you for your reply. Are the blotches and spots getting any better?

Thank you for your offer of getting in touch by email and I will ask Mel for your email address. I will be grateful for advice about ordering the items from the UK as well as general advice.


1:30:14 AM

Hi Shawn,

I think your red splotches might be deeper levels of the pathogens being kicked out of your body. I had this around my eyes and then on my neck a couple weeks ago. Red, itchy blotches all over my neck. Red, itchy, scaly skin under my eyes. But, they did go away slowly over a week.

At the time, I was wondering if it was something I ate, but it only went in those two places. Usually a allergic reaction will set off symptoms all over the body. So, I decided to view it as healing, I prayed a good deal about it, and now I'm feeling great once again. Actually, I can say I'm feeling the best I have in a year. The neck and eyes have been a place of illness for me historically before I ever formally got MD. So, I think that this is where they started in my body, or whatever the precursor is to this strange condition.

I did put some Kleen Green on my neck, but that seemed to aggravate it. But, maybe it helped to get rid of it faster? I was just about to take an MMS bath for it, when it started getting better. But the crease in my neck seemed to be worse than the rest of the spots so the sweat does irritate this or attract this?

As far as my eyes, it has happened twice that my eyes start getting watery for no apparent reason and as the tears leak from the corners of my eyes, it makes the skin sore and itchy and then red and scaly. When this first happened, it affected my eye lids and this second recent time it affected the skin below my eyes.

It was so weird that the tears would seem to start this skin reaction, that I think that MD is bothering my eyes and that toxins or dead organisms may actually be being excreted through the tears at these times. And, then, when these tears touch the skin around the eye, it causes a reaction in that skin which then becomes scaly, red and itchy. No lotion or oil (I did put on coconut oil) would sooth it or soften the scaly feeling.

All just conjecture, hypothesis on my part....I don't know anything for sure. But, thought you might feel better knowing someone else had these symptoms too and that they did go away.

Warmth and Blessings,

12:45:40 AM

Hi Ruth,

Very cool that your husband is a psychiatrist and saw the fibers come out of your skin. It is so helpful to have a spouse that believes that this is a real condition. You'll get his full support. I'm hoping he doesn't have it either or get it at all. Maybe he will someday help to dispel the belief that this is a delusional disorder.

I didn't have lesions either, just the same stuff you have and lots of crawling feelings in/on my skin.

I definitely didn't wait to read the whole forum before I started the protocol. That forum takes weeks to read through. I don't think that is necessary. There is the FAQ's and the Mel's Protocol page and the Articles and Diet section for finding info on a low glycemic, anti-candida type diet. So, that's what I did, I started eating right and ordered the protocol asap. As soon as the supplements, silver, and MMS arrived, I started them. But, of course, as you may read in one of my first posts, I made a mistake and started the extension support supplements at the same time instead of waiting a month to start those. I didn't read Mel's Protocol section clearly and got confused. Everything was confusing at first. But, Mel caught that mistake during a phone call and I stopped and restarted those properly a few weeks later with my one drop of MMS. I would read the forum a little bit at at time as I could but listened to most of the conference calls as it was easier for me to listen than to read and it had a calming effect on me.

The supplements are from Logos Nutritionals in Georgia and I'm sure they ship to you. Mel will answer all those questions for you. And, you've got Shawn over there as well. As far as the Sovereign Silver, all our local health food markets carry that product, so maybe yours do as well.

So, don't hesitate, get those supplements started as they and the eventual MMS will destroy/eliminate the pathogens whose population has gotten out of control and is no longer within normal limits and will build up your body's immune system once again.

Warmly, Mary


8:58:14 AM

Hi Ruth and welcome,
I live in the U.K and have had severe symptoms of this disease since August 2013, although i believe i had this in my system many years prior to this.
I have taken the full protocol since December 2013, eaten a very clean diet, my symptoms have resided so much and a lot more energy, as i need it in construction. Too date i am not going to skirt around it but my symptoms for some reason have flared up for the last two weeks, and if anyone can also give me advice, i have itchy red spots and blotches around my belly button and up to and in between my pectorals, they will not go away and itch so badly, i seem to of got them bending down to do my work and in between my two folds of my tummy, maybe where i sweat as it was very humid, and as i said they will not disappear ??Any suggestions please? Ruth having said the above i have come a long long way since 2013, if you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact Mel for my email or my number, we as a community can beat this wretched disease.
God Bless to you all

7:07:44 AM

Hi Mary,

Thank you for replying! Yes I do feel overwhelmed by the amount of information but also know I need to stick to one protocol. Over the past seven months I have been trying on my own praying and asking God for help to know what to do and take but felt out of my depth.

Yes I've started to make notes now so I can try to draw information together.

I want to start the protocol but am I right to read everything first?

I've not had lesions, just fibres and specks though less now than at the beginning.

The great thing about reading through is that it is focussing me again on cleaning, washing, diet and hopefully I can get into a good routine over the summer as I teach in term time so have less time then. Although since all this I am now constantly clearing out and decluttering.

Are you well now? I look forward to reading your posts as I catch up on the forum.

Thanks so much for making contact. The only person I have spoken to about this is my husband ( a retired psychiatrist). But as a doctor he has a certain way of thinking about things. Fortunately in the first few weeks of this he did see something emerging from my skin which we looked at under a child's microscope and he saw it was a bundle of fibres so he understands that there is something there!

Thank you again for your kindness,



5:42:57 AM

I am also starting reading from the first forum page so will eventually meet in the middle! Thank you to the person who suggested taking notes. I now have a notebook to record things as I go.

If there is anyone from the UK to share their experiences I would be grateful. Have you tried help from doctors here? Do you order the protocol from the US?

Sorry if these things are answered in the forum.


2:38:45 AM

Hi Ruth! I, too, welcome you, warmly! I'm glad you found Mel's place here. Like you, the forum was and remains invaluable for me on this healing journey. I needed to feel connected to others going through the same situation and that interaction completely dispels the feeling of loneliness. That feeling of being scared and alone was so awful until I found Mel's place. It really never came back again since then, which is now a year ago.

I know it's a lot of information. Try not to get overwhelmed. I took some notes in a little notebook and noted the date and name of the thread so I could find it again if needed. Having very little time, being a little A.D.D., and in the beginning my anxiety being high and concentration being low, reading was more difficult for me and I found that the conference calls were really helpful with good information. Also hearing everyone's voices made it more real that I wasn't alone and calmed me down to hear healthy sounding people, with good attitudes and quite often, even joking together. I was completely blown away thinking, my gosh, how can they have such good attitudes with this condition? But, very soon, it was intoxicating and it spread into me. I felt their hope. I heard their improvements. I heard about their total recovery. It was very uplifting. And, the protocol started working and I began to feel better. The hope and confidence grew inside me. Together with the help of our Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I found much comfort and peace in the forum and conference calls.

So, I'm looking forward to hearing from you as often as you can write. I personally found it really helped me to participate in the forum, too, as have others, so I do recommend it. I hope you are starting the protocol and will soon be saying hello to much better health and eventually will realize a full recovery. This is a real cure.
Blessings, Mary

4:20:31 AM

Thank you for the welcome! I live in the UK. I started with symptoms 7 months ago and have been looking at websites, trying different things but felt quite lonely and felt I need to start reading a forum regularly to hear how others are tackling it. Thank you for this website - its an answer to prayer. I have started reading the forum, from page 27 as and when I can. Am now about to start page 24 and am trying to be patient and get hold of all the information.
Thank you Mel!


10:08:21 AM

Hello UK and Europe,

We started this thread about three months ago because of an influx of new people from this area.

I had been contacted by three new women within days and made an overture to ask two young recovering gentleman to try and help them as much as possible. The men agreed to help and the ladies had not responded until twelve days ago!

Now I know for a fact that both gentleman have made contact. I would like to see more exchange between you all as a sign to others in the UK and Europe that there is HOPE!!!


Please ladies as you get well, share your progress, to bring hope to others.

God bless, never give up HOPE!


12:35:16 AM

Hello Friends

I want to send out joyous greetings to each of you good people in the UK who have posted here. We have known for some time now that Morgellons disease is present on every continent. So, it stands to reason that we can gain much from you folks sharing your experiences with us here.

I want to extend a special hello to Shawn. We have communicated in the past by e-mail, so it is especially good to hear from you and to know you are still in the fight.

There is still so much to learn and so much to better understand in these particular co-infections and their persistent nature. Whether we are hearing from folks in the UK, or folks in Australia or Russia, the sharing of information is what is becoming so powerful. Please keep posting through this thread to keep it alive. I treasure you for your contributions to this community! May God bless you.

In His Love,

10:40:34 PM

Hi Shawn, sounds possibly like you did have a big system wide reaction to the bug or whatever that got in you. Like an allergic reaction actually. But, your system kicked it out fast. So, whatever it was, sounds like it's long gone. Hang in there and good to hear from you! Maybe that big herx type reaction is going to be the beginning of the last chapter in your healing. I will pray on it!

8:28:37 PM

Hi Gang
I'm Jimmy & on month two of the protocol. It's really helped with my symptoms & given me hope that things can be normal again. Mel has my details if you wanna get in touch.
Good luck xxxx

3:49:26 PM

Hi to everyone fighting this, some of you may already know me, i am from the u.k and have been on the full protocol for 17 months, it has been and i am not going to lie it still rears its ugly head ! Only two weeks ago i suffered a terrible bout of flu, this lasted around a week, then came the "rash from hell" over my whole body, and i mean totally covered, it looked like sunburn and was intensely itchy. this however subsided after around 4 days, no new spots or rash but as i work outside in construction and it has been very warm here in the u.k i got bitten on my arm and leg on consecutive days, hard very very itchy lumps. Today this is subsiding considerably, i feel my immune system is kicking in and relieving me of my symptoms far far sooner than in my self diagnosis of this disease.
The message from the above is pure and simple, take the protocol, totally strict on your diet and home environment , i know this consumes energy and time but believe me it is worth it, i NEVER ever want to go back to where i was 18 months ago!! , the only thing i am lacking is having enough sleep of which i am addressing.
Please if anyone wants to contact me for any advice feel free to ask Mel for my details, we are here together, to help, to advise and ultimately cure. Lets share our journey and help each other !!

God bless and kindest regards

mel **

11:12:21 AM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always!

Over three years ago we started a thread called "HELLO DOWN UNDER" and today it is still active. It helped those so far away to develop a network among themselves which proved to be invaluable to them.

Today because of the growing amount of people in the UK and Europe I thought it would be helpful for you all to start to network with one another. I ask those who would be willing to start communicating with others to post here!

The comfort knowing you are not alone is priceless. Relationships developed among people are what our website is about. They are beneficial to both parties, and some have become good friends.

This is your opportunity to interact and help each other through these difficult times. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have and help expedite communication.

God bless you all; Never ever give up Hope!


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