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5:58:56 PM

Dear Ruth,

I am so happy and thankful that you have reached the rainbow.

I know how hard and long this journey has been for you and how your courage and hope and your faithfulness to God, to diet and Mel's protocol has brought you through.

Over the last two years you have stayed calm and
have helped so many, with your quiet positivity and help.

It seems we come through this with a greater strength and renewed faith in God.

Would we have made it without Mel,s constant support and this site? I do not think so. I know so.

Take care,

Ruth, God Bless you always.

Love Marie

11:24:32 AM

Dear Ruth,

Thanks you very much for the excellent, informative and helpful Conference call on Saturday.

You fielded all our questions with ease. You sound so relaxed and so well.

it's just fantastic that you are, 'doing the happy dance of recovery.'

It really helps the rest of us to hear that and to hear your journey.

God bless,

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