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8:47:08 AM

Today I am giving a special shout out to everyone here who is from UK and Europe.

Mel started this thread to be a place where folks from the UK and Europe could meet up and share experiences.

This thread is the reason I came to start the protocol as previously I had seen Mel's Protocol as for the US and thought it wouldn't be possible for me to access the necessary products in the UK.

However, after praying for help to know where to go for support I looked at the forum and for the first time I saw this thread. So here I came!

As so many folks from the UK are looking at the site it would be great if you all would post here on this thread and say hello. Also ask any questions you need to ask.

An update on my progress is that I was on Mel's Protocol for just over two years at which stage symptoms disappeared. I am now having a three month trial period of no WPS or Olive Leaf Extract to see how my body responds. So far all is well!

I am still keeping mainly to the diet. Yesterday though I tried plums for the first time. I have a load of Victoria plums in the freezer as we have a tree in the garden. I made a plum crumble, sweetened with stevia and a crumble topping of ground almonds and oats with butter. I think plums contain more sugar than berries so I have kept away from them up until now but again no reaction so that's great. The other addition is 85% Green and Blacks chocolate. I only eat 10g a day as it contains a small amount of raw cane sugar. I wouldn't have tried it before I was well though. Its just to let you know what its like on the other side, as I always wondered what happened to people as they got better and what changes if any they made to their diet.I also have a small amount of organic non homogenised milk from grass fed herd.

So it would be great to hear from others in the UK. Are you on the protocol? Are you considering starting? Are there any questions we can help with?

I joined this forum as I knew I needed support from somewhere with morgellons and the help I've received from Mel and others has been amazing.

The best way to get help from Mel is to get a coaching session and he will give you the information, support and impetus that you need. Truly the day I spoke to him the first time, that was the day I stopped all sugar, flour, potatoes, rice, bread. He has an amazing coaching ability.

Looking forward to reading more posts here from you all.

10:23:40 PM

Hello to all the people in the UK,

who are reading this and who are suffering from this illness.

Where are you?

Please can you come forward, join Our community, these past two Friday, there have been over 80 people viewing the website through out the day

Very few people from the UK are coming forward and writing in
forum or taking part in the conference calls. (Calls are free and have been scheduled, so we may take part despite the time difference.)

Why? Why are people suffering silently?

You could be part of this community and have help, support, friendship, understanding.

You do not need to give your whole name, privacy and anonymity are respected.

You know for several years I was alone fighting this, not now!

The website is a absolute treasure house of valuable, much needed information to help us heal.

This protocol is worth its weight in gold!

the forum gives everyone an opportunity to communicate share ideas and the latest information on a daily basis.

These conference calls cover everything we could possibly,
need an answer too and more!

But I yearn to hear from others here in the UK, who are also dealing with Morgellons and other toxic diseases, so that you can have the opportunity to have your health restore as well..

You are not alone, some of us have already started restoring our health here and some from the UK and Europe are healthy again, back enjoying their lives once more!!

Please find your voice and come and join us.


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