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11:23:28 AM
No Mel, It's not whipped cream

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Cathee is Coming, Cathee is Coming back once more to review how to make the non-toxic under arm deodorant for both women and men.

Also She will briefly touch on such subject such as the Natural Ginesis toxic disease starter Kit, Essentials oils and of course our beloved Kleen Green.

And as always answer any and all question you may have. So be there this Saturday on our free weekly conference call, to meet and speak with Cathee.

( Mel Says, "Check More Communication Subheading for call in numbers, code and the times")

God bless you all.

I SAY IT AGAIN, "Those who did not give up HOPE got well."

Laura (aunt)

11:50:20 AM

Hello all,

After the wonderful conference call on Saturday,
I thought the information here would further explain some of the benefits we get from Logo's supplements.

I encourage all new members dealing with this disease to focus on the positive benefits we are gaining by changing our diet and life style. In other words focus on the cure rather than the disease.

Today I have restored my health (95%) and am slowly moving back into living my life. I went through many phases and stages to get to this point. Mostly it took time, perseverance, and faith in our Lord. He definitely guided me to this website where people care and understand.

"Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ" Romans 5:1

In Christ Love,

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