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Laura (aunt)

9:34:48 AM


I am looking forward to your new MagnifiGreens product and would like information on the best way to pulse it in with our protocol.

Thank you for all the time, research, knowledge, and dedication you put into helping people restore the integrity of their bio-terrain / health.

In Christ Love,

9:39:24 AM

Good Morning!

I am very happy to report that Logos Nutritionals will soon be offering a comprehensive greens formula! This has been a long term project and we are excited to finally be able to announce that MagnifiGreens will be available late next week.

Because it is a tablet and not a powder, we did not have to load it up with sweeteners like most manufacturers do. I will be discussing this formula in more detail in tomorrow's conference call.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


John Burgstiner

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