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6:57:13 PM

Hello Warriors


After being on the protocol a full 6 months with one full month on my maintenance dose of MMS, Mel approved me for my first MMS bath THIS WEEK. . I found it to be incredibly therapeutic!!

What is significant here is this.

Mel INTENDED the MMS bath to be INTRODUCED at this point of recovery. He understands that by waiting it optimizes the value of the bath. By having me wait until the right time I now further understand and can AFFIRM for you that 'TRULY,' it is the 'SUM of the PARTS' together with a 'SLOW and STEADY' delivery of the protocol and its' support strategies that prove out as best!!

YOU CANNOT rush the process. If I had not demonstrated patience and waited, my taking the bath any earlier would actually have been COUNTER PRODUCTIVE! Now I will use the 'MMS BATH'' every 3 days as a regular strategy with full knowledge of why IT IS INTRODUCED AT THIS POINT OF MY RECOVERY!!

THANK YOU CAPTAIN for having me wait. To use your own eloquent words...' I am indeed a race car driver with no speed track!!' SO I WILL CONTINUE TO GO SLOW.


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