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Always Wanted To Go To Club Med...But Somehow Ended Up At Club Morg?

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Ms. V.
11:38:57 PM


Awww - thank you for your sweet words. They made a little warm spot on my heart. I think there are so many brave voices on this forum. It's important for newcomers to read the veterans' stories, tips and advice, but I think it's equally important for newcomers to read input from other newcomers so they know there are others on the journey at the same time.

Your contributions are truly important and I really appreciate them.

The Capomo is a wonderful alternative, I'm so glad you like it, too. And I cannot rave about the Nutpods creamer enough. I used it this past week to make a creamy pesto sauce to put on quinoa penne pasta. My husband even loved it. For those who are now able to eat oatmeal or other whole grain cereals, it is a wonderful milk substitute. Let me know what you think after you get the chance to try it :)

11:03:57 AM

Hello Ms V,

I wanted to respond to the following comment you wrote in a response to Linn, under the "Follow up to Saturday's conference call" thread and thought/hoped that if I did so in your thread you would be sure to see it. :)

You wrote; "Thank you so much for all of your contributions. Thanks to Deanna and Peter, too. I have been unable to attend the conference calls the past 3 weeks due to scheduling conflicts, but I listen to the recordings diligently after the fact. I'm only entering my 3rd week on the protocol as of this coming week but I feel so blessed to have found this community."

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, as putting my name in with Linn and Peter as far as being a help to this community is a HUGE compliment!!!

I am glad that you are listening to the calls they are incredibly helpful and have answered so many of my questions in the 3 months I've been on the protocol.

Last but not least, I did receive and had my first cup of Capomo coffee alternative... It was a little bit of Heaven on Sunday afternoon!!! I will definitely order the cream you mentioned for a future latte as an EXTRA special treat!!!

Thanks again and have a blessed day, my friend!!!


Ms. V.
5:03:36 AM

Adrianne and Ruth - please pardon my responding to both of you in one post - my son came home this past Thursday, a day early due to Hermine hitting the Georgia coastline and a bit inland where his school is.

Having him home was wonderful but stressful. He's still a teenager so he doesn't understand why my husband and I are being even more Draconian about him throwing his dirty clothing on the floor, cleaning, etc. than we are normally. Hopefully, next time he comes home we will have a better handle on things.

Thank you both so much for your encouragement. I have had a few bleak days recently, which I'm sure is related not only to the exhaustion from MD but also from the over all stress and anxiety. It is really very helpful to hear from two ladies who also have multiple family responsibilities and are managing to juggle everything with diligence, faith and grace :)

Adrianne - thank you dearly for the tips. Your responses have been so encouraging and on point with regard to my individual situation. I am relieved to hear I can have a bit of chocolate, especially since Lilly's bars are something I get regularly from Vitacost but your recipe sounds even better! I'm going to try it this week. I haven't had much opportunity to talk in depth with Mel or Peter. Mel was nice enough to contact me to discuss getting started. Mel, Peter and so many others, including yourself, Craig and Ruth, are true Samaritans.

Ruth! Some of your previous posts as you started your journey were some of the first posts I read on the forum. It seemed that when I first entered search terms I often found myself being lead to and reading something you, Lady T, Ellen or Peter wrote. I was very moved by your circumstances and, though some of the particulars are different, I can relate. Your words warmed my heart and made me feel less lonely. Though my sweet husband is being a trooper, he can't understand empathically everything I'm going through. I am so thankful that he can't totally relate because that means he is healthy, but it increases the feeling of loneliness in this storm.

May both of you brave ladies continue toward wellness. I look forward to being able to connect with you through a conference call in the near future.

Much love,

Ms. V.

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