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2:53:15 PM

Hi John. I did Mel's entire protocol, with oil of oregano minus Bactrim, for about a month last year when my systemic symptoms were at their worst. I was constantly tired, had many aches, and I woke up each day with nausea. I felt better within a couple weeks on the protocol, and felt nearly 100% at the end of a month. Then, money got tight, I separated from my wife, and I had to cease the protocol. I saw a doctor right before starting the protocol, and we did the stool testing through Metametrix labs. They found dysbiosis, but no pathogens or fungal overgrowth in the stool. So, my doctor gave me a script for 3 weeks of Bactrim because I still had skin lesions. I am trying to find a doctor willing to to give longer and broader range prescriptions since I know I have to continue to fight this. I just don't want to wait until I am like I was last year when I thought I was going to die. Right now, I am very strong and have actually put on over 10 lbs of lean body mass in the last two months. However, I still feel 'it' in my skin and my hair has not regrown back.
Money is better again, so I intend on getting on the entire protocol (minus Bactrim)this month.

2:09:46 PM

Hi DS,

I noticed you said you are trying to get back on the protocol... which parts have you been taking and for how long?

As you may know, Mel's protocol does not include any antifungal drugs, although he did for a long time use some oil of oregano which is known to have antifungal and other antimicrobial properties.

According to the limited research that has been published on Morgellons, thyroid suppression and various nutrient deficiencies are very common among Morgellons sufferers, so hair loss is common as well.

Many people believe that part of the thyroid suppression that is so common to Morgellons may be a result of mycotoxin overload from fungal overgrowth.

There are many natural antifungal agents, but like their pharmaceutical counterparts, they also place a burden on the body's detox systems... which is where the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol comes in handy... comprehensive support for every organ system and metabolic pathway.

Best of luck in your recovery. Please keep us posted on your progress.


John B.

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