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2:44:03 AM

HI Mae,
Hope you get this.
I have been to a zillion doctors here, NONE of them believe Morgellons, they think it is self-induced . .even though I brought the pictures and prints outs from internet. The closest doctor that listens to Morgellons, i believe is Reed the one you said in Tampa, I cannot afford to get there at this time or do continued visit, a consultation alone is 250-300 without treatment. .
I will have to be my own doctor

10:47:05 PM

There is a Dr. in West Chester, Pa.( not too terribly far away from Boston) I saw him today.
He is knowledgable about the condition, offers some understanding and will help you with a protocol.
Dr. Schuchman
at the Tick Borne Disease Center in West Chester.

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