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Theresa S.

10:42:50 PM

Hey Jessica,

Praise be to God Almighty, your victory is at hand!

Jessica, just clean your house and read my post about the realization I came to about 'worrying' about cleaning my house.

Bottom line - concentrate your greatest efforts on getting yourself and your parents well - eat clean, take your supplements, rests, rest, rest and then clean your house.

A strong immune system is your greatest defense and cleaning your house like a mad woman or worry about cleaning your house - will only make you sicker.

Keep Strong!

Theresa S.
Jessica S.

8:44:41 PM

Awww thank you Teresa! If it wasn't for Mel and the website including you I don't know how I would pull through. But yes lmao I will keep on my big girl undies and continue this journey with my healthy protocols and diet. I'm just worried about cleaning my environment and which products to use to clean my clothing. But I'm still learning. I'm blessed to have you guys!

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