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Brand new to site and Morgellons ARGH!!!!!!!

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12:29:12 PM

hiya L,
Welcome- As you can see you are not alone.Please tell us how we may help you.I suggest that you read as much as the forum as you can. You may find questions answered already, Maybe not.I think you will see that everyone here, try's to help one another.
Anger is self destructive, It may hinder your healing process,Try and let it go,there are many of us here for you.
Again tell us how we can help!

good luck God bless,

1:59:39 AM

Hi Deb2,I am so happy you are getting the help you need,the first step is to find a Doc who will listen without judging. Wonderful to encourage everyone to hang in there.I wanted also to respond to this- the anger issue. It can get the best of us if we let it.I agree -lets not let it do that.I so agree with you,my heart is right there with everyone,lets work together and work through this supporting one another.If we act rashly or harshly then those who doubt that this condition exists feel they are justified in calling it a hoax. Mr. Mel has not said'my cure is THE ONE-THE ONLY' he has stepped up to the Medical community and said'I had a disease,its called Morgellons-its real -here is proof and this is how I got well. That took nerve and now we can continue from that base line.Which we are all grateful for.
This may be another piece of our puzzle. We all seem to be immune compromised,whether from a bite or something else. Also, I think at least for myself the Ph balance is a factor. From all I have read -many Morgellons patients seem to have acid systems.Hopefully as we build our little community here we will eventually have info. so everyone can source Doctors and articles to research and find the help they need,without feeling humiliated.
Blessings to you my friend,

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