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3:28:54 AM

Hi Mulya,

In answer to your question about doctors - I have not really found any who were helpful with this disease. In fact, misinformation and wrong diagnoses from doctors resulted in my condition not being identified or treated for many years - I got sicker instead of better. This is just my experience, though - and I don't live in the US.

There are doctors in the US who have been very helpful to Mel and others. You may be lucky to find a good doctor who can help you.

I do believe, though, that this disease is mostly unrecognised by the medical establishment, and that is why there are lots of people who come to this website - to share their knowledge and help others.

I wish you all the best Mulya


10:56:29 AM

THANKS TO ALL for your replys.

All advice is very helpful for me, I still have not checked the state of my body and I'm still confused as to what I was suffering from this disease. And I still have to consult my parents together, their response is not good, maybe physically I still look healthy, so they are less heed to my symptoms.

Which doctor should I go and start checking what should be run first to make sure this disease? Maybe I should go to Malaysia to find the right doctor. In my area, they do not trust the doctors here, their analysis can not be trusted.

Conditions that often I feel now is a faint tooth ache and headache that came up missing, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks. Then came the red bumps on one point left arm, which is around 1.5cm sized red bumps. Sometimes there is movement under the skin and in the fingers like a needle pierci

Thanks for the suggestions from you guys.

God always blesses us.


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