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Can The Later Stages of Morgellons Be Reversed With Mel's Protocol?

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6:37:45 AM

Trav What are you waiting for?!

When you start and you see results/progress you will be very encouraged and it will have you feeling much better. Seeing the positive results will help you have faith and to know that you can get well. Even the smallest result will tell you that things will improve however what time it takes - as long as you are moving forward it will give you incentive to go on fighting.

I can say this because I am living it. I am not done but getting better every day.

6:13:33 AM


Please go on the FULL protocol as soon as possible. Stay on it and I think you will get well. In fact, I think you will be amazed at your healing. I was very sick and now have very very minor symptoms, if any.


6:10:36 PM

Hello Trav

I want to further welcome you to this community. As I read the responses to your initial post, I see that others have given you a great start on understanding this disease. They also make it clear that people care and that they understand the way back to health.

You yourself wrote that you feel it spreading, so I hope you make the choice to commit to this treatment and get started right away. God bless you.

Strength and Love,

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