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Chair Despair

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Ms. V.
5:42:18 PM

Hi, Nancy!

I just retrieved your phone message - my apologies for the delay, I just ran out of hours in the day!

If you are available, I can give you a call tomorrow. I'd love to discuss herbs and spices with you!

Ms. V.

8:48:23 AM

Thanks Gale for your earthing advice.

I do walk around barefoot but will do it more outside. I agree totally that it's EMFS. I have a Himilayan salt lamp in my bedroom and want to get one in every room. They claim to disrupt EMFs.

I have to be in front of PC for work as a treatment I offer involves a computer program. So I'm going to get a lamp in the office also. I think I need a mat under my feet too when in pc. Though crawlies rarely strike anymore when I'm at the computer. Still, it's a health hazard.



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