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11:20:30 PM

Have no lesions, however, due to the nature of this thing (or should I say , un-natural-ness..)
I am taking certain precautions.
One is that I nolonger hold my cats who nolonger live with me.
I go to see them and cautiously touch them as little as possible or with gloves.
I take them goodies which they look forward to!Like tuna fish which is opened for them!
: )
Appreciate the reply from both of you, thank you.

It is my goal to understand epidemiology so that hopefully there will be clarity in this realm of the issue.


6:23:33 PM

Debra and G,
I've had this for over 4 yrs. Another individual lived in the house and my 2 labradors. The other individual did NOT get this, but one lab did and died from it. With that being said, I KNOW my lab that died had an immune problem and she loved to lick me (before I knew what I had). My other lab does not have this at this time.
I believe that it can be passed on to others if they have an immune system problem or come into direct contact with a leision. I refrain from any direct contact with individuals and keep most of the leisions covered. So far, no one else I know of has contracted this from me. Be cautious!

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