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Clear Your Car or a Room of the biting, crawling, stinging

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1:11:12 PM


I laughed so hard at the image of you looking at the clothes in Walmart with a microscope and security chasing you down.


I Needed a good laugh.

11:02:45 PM

Hiya Gina H!

Welcome once again;

First let me thank you for bringing clarity regarding the two Ginas.

Whenever someone has told me in my life time that they had a problem I have always felt bad for that individual.
To me that signals a challenge that has totally become overwhelming,when this happens we are usually confused frightened and feel alone.

First let me assure you that you are not alone, that there are many wonderful people on or website who are on the road to recovery.

As far as confusion there is so much information available, that one who reads everything has to process and ingest the information which is not easy when you are suffering from morgellons.
Then you have to go back and analyze the information and decide what parts pertain to your particular symptoms.

In the last year there have been tremendous in roads in the fact that doctors are beginning to recognize morgellons as a legitimate disease, and insights in how to exactly deal with this multifaceted horrific illness.
There is more hope than ever for the morgellons sufferer.

MMS,is a very important part in my personal health restoration, but as I have always said it is the sum of the parts, not some of the parts. My protocol involes multiple parts to fight the morgellons as well as vitamins, nutrients, probiotics to help restore the immune system functions.
One also needs to know how to utilize MMS the best way when treating morgellons.

You can go to our protocol page then scroll down to the third picture, the picture shows two bottles, MMS water and 50% Citric Acid solution.

Put the curser on the picture and click.

This is a page specifically designed by the manufacturer for morgellons sufferers.

You will notice that the manufacturer suggests that MMS be taken once a day, in the evening to keep it apart from the other parts of the protocol.

We have gone from having no testing a year ago for the morgellons sufferer to having two types of testing now available which gives the morgellons sufferer options.

I recommend that everyone contact Pam at to discuss the two types of testing made available,and she will help find a doctor who will go over test results with you.

It has taken me over an hour because I am a two finger typer to get this far along in my response to you.

There are many questions that you have asked that I have not answered yet, because some of them I am not qualified to answer.
Let me suggest that you send your phone number to my email address( so that I may talk with you further, and help you utilize our search engine feature which should be able to answer the balance of your questions.

As far as the cotton issue,our website has never taken a political stance.

I will tell you the story of riding through Walmart with a hand held microscope examining all the cotton shirts and sox, eventually being approached by Walmart security as I was driving the electric cart as fast as possible trying to evade any confrontation.
As I reported back in March of 2009 I did not see anything wiggle.

In closing I would like to say that I hope I have brought a little bit of HOPE into your life.
Maybe you even smile at my true and funny story.

Look forward to hearing from you through the email.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!

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