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8:40:34 PM

WONDERFUL John, thank you!!! I read the full description on your site, and it seems to address every single one of my health concerns! Probably why my doctor recommended it huh? Yay! I am excited to add it into my arsenal now!
Thank you again! xo

12:01:56 PM

Hi Julie,

Colostrum is loaded with immune and growth factors that boost immunity. Known around the world simply as 'Mother's first milk', it is God's mechanism for transferring innate immunity from mother to child.

Colostrum is unique among natural immune boosters because it contains essential nutrients and protease inhibitors that keep it from being destroyed by the processes of digestion.

Humans produce relatively small amounts of colostrum in the first two days after giving birth, but cows produce a plentiful supply (around nine gallons). Bovine colostrum can be transferred to all other mammals, and is four times richer in immune factors than human colostrum.

It is highly recommended as an addition to Mel's protocol and it is available on the Logos Nutritionals website or at the bottom of the Logos Morgellons Support Kit page.

If you order the colostrum and it is your first order with Logos, make sure you put in the MORG10 discount code in the comments section of the shopping cart. If you have ordered from Logos before and we know you are a Morgellons patient, it is not necessary to put in the code each time.

Keep looking up Julie!



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