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Theresa S.

8:34:55 PM


Thanks again for asking me to participate on the conference call. It was a pleasure and a honor to know that you feel that Monica and myself are 'warriors' in this journey.

I look forward to the next conference call and the great wealth of knowledge you and John impart.

Fear is not an option! God Bless!

Theresa S.


3:05:37 PM

I don't know if everyone truly understands how honored I was to be asked to do the conference call. Community is so important when dealing with any sort of health issue, especially one such as this. It's important that we are supportive of one another in a positive way. Not all days will be 'good' ones, but, it helps to know you're not going through this alone. It makes getting through the 'not-so-good days' easier to manage. Keep going... we'll all get there...together. ;-)

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