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2:51:33 PM

Mel and John and the girls--Monica and Theresa,

Your positive testimonies with regard to the intricacies of the protocol and the need to be patient, and stalwart in battling this insidious disease was uplifting and inspiring. it's further amazing to hear all describe what I have already been going through since recognizing I had this disease last August. I have already been through the purging and herxing and specs and critters of all kinds from various medicinal and herbal protocols I have already tried so no purging will shock me at this point. I am already at a new level in moving forward to combat this complicated disease --but you have put me at ease with the uncertainty of injesting the MMS since you have positive stories to tell . Meanwhile I am having some herxing on the Molecular silver and supplements--woke up with sore throat, very congested, more outbreaks and a bit off balance but then hours later I have normal energy etc. Unfortunately new outbreak on face which I never had is upsetting but I know it will pass. I am just curious whether any one else has actually been totally healed at this point other than MEL?

Thankful and blessed to have found you all.

Best Wishes,

1:45:20 PM

Hello Mel, John and all new warriors.

LOVE and STRENGTH to all. I just wanted to tell everyone what a wonderful and uplifting experience the other nights conference call was for me. To atually hear the voices of Theresa nad Monica(google gal) gave me a stronger feeling of connection to these two beautiful and battle hardened women. As I said on the call, through reading about their lives with this insidious disease and the sharing of their ongoing experiences, I have grown to know that they are indeed very, very special souls!! And God Bless captain Mel, the ongoing quarterback that provides direction and hope in a tireless fashion that lifts me every day to contiue with hope for a complete recovery. Also, I want to tell John, that I cried during your closing prayer as i am starting to now in telling you this. I have been doing weekly bible study on the phone from my home and I am very filled with Gods healing grace these days! Thanks also for the help with the products . Thats it. Everyone out there feel free to contact me. Mel has my e-mail and phone #. Finally, James...I look forward to getting to know you better as I felt a special empathy towards you from your calm demeanoor and your candid sharing. God Speed. LOVE and STRENTH!!! Peter.

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