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4:02:19 PM

Hiya Edith,

Welcome as always;

I hope you read the response to your first post where I talked about our Teleconference Call Feature.

Now, in following the web sites most important rule

I have never used the crystals and to this day can not give advice on something I have Never Done!

Both Pamela Mae and Mr common sense had me remove their post about the crystals, because of numerous
horror stories reported from the misuse of menthol crystals.

I am sorry that I can not help in this matter, but I have no experience with the crystals.

God Bless, Never Never give up Hope!
Edith Springer

11:57:34 AM

I think you should put the instructions back up. Mountain Rose has no idea how to use them. I emailed them and they told me they don't know what kind of diffuser to use for the purpose of clearing the environment of Morgellons critters. Those of you who know how to do this and have done it should help those of us still suffering. Isn't that the purpose of your sites?

Mel put his whole treatment protocol on his site and it helped so many people. Why won't you do the same about the environment? The stress caused by living with these critters is enormous and people are getting hurt trying to figure out how to use the crystals on their own.

We rely upon those who've gone before us to help us and you've been so wonderful, Pamela Mae and so instrumental in helping so many people. I am perplexed by your response to this issue.

God Bless you,

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