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"Dancing hair"

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8:38:05 AM

Hi Becca,

I had moving hair in the beginning too.

It will stop when you begin the protocol, start the strict diet, and treat your scalp with Sulfur Soap, Tea Tree Shampoo, and Kleen Green.

It seems like it will never end, but PLEASE believe me, if you stick with the protocol that we all have followed, you will be healed from this disease.

All my best!

Becca N
12:51:03 AM


Hope everyone had a great holiday! I'm scared but ordering my kit tomorrow :).

I'm also scared because I see signs on my 94yr old Grandma and dog. I just realized in the past few weeks I have this.

Thanks for all of the information and love here

9:04:34 AM

Good Morning!

Yes, Becca, I have also had dancing hair! Crazy!

But I dont tell people other then the ones on this

site, I am afraid of what they may do to me;\

If your are not on the protcol then I suggest you

do what you can to get on it! This is the place to

be healed.

Love always, Paula

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