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12:28:54 AM

you can spray hydrogen peroxide on furniture to destroy the bugs. get the the 27 percent hydrogen peroxide from a swimming pool store . mix itone fourth cup to a gallon of water and spray the furniture.. You can increase to one half cup to one gallon of water if necessary. Cover hands with gloves. Do not allow to get in eyes. Do not let the 27 percent hydrogen peroxide get on your skin. The stuff is powerful but it works

3:14:31 PM

Hi Deb,

This is what is so frustrating about this condition. Because patients are isolated and ignored by modern medicine, they are pretty much forced to self-medicate, and in their eagerness to find relief, they often do "over do" it.

As desperate as your situation feels,it is imperative that you use things like MMS or iodine as directed, with caution, and with patience. I know that is much easier said than done, and you are in our prayers.

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