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Does this reaction indicate I may have a problem?

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Barbara G
8:15:24 PM

Thanks for sharing your experience and for your encouragement, Sheri. I am definitely going to follow through. I think this has been a wake up call to take more seriously the symptoms I've been living with.

I plan to get a checkup and any tests my doctor is willing to order. They may not be all the tests I need, but it will be a start. I'm thinking the Candida Cleanse Protocol and possibly some of the other products from Logos may fit my needs? Any advice from John or any others would be much appreciated.

Barbara G
8:44:33 AM

Thank you, Jane.

That is my suspicion also and I am wondering what testing would be helpful to determine what is going on?

8:43:45 AM

Hi Barbara,

Boy, this post brings back memories. Oh man, do I remember hearing this from my own friend who was around us.

He had hung out with us for only 20 minutes at the diner when we were just at the height of our illness, and later he described the same as you, but he said he was feeling itching, pricks, small shock sensations and noticed he was more itchy when he saw us.

Showers definitely did not work for my fiancee and I in the beginning, but I'm sure they did for our friend. I recommend forewarned is forearmed. As Jane said, you definitely should take this as a clear sign that you likely need to restore your bio terrain. Some people are susceptible to this pathogen, and some are just not.

As a side note: My friend also had watched us suffering from Morgellons the prior month (I started the protocol our 2nd month into symptoms) and he admitted that he'd prayed that he too could get this too, to see if it was even real, to help us find a cure, and to help him to understand us and have more compassion.

Well, after he had sat with us at the diner, lol, he definitely experienced it for about 2-3 weeks. The first time was while he was at work and he freaked out. LOL

He was healed and is fine now and symptom free. He now never, ever questions any crazy symptom I may talk to him about and along with my fiancee, he has become my number two supporter in this fight.

Work on that bio terrain Barbara! You can likely head it off at the pass. I have faith for you and will begin praying! :)

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