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1:48:16 AM

Thank you for the conference call on Why Read Here and Immune Pulse. I am grateful to be able to "listen and learn" as well as "read and learn."


1:11:42 PM

Thank you Mel and John for a very informative conference call last Sunday. Though I couldn't stay on the for whole call, I was able to ask a question and John gave a reassuring answer. He is always so kind and respectful in his responses. I never feel there is a silly question and I can tell by the way he responds to questions, that he feels the same way. I also wrote about my question a little bit today in my post under my Canaanite Woman thread.

So, I'm going to start listening to the rest of the call that I missed because I usually learn a lot from the question and answer segment of the calls, too. I recommend that everyone who didn't get to listen to it, does try to listen to the recording here on the website.

Thanks again, Mel and John, and blessings to you both.

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