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Easter baskets

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6:03:11 PM

You guys are right! Who needs all sugar. My son was ecstatic with a basket with the Penguins of Madagascar DVD, a skateboard video game and a small toy. We even did a at home easter egg hunt which I filled with change and a few dollar bills. He was ecstatic. To him it was the best easter ever. We could definitely always find other alternatives to make our kids happy.

10:28:15 AM

I'm so happy to be part of such a strong network of moms!! I'm so happy that out little ones had a happy Easter and we know that holidays are blessing without sugary treats .. Video games,DVDs art supplies, coloring books all such great gifts from the Easter bunny!! ;-) thank you for your response it makes me so happy to think of these little cuties having a good, happy holiday!!

My love and gratitude to you my warrior friends!


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