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11:42:43 AM

Hello Jessica,


Unfortunately, it is true that the Morgellons experience is like a bad nightmare. Still at times I am shaken by the thought of what I endured during that time.

However, overcoming this disease will make you a stronger person than you have ever been. Courage is essential. Fear will only inhibit your progress.

I have begged people many times not to mix protocols for one would not be sure what is working. Not only that, it might create unintended consequences.

One of the beautiful things about what you find here is the wisdom and balance found in our protocol. The Logos formulas that serve as the nutritional foundation address every aspect of metabolism to restore integrity to the bioterrain; all in all, a wonderful defense.

Although the other components also contribute to stabilizing the body, they are more offensive in nature - lowering overall infection levels. Logos continues to make available new alternative medicines such as Olive Leaf Extract (natural antibiotic), Candida Rid (antifungal) and Monolaurin (antiviral) or Colostrum (to boost immunity) to give everyone access to the relief they seek but are often denied.

I as well as many others are living proof that this protocol works. Just this week we celebrated Kathy's one year anniversary of having her health restored (see the New Horizons thread).

Last week I spoke with the husband of another former sufferer who celebrates her second anniversary this month, but now finds it necessary to remain anonymous because of professional pressures.

I am glad to see that you are planning on acquiring some Molecula Silver. Let me remind you as I have many others that it is the SUM OF THE PARTS, not some of the parts, that has led to the restoration of those who have gotten well.

It is very encouraging to see that your Mom is coming around to accepting the reality of the challenges you are facing. I implore her to educate herself so that she can help you and perhaps even others to be freed from the bondage of Morgellons.

It is my prayer that no one who finds themselves caught in this nightmare will feel that they are alone. This website exists so they will know they are not alone and that HOPE REIGNS ETERNAL.

Please keep us posted on your progress, and remember... NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!

God Bless,

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