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Lady T

2:30:46 AM

Hi James-

I wanted to say that it will be very helpful for you to read this forum as much as possible- there are about 25 pages of posts so it takes a while - but there are tips and tidbits throughout! You will learn more about it as u read!

Also - I do not know of any hospitals that treat this - but Mel does offer a letter for docs- even though I do not think traditional doctors are the way to go-the folks that only see the doc end up on mess and have loss of hair and no cure!!!

If I knew of anyone who just got this disease - I would insist that they immediately get on the logos supplements and Mel's protocol!

-It is the answer - and so try and start the protocol because this disease is inside you and u get well from the inside out.

Also - M feeds on sugar and wheat so u must not eat that.
You probably have a strained immune system, clogged liver, and a few other co-infections and so anything you can do to boost immunity and help cleanse your GI and colon will be major.

There is also a major bacteria connection to this illness so get on Msm (sulphur) and olive leaf right away ! But the logos wellness kit will help your body rebuild - I know it is not cheap - but it will help heal u and it will SAVE u money down the road with co-pays and stuff!!!!

I am sure this has been a nightmare - those with this illness know what you are going through- and I am sending you a hug for support right now!!

early on I got relief with borax baths - oh wow did it help! And sometimes hot showers with peppermint soap was a rescue - sometimes I could not go more than 12 or 13 hours without a shower or bath.
Some folks insist kleen green is the best for external relief so get some if you can afford it.

Lemon on the skin helps too - followed by soothing coconut oil and maybe neem or essential oils.

Lemon internally is just amazing for everything!

while I was waiting to get stronger inside my gut with the protocol and while doing cleanses and enemas - I also found relief externally with powdered clay and vinegar. I changed the texture from paste to thin - but it always brought relief and for about 2 months straight I applied it all over every day. I worked from home so I could do that I even put it on my scalp and all over eyelids and face /and keeping short hair was major. Help too!

I tried many things - but if I had to go out - I used Sonnes liquid clay as a barrier and it was amazing - odor free and barely seen.

Ok - read and read - and hang in there - I know this is hard -

stay strong!

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