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Pamela Mae ---posting good news

2:02:40 AM

GREAT news,
Soon, (don't want to give exact date,probably next week)I will have one the practitioners on my site posting a new article on 'Children and Morgellons' I know everyone has needed this hold your breathe..just for a should be helpful.
Pamela MAe

6:54:22 PM


I concur with you , as I also did see that Doc in Pa, I also shared with him certain aspects that would convey to him the truth regarding contagious possibility.
You are right Debra, he was nice, but basically monitors, the most positive thing there is..
1) He won't call anyone "crazy".
2) He is willing to help with protocols.

3) He is treating others for the same ailment, so hopefully he can glean any other experiences through that as well, perhaps he will realize what is working then and share it with other physicians so that others can quickly be treated.

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