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Follow-Up to Saturday's Conference Call on Diet

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10:07:54 AM

Dear Ms. V,

I'm glad there will soon be a calmer time for you. However I sure as a mom, it was nice to have the kids around too.

I thought back to when I was a newcomer in February how listening to the archive calls have helped me too. I know what you mean by voices. I believe my first archive call was Amber's. Her voice was sweet, calm, pleasant and she was so real speaking of her journey. I said this somewhere before that her statement of "it was messy" helped me very much. Because in the beginning first week on the protocol I was not doing the protocol perfectly due to brain fog. As you know there are so much to learn and in the beginning regarding laundry, environment...

I too am grateful for all those people whom shared their wisdom and voices with me. Funny they don't even know me, and they don't even know how they have helped someone they never met. But I feel I know them and I appreciate them very much. They have aided me through tough times.

So thank you for your kind words.


Ms. V.
11:53:26 PM

Hello, Linn!

Thank you for your words. When I listen to the conference calls I find your voice to be so calm and soothing. I think it is very helpful for newcomers to hear both the calm reasoned approach to the disease in voices like yours and Peter's, as well as the energy and positive fire of Mel's approach. We need both to sustain calm and progress to fight this. So, many thanks to you for that.

My schedule is a bit hectic right now because our kids are on fall break from high school and college at the same time. But soon it will calm down around our home and I will be able to get a bit more rest and participate in the calls.

On a dietary note: I was so excited to find NutPods as a creamer/substitute. My heritage is pan-European; Irish, French, Scottish, Swiss - so no dairy was a big challenge. I told Deanna in a separate post that it can be used in many ways in recipes and as a milk/cream substitute. Let me know how it works for you!

Much love,


12:14:08 AM

Hi Ms. V,

Thank you for the tip regarding the creamer!! I'm going to try it too! Wow latte sure sounds good.

I'm so happy to hear that you listen to the recorded conference calls. That makes me happy. I hope your schedule isn't too taxing on your body.

I'm glad you're are with us now. Yes you're not alone in this journey anymore. We're all in this together.

Thank you for sharing. I'll look forward to that creamer. I'll let you know once I have my first cup.


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