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12:25:28 AM

Thanks for all the replies. I do appreciate! I guess it sounds like no one else has tried these yet, though.

I am loving the ease of buying these waters, plus I can't make a water that doesn't have the sugars from the fruit in the water, like this company is doing. The brand name is Hint and their website shows that they have no sweeteners added and are ok for diabetics because no carbs. They are gmo free, gluten free, msg free, etc...just the essence of the fruit or plant like mint.

I have made my own cucumber, mint and lemon water for my parties in one of those clear spa dispensers which is fun and pretty. I often put cuc slices in my own glasses of water. But, Hint has waters that smell/taste like pears, peach, green apple...except for the green apple, these are fruits that I haven't had in over a year and really miss. And they do it all without getting any of the fruit's sugars into the water. The water isn't sweet but it smells of the fruit which makes it sort of taste like the fruit. So, interesting. And even better if I add a little stevia to it.

Also, I drink sparkling mineral waters, Pellegrino, regularly. When I put lemon in things I get some crawlies. I used to be majorly allergic to lemon with my tongue and lips swelling up, hence my Epi-Pen. Now I seem to tolerate a little, as no swellings, but the crawlies seem to like the lemon juice. I love having my wine glass of Pellegrino when others are drinking their wine. And, I keep a clear head while I watch them start to get silly.

Also, I'm sorry I haven't been writing as much. Still reading though. I chime in when I think there may be something I can contribute. But, often I feel I don't have much to offer. I just can give support, but no experience with kids and M and no scalp issues. When I think I have something that might be of use, I will chime in. Otherwise, I'm still learning from all of you more than anything. I'll definitely still post my monthly report to document my journey.

For example, we just got back from seeing another great Bond movie, Spectre. It was amazing if you are a Bond fan. Really invigorating and takes you away from all the concerns of this condition. I didn't have one crawly during the whole movie and I remember last time I was at a movie months ago that I was upset that I'd have crawlies going which made me distracted and kept bringing me out of the fantasy world of the movie and back to reality. This time, none of it and I got to be in Bond world for the whole 2 hours. Looking forward to Star Wars coming in December! That's gonna be great! I remember vividly seeing the first Star Wars, waited in a line that went around the block back in 1977 as a 12 year old. Somehow, this Star Wars has me feeling like that excited 12 year old again! I think I'm feeling younger and younger the healthier I get on this protocol! Once again, thanks to Mel, John and Our Heavenly Father!
Warm Regards, Mary

6:29:07 AM

Hi Mary

Im not sure what additional ingredients are in this water, sometimes even the slightest fruit carbs aggravate me. Maybe there is aspartame or other dangerous added ingredients. Like Amber said flavor your own water. I enjoy my own lemonade with stevia daily, but adding fresh cucumber slices really does sound delicious!


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