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Doc Holliday

8:06:06 PM

A posting at my pages on the spiritual page .Bobbyjoe Holliday
A prayer for Mel to get better in his upcoming operation of his hip, I pray that both operations are a success
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Elisha Shemuel Thank God, for His Christ who is our healer, for with His stripes we are healed, amen.
Yesterday at 1:25pm via Unlike 1 person
Bobbyjoe Holliday thank you Elisha for your devotion in caring, Blessing
Yesterday at 1:27pm Like
Andy d

8:50:05 PM

I just read this site-I have had morgellons for 4 years now and my life has been taken away fro me. Thanks Mel for this site-I will be order mms tomorrow-will somehow find a way to get the scripts.

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