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John B

1:40:57 PM

Thanks Ashley and Mel.

Candida Rid is a cutting edge immune boosting formula that contains herbs that are renowned for their broad spectrum antifungal and antimicrobial properties. From a strategic standpoint, adding it to the comprehensive support offered in the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol takes the 'supplement' portion of Mel's protocol to a whole new level.

Candida Rid ads a very versatile element of offense to what is primarily a defensive strategy of repairing the bioterrain and restoring impaired (detox and cellular energy) pathways of metabolism.

Fungal overgrowth (and the secondary infections it leads to) is not only a common underlying factor in Morgellons, it is a rapidly growing threat underlying many chronic illnesses.

Without exception, every legitimate authority and every leading practitioner of natural medicine is sounding the alarm on fungal overgrowth these days, and for good reason.

For many years we have advocated the use of GSE, oregano, olive leaf, monolaurin, caprylic acid and other natural antimicrobials as needed to combat infection without side effects. Some of these are easier to use and/or tolerate than others.

Logos Nutritionals formulated Candida Rid in response to the tremendous and growing need for safe natural alternatives to control fungal overgrowth and secondary microbial infections.

Thanks again Mel for your enthusiastic endorsement of our products. God is using you to minister in the lives of many who are suffering. Your website has always been a beacon of Hope; truly a light in the darkness. Logos is thankful for the opportunity to participate in its ministry.

Love Always,


3:17:57 PM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome again.

I have often thanked John Burgstiner and Dr.Shannon Zamboni for being instrumental in saving my life.

I have also thanked John B for educating me more about Morgellons in order to better help others. He has explained how important the nutritional parts of the protocol are to allow the body the best chance of functioning properly while assisting in the the clearing of detoxification pathways.

Being Morgellons free for two years now, I have occasionally been known to cheat a little on my diet. To this day I am still on the Wellness Protocol, but with Logos'introduction of the new Candida Rid last month , I asked Jill to include it in my June Wellness package. If it was designed to help Morgellons sufferers lower their fungal load, then it should work great for me when I cheat on my diet once in while!!

I don't want to allow yeast the opportunity to slow me down. I am ready to get a new hip and start dancing again!

Thanks John for all you do for the Morgellons Community.

God BLess, Never give up hope!

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