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10:14:23 PM


I followed the same things you posted (oregano oil, rosemary, frankincense, etc) for a year. I went completely vegan.

The difference between you and me ….is I did not discover Mel's protocol until year after had symptoms and I felt like I was just treading water…you might say. I improved without Mel’s protocol, but with my reading on the immune system, impact of this illness, and other toxins we are facing these days I was concern about increase or setbacks in symptoms, possible re-occurrence in the future and other health issues if did not rebuild internally.

Once I found this website, I knew it was on target, and I ordered the protocol immediately. After taking the protocol I felt better pretty quickly. Work was stressful and I had to travel so that set me back since that is tough on immune system, but I have had continuous improvement. With all the toxins like water purification issues, GMO issues since I do not grow my own food, stress, pollution, etc I am considering taking Logos for long term. For now, I expect to take the protocol next year since Mel advised 18 months. Read about Ellen on this website and her real fast recovery (I think 3 months then no symptoms) using the protocol and stayed on it for about a year to ensure optimal recovery.

A suggestion is to try the protocol for 3 or 4 months and log your status to see if there is improvement. During this time keep reading and learning possible long term concerns then can decide how long to continue. In doing this you are taking advantage of Mel and John's knowledge and building internal system while you build up your knowledge.

Be aware with this illness there are hidden layers (or what Lady T states as morphs) that need to be addressed and the protocol does that. This illness attacks the immune system and problems may NOT be notice for a while (years); these seemingly unrelated health issues may occur later in life if not addressed so be mindful of your approach.

Take Care and keep us posted on your progress.

Lady T

2:06:14 AM

Hi JD- I know that sometimes we need learn as we go and see for ourselves! I think faith and knowing God intimately is definitely this way - where sometimes we have to "experience" certain things for ourselves - well similarly the logos vitamins are this way for many people - they have to experience them to see.
So while what u are doing might work for you - and gosh I hope it does - but it might take 4 or 5 times the amount of time - I have done a lot of research on morgs - and the ONLY two folks I know of that have healed or "cured" without logos supplements - well both took more than 4 years to heal - and so as you explore around the web and if u visit other morgs boards -'u will see folks offer s lot of tips for this and supplements - but they still have this ailment! They offer advice with such confidence and with all due respect - it is only "cured" folks that have the authority to really testify.

And the items you said u are taking sound like decent lifestyle and maintenance items - but likely will not be enough to fight this major systemic affliction!
your herbs are great - esp for Candida rid and for intestinal flukes and other parasites like tapeworms -however -it is not enough to only scrub inside with herbs and take a multi.
We need to rebuild the immune system so your body can kill this - and when Peter suggests that u should start this logos brand - it is because logos is very special for healing and immunity restoring - this feeds glands - they have proprietary blends that were "years perfected" with so much bio- availability that most products only come partly close too - and trust me - I tried to find alternatives for each item - it was impossible! It took so long and i often spent more time and money - and never had the same results as with logos.
(I get nothing for Saying this)

Anyhow, while u are right on the alkaline diet having pros and your no sugar aim and multi is needed - I am sorry to say that u likely will not heal from this very embedded illness without mels protocol.

But as noted above - u might have to grind out your plan for a while and see for yourself - I had to do that - I was stubborn and did not like what felt like promoting one brand!!
I stopped logos and Proudly made my own protocol with notable brands flike NOW, Jarrow, source of life, natures way, new chapter, trader joes, Kroeger herbs, etc. and while many are very great products - they are not enough to get u to heal from this!

Further - if you are using cheaper brand products -'like cheap store brands- you will not even be absorbing much from them and will sometimes pass them whole!
And for me - I had to take months and months to experiment with other brands - yet I gave myself (and my spouse) a time limit to where I would come back to logos if I did not get well by a certain date! When my time limi was up - Incame back to Mel's protocol and wow - my stubbornness was gone and I am convinced these logos supplements are a gift from God for those who have morgs and Lyme.

Logos items are like a healing elixir and the products are for systemic repairing!

And side note - too alkaline a diet is not good either and sometimes slightly acidic is what heals - not the bad acidic from the standard american diet - but good acidic from stuff that makes you strong. Also - eat fermented foods! For a while i had sauerkraut every day - it helps the flora- and plain kefir is amazing too-'I also love cottage cheese for the protein and ferm.- and had that with a spoon of flax oil every day.

Anyhow - when I read your nice put together protocol - I smiled because again it sounds good for maintaining wellness - but this morgs is a big deal - and for healing from this serious affliction you likely need a lot more.

You likely also have malabsorption (really) and the supplements feed cells directly -in ways food just can't- not even organic stuff! and I am all for smoothies and juicing - but the supplements bioavailability is unique.
The supplements are also comprehensive - and so when the bottles come remember they target and feed your entire system- the minerals - misc extras - and the enzymes we need so badly - enzymes are sparks of life - enzymes are a huge thing not to leave out / and good luck trying to find ambetter enzyme than logos digestive ones! serious - the only one close I found was Source Naturals and it was not effective! I do still chew trader joes enzymes with meals, but the protocol here has the best enzymes - mmmmmm - I love that licorice smell too - and also if u can get the serrapatase (magnifizyne) it greatky helps heal morgs condition.

i have said this in other posts - but the thymic formuLa is also impossible to beat - and seriously - not sure what brand of multi you found - but I tried MANY - and came back here because it is very very hard to first find a good multiple - and then when u do - they do not feed the body like this one does.
There are many goodies in thymic - ??

In closing - you might need some time to fully experiment snd see this for yourself - like I did - and hey - if what u do works for u well I will be so happy for you- but don't be surprised if u do NOT get better.

And when u are ready to try this protocol - remember that logos offers a money back guarantee - that is what led me to try it the first time - and even after that amazing start with them - I still was iffy and wanted to explore my own protocoL with more affordable brands or just a mix of labels- But now I see why logos anchors this protocol! It works!
However - the long time I took to prove this to myself was good for me too!
I learned about supplements, different companies,'and learned more about parasites and healing! I also did easy lemon enemas (no bags - just used bottles and made homemade lemon water) and this actually changed my life for Ed for the better!! I passed so many parasites - esp flukes that folks get from the Great Lakes areas- and so God was leading me to explore - and then. Fought me back with a new application For what logos offers!

I still love my other brands - but this protocol is the answer for morgs - seriously -explore your own way if you need to - but Mel's protocol is the answer to curing morgellons!
Logos and the other protocolmstuff is amazing! - like mms - Msm (the sulphur) - silver - protein/amino acids, herbs, essential oils, etc. - it all works together.
(side note is that other things help too - like yoga, mild exercise, and Sauna- but u do not have to buy a 3 thousand dollar sauna - get a gym membership) and of course get sleep and stay away from mold and mildew!!

Anyhow - one more thing Mel's protocol does that other plans can't do - this protocol is able to handle what I call the morphs! Don't have time to elaborate now - but these parasites and pathogens change and morph - and so do your other co-infections - like many folks have Giardia mildly living in their gut- and did u know that Giardia can go dormant and hide in liver ducts? Also - mAny folks have roundworms and tapeworms - we were meant to live with Some - but things are messed up these days and our parasite loads get way too heavy. And some tapeworms can close their mouth to foul herbs and they simply choose to not eat-'pretty crazy! These things were meant to survive and so even With or without the morgs stuff (which is resistant - whew) all healing seems to do better when we change things up and have a strong immune system!

I feel as if the logos supplements and other goodies in Mel's protocol handle all the morph stages because it is so comprehensive - it is also mild - as they commit to do no harm!!
And logos constantly confirms my research findings - for example - which u likely know - but when cleansing and healing - one has to support the liver - always support the liver esp. during major healing - and this Liver cs formula is special cos it heals-'and cleans ongoing!!- this formula frees up the liver and gallbladder to work better for u!!! Each product has a role- morgs is a system illness and it takes this protocol to overcome it.
People on this slowly get better - some in as little as ten months!

In closing, - I am glad that folks have nice little results with this and that -like glad that garlic paste and meem oil clears sores - and glad borax foot soaks remove many things and helps balance the body -(and I do suggest. Borax soaks and those other things) but as my husband always said - "only tell me what cured people used" and the bottom line is that people get cured with Mel's protocol.

Okay JD - hope u have a nice day - as well as to the others reading here too - hope everyone is staying strong and finding ways to be encouraged! This will pass - stay strong and God bless!

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