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John B

6:08:11 PM

Hi Crystal,

We do get a lot of positive feedback with children responding more quickly or easily than adults, and I think Mel is right about their lower cumulative toxic burdens and generally more responsive bodies.

Although our protocol is designed from a dosage standpoint with adults in mind, it is safe for children at lower doses. The thymic tabs can be ground up and mixed with food and the capsules can be opened and divided making dosage adjustments according to body weight.... generally one third to half an adult dose.

I am glad you found this site Crystal... please let us know if you have any additional questions.


John Burgstiner

11:01:01 AM

Hiya Crystal,


I am so glad you found this place of safety, learning and encouragement.

It seems that children often times respond very well to just the nutritional support in our protocol (from Logos Nutritionals). I guess their young bodies have less cumulative toxicity to deal with.

John Burgstiner may have some comments to add about children and his vitamins.

Just put in the word "Children"

Thanks for visiting, I hope we helped a little!

Please keeps us posted on the childrens and your progress.

God Bless - Never Give up Hope,


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