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6:31:42 AM

You can get the hair gel from the Dr. Bonner's website, same as the peppermint soap. Also, yesterday my mother in law got me a birthday present...unknowingly...that helps as much or more than this! It was from the Home Shopping Network and is a hair styling creme called 'Healthy Hair Butter' from Carol's Daughter (brand). It makes hair look greasy and has a strong smell...but it has essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Sage, Patchouli, Bay and Cedarwood. I guess some people may like the smell...I kind of do, but my husband detests it. Anyway, it seemed to bring a few white specks up almost instantly, and now there aren't many coming up anymore from my hair. It may have caused a Herx. reaction too as I had immediate welts on a few spots on my arms after applying it on my hair...and I didn't have much time to experiment more with it. I am really starting to believe the essential oils drive this disease organism crazy. BTW...I 'think' my now three year old daughter is cured of this too!!! Praise the Lord Jesus for answered prayer! My son has been well for over 2 months and now she no longer has any spots nor itching. Mine is still a minor nuisance. I itch on occassion, white specks in hair (improving much now...)but no lesions anymore. I still think the thing embeds in the pores and resurfaces on occassion or maybe from the clothing too. Mine only become active late at night or while in bed. I stopped all supplements internally a month ago to see what would happen...nothing increased. I eat a normal diet, too. I developed gastritis really bad and wondered if I was eating too many oranges, lemon juice, etc. so am not alkalinizing right now...and nothing changed for the worse...actually I am still improving. I feared the warmer weather, but so far that hasn't increased symptoms, either! There is hope!

12:24:26 AM

Gina, that product sounds fantastic .. where can I purchase that Dr Bonner's peppermint conditioner and styling cream?? (i never knew it existed!)

Presently, I am using the liquid Bonner peppermint soap on my body and it does wonders !!

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