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How I Cured Morgellons

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8:04:40 AM

Thank you all for this- I got the Nizoral, have been spraying the vinegar all over & the peppermint spray I'm certainly looking into. An added bonus that minty scent also repels all pestilence, which NYC has in great abundance... I must add that, I think my initial post here was a bit overzealous, in retrospect.
Now that I've been protocoling for some months, it's working like gangbusters so I really don't think my former anguish over my psychotic level of cleaning was really necessary. Much like the post Theresa put up recently. I think the potions & cleaning- this is just my experience/opinion- are definitely more of a management tactic rather than the cure. I still clean lots and get anal about the washing, etc, but for me I just don't feel like everything I touch is contaminated.
I should mention here that the home fragrance strategies do seem really helpful. I burn lavender oil & sometimes Pine- these cones made of pine wood.
I don't have much biting/stinging anymore (yay!) but I do notice it more when I get sweaty. Mel, you've mentioned this before. I don't know why that happens. So I have been fussy about keeping cool.
Thank you all so much for input, & for reading, xo

3:43:30 AM

There is a spray called NIT FREE Mint spray. made of peppermint oil,etc non toxic can be sprayed on feet, arms and all over - Bought on Amazon for 12.00 worth every penny & free shipping. (I also spray witch hazel for instant relief).. Also Thera-NEEM Shampoo for 11.00 works

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