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pamela mae

10:21:32 PM

Dear Debra,

What a sweet post.

If you have not achieved total success on the protocol then wouldn't it be a wise move to have
the testing done from Great Plains Labs?

As mel has mentioned from the beginning of the web site,all our bodies are slightly different and therefore may require a different antibiotic or antifungal medication than the ones that worked for him.

The Great Plains laboratory testing will pin point which antibiotic and antifungal will work best for you within your own body type.

If you have any interest at all,you can go to and find the information you need in regards to the Great Plains testing.

You can also email me on my website if you need any help.
Pamela Mae


9:33:31 PM

John B. I was taken aback also when I read the post from Jocelyn at first. But I understand her frustration. It is hard to believe that there is anyone out there willing to help complete strangers without something to gain. Especially when the medical profession laughs, ridicules and turns their back on us when we need them to help us so desperately. I also got to the point where I questioned the validity of this site. That was because I was afraid that the only thing I put my faith in to help me was going to fail me just like every doctor I had turned to. So I understand Jocelyn and hopefully she will return and continue to get help here.
And Mel - I apologize for that phone conversation a few months back.

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