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5:05:23 PM

I know it is important to find a doctor if you can.My problem was not being able to find one in my area that would take me seriously.Finally,after much expense and humiliation,I found this protocol.I have used it to get from pain and dispair to having my life back.After this experience,life could not be sweeter.My point is,if you can not get the medical support you are seeking,you still have the means to getting better.Yes it is costly,but not as costly as going from doctor to doctor to find help.I firmly believe that MMS kills this and the supplements build the immune system.God bless and keep us all.

11:46:14 PM

I have met with Ginger Savely and Raphael Stricker. She has an extensive protocol she gave my mom. Her protocol is au natural. My mom prefers denial so she did the meds for a month then never followed up with Savely. My mom still suffers. Savely's partner, Dr. Raphael Stricker believes in the Lyme Disease approach which is a big hit of four months of antibiotic rotating antiparasites every two weeks and those anti-parasites are EXPENSIVE and difficult nearly impossible to find. I had some left over from a trip to Mexico when I bought Biltricide. I was treated by Dr. Stricker for the Lymes component of the illness and the parasitic aspects,,, but couldn't afford the 500 bucks a visit to go back for follow up like Savely,,,,,he does not take insurance. They are both very knowledgeable and very nice. But I'm not a returnee.

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