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Hello from Mr. Common Sense

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Susanne, hi sara

12:30:08 PM

Hi sara, how r u
By 'it' I simply mean this multi faceted condition .. as we are unraveling and still learning more of its properties, we have found it includes many areas that are affected, ex. vision, etc all symptoms, the parasites, fungi, etc . .the internal, the external . .mental and emotional . since it is multi faceted, it makes sense to me to conquer it with a multi faceted strategy . .kinda a back at cha rebuttal. Hope this is clarification . . .sooz :)
Mr Common Sense

9:37:21 AM

Are you saying you never had a fiber or never saw an'insect' type of entity on your person?Or felt crawling under your skin or saw things in your eyes or felt biting or stinging?I think I must be misunderstanding you.

No, I indeed had all of those things ... Terrible bitig crawling, fibers galore, red and blue and the thick black ones ...

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