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Sherry Taylor

12:15:23 AM

hi Pamela,
I'm having trouble finding your old web site with Nancy's article in it. Our Susanne would like to see it..and well I lost my way on the Alice. It was very good.
I want to say that Hildegard-Staniger site Auntie M referred to was good for my guy friend who hasn't been willing to look at anything about this uup until today. So for some people..not us but those who love us but are is good.
Oh, yah, to the girl who asked about the eyes..I found a paper towel end dabbed in silver water and put on them helped a lot. you may have to do it for a while...and the sstronger silver 30pps..or what ever you can get is better for this purpose. It doesn't hurt the eyes. RE nose and sinuses, and ears.. rinsing with one of those giant syringe-like plastic things with a little salt and or baking soda in warm water is good...bent over the tub. I suppose a netti pot could work but I think a little bit of pressure is good. I was oiling my head at night and dumping various things on like golden seal. Watch it and use a nit comb if it feels itchy. Skin is too much to mention butArnica gel is my latest discovery and mixiing neem,coconut, cacao..etc. Beware of garlic in olive's great but grows mold after 5 days or so...who knew? Actually I've discovered we are more vulnerable to regular mold growth period when I opened up a don't want to know.
Anyhow, a new year is beginning and we are going to find a streamlined cure very soon. Sincerely, Sherry
pamela mae

6:57:22 PM

Just want to say hi.
We are working on everything you and I.
I am so excited about the direction you are going
in getting your testing done.
Good work! you are a warrior woman! Yeah!
We will get there !

Pamela Mae

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