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2:23:51 PM

Thanks Mel, Yes you gave me the phone number and I will call Dr. Humiston. Thanks for all your friendship to us all... yous thah best! Someone said something about feet bothering..sooo I will post here again what I do for my feet-I found this while frantically searching for ointments for the silly outbreaks.A wonderful site called has numerous healing salves that I have used for myself.
I do not have open wounds on my feet but found if I put a few drops of Grapefruit extract in one of the neutral salves mix and then put sox on it seems to keep my feet from bothering .I only use a few drops and I never put it straight on any other open wounds..its very very strong-so I make sure I mix it well even for bottoms of my feet.
Gods bless you with all that is Him-He is the fullness of life......don't give up. Mae

1:56:19 PM

hiya Mae,
upon further investigation,I believe the clinic you mentioned is a very good idea and within reasonable drive time. I believe that Dr.humiston of San Diego
may be a part of that group.I believe i've given his phone number. please keep in touch.

God bless,

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