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6:05:27 AM

Thank you all so much, you're truly helpful. Would adding B12, Vitamin D, and Iron tablets be too much with the protocol?

3:01:41 PM

Hi Ashley,

I can understand how much anxiety is involved in wanting to know what to expect with this disease.

I can tell you what my experience was, but it really depends on many factors. I have been completely symptom free for over two years.

I got better within a few months but I couldn't really say when I felt "cured". I did stay on the complete protocol for a year. That means no sugar, etc., all the supplements and MMS. I was a healthy person before I got this, with no pre-existing conditions. That is important for others to hear, because I think new people to this site blame themselves for their previous diet or lifestyle choices, and I don;t think anyone knows completely why some get this and others don't.

One thing I say a lot is that everything you do for your health is a protection from other illnesses and is a way to live and eat for the rest of our lives. It seems difficult to have the restrictions, but the payoff is pretty sweet.

I may have gotten better sooner than others because I never deviated from the protocol. Not because I am so virtuous, but because I wanted my life back. I was too scared not to do everything in my power to get back my health, including not making excuses for not following what I needed to do. I was afraid to spend time with my family members and was very isolated for that entire year. It was hard, but it taught me a lot.

There are a lot of wise, kind people on this site, so continue to reach out.

Best to you in your recovery,


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