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i am a little church

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5:44:50 PM

Ms. V
So glad you are safe and the worst is over. Always grateful to read your information about essential oils. Thank you for your help!

1:50:07 AM

Dear Ms.V,

Welcome back!!
I'm so happy to hear you were safe. I'm sorry for that natural disaster hit your area. I'm glad you're back home. Everyone worried about you.

I want to thank you for your post about young living on your essential oil thread. That information came handy for me when one of my close friend who asked me about aromatherapy...

Thank you for your knowledge, and your generosity of sharing.

Ms. V.
3:13:58 AM

Oh, Linn - I am sending you so many good wishes for healing right now! I know we, along with so many others here, will reach that summit of being 100% better sooner, rather than later. I sincerely hope you are feeling more rested. You are always missed when we don't hear your voice on the conference calls. Be well.

To Deanna - I will include a special travel post for essential oils and herbal preparations for travel just for you on the Essential Oils thread in the next few days. Hopefully, that offers you something before you go on your trip :)
Also - If you check out my response in the Essential Oils thread to Ruth, there is an item I referenced that I never travel without to use with essential oils.

I really hope this stuff helps someone on the forum as much as it helps me and my family. My husband never used essential oils before meeting me but over the years he's become a convert. My teenage son is also an essential oils lover - though he would probably kill me for telling people that because it might affect his 'coolness' ;) However, he recently had me mail him a batch of my homemade deodorant to his college dorm because he doesn't like to use anything else. A kid after my own heart.

Sending you warmth for healing and peace.

Ms. V.

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