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I feel good

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11:43:29 AM


I love to read stories like yours. It is so true that we have to live with these infections, but still carry on with life.

I applaud you for your strength.

Good luck in grad school. Lots of prayers coming your way.


8:17:21 AM

Hi all,

I've been MIA working on my life because I've been relatively more or less pretty ok.

My underlying health issues of Lyme and co-infections are always very considerable issues that I can resolve to an extent but never completely not yet.

The depths of awful toxic symptoms of M are at bay from the protocol. Still needing the maintenance dose of MMS.

I'm on the verge of moving again as it's the second time in Brooklyn that I've encountered mold!

I have to reiterate, if your environment is a problem, get out of it!
I moved three months ago and am doing it again, because no apt is worth sacrificing your health.

It's just a place you sleep, and sit... you can sleep and sit somewhere else!

I'm beginning grad school in an effort to increase marketability, decrease stress, increase income and to get on track with a fulfilling career : )

Super broke at the moment, but toward the eventual greater good.

Just wanna check in, and thank Mel again for saving my life ;)
All things considered at the moment, still feeling pretty good <3

Sending love and positivity <3

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