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2:58:12 PM

Hello everyone and Welcome

This being Christmas weekend, I will change the Friday Skype call, to our conference call format. This will give easier access to more of you who wish to talk with me on either morning.

On Saturday December 26th, on our normal Coffee Tea with Me call, I will explain how to make my lemonaide cleanse.

So you can call both mornings the Conference Call line 712-432-3011, Access code is 664059. From 6 am to 8:30 am PACIFIC TIME.

Just a recap:

Friday, December 25 6AM to 8:30AM (Pacific)
Saturday, December 26 6AM to 8:30AM (Pacific)

God bless Never Give up HOPE!


8:22:16 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Don't forget, You can reach Me this morning;

Coffee, Tea with ME every Saturday morning, Went well and shall continue in the same time frame(6 am Pacific to 8:30 am Pacific)

The number for Saturday morning calls, the Sunday prayer meeting call, and of course Conference Calls is 712-432-3011, Access code is 664059.

God bless, Never ever give up HOPE!


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