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Amanda hardy

5:41:20 PM

Hello Mel, thank u so much for Ur reply. However, I did not receive an email? I must have typed in wrong the first time. I also sent u an email this morning but it did not go through. Yes, I am going to purchase the supplements but am lost. I found where to purchase on Ur site. I understand completely about u not being a doctor. Thank u for Ur time and I appreciate any assistance.

4:30:28 PM

Hello Amanda and welcome.

The main theme of our website is healing and hope. I must remind you that I am not a doctor and I can only share what I have found helpful to me in the hopes that it may help others.

The first thing you must do is calm down, for anxiety will only intensify your symptoms. By now you have received my email and contact information, but for those coming to the site for the first time, it can be found in the welcome letter on the Forum Page.

I will discuss your other questions as soon as we make contact. Reread the Forum welcome letter and use the advice given therein.

I will be talking with you very soon.

God Bless; Never, Never give up Hope!


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