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Informative Website on Mold/Yeast Overgrowth

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12:17:25 PM

Hi James,


Thank you for your willingness to share, and Happy Birthday again!

I took a look at the site and it does contain a wealth of information. Without a doubt, learning about mold, the problems it causes and how to safely remove it from your environment is crucial information for many among us.

As for their supplement recommendations in treating yeast overgrowth and restoring immunity, I will say without reservation that there are no better products on the market than those offered by Logos Nutritionals.

I will further say that John Burgstiner's integrity and dedication to the cause of Morgellons sufferers has long been proven.

I say that to clarify that any implied endorsement on my part of the mold website in question is not for the supplements it may promote, but for the information it contains... which I deem important for the edification of all here.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


12:05:17 PM

Hi Mel,

Thanx again for calling me, it was my birthday yesterday. Here is the information that we talked about. I hope it will be useful to others.

Mold and Mold Symptoms (link no longer available)

Thanx again,